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  1. I have yet to receive or purchase any premium ship nor any premium offer in this game that enhanced nor detracted from my performance in any way whatsoever. My point is only that once WG releases any ship, premium or tech tree, to the live server they should leave it alone. If their testing was insufficient they should own it and improve their testing process. 

    If they must do anything they should remove such ship or feature from the live server and ability for any player to obtain it in the future. Those already in possession of such should be given the option to keep it, give it up for a full refund or receive an offer to have it swapped for a new ship of the same tier and type.

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      No all ships are not the same otherwise there would be no tiers. A Wyoming and Arkansas Beta are both battleships but are different and whether one is better than the other depends on the skill of the player. The South Carolina and Kawachi  are both BBs but are indeed very different but one can best the other depending on player skill.

      The stats you refer to are in WoWs Numbers a 3rd party stat site that so many take as gospel and use ones tracked performance to ridicule one another.

      Yes WG acts when hit in the wallet but changing products features due to whining complainers is just wrong.

    3. USSLangley


      Agreed and I meant to say "Benson" not 'Mahan" in my reply above.  I always get those two confused. 

      And, I would agree that changing products without at least a refund process in this context seems like a good way to leave some of your customers unhappy.  I admittedly do not have much experience at all with online gaming culture nor the various unspoken rules of the industry.  I started on WOT and migrated here when I'd accumulated all the tanks I wanted and grew bored.  My only experience with gaming overlords has been WG and, I guess I have trouble caring much about what they do with "my" stuff by virtue of being dog trained by them.  Still, when they nerfed my Type 59, I continued to play it, bitter in the knowledge that it used to be WAY better than it was.  

      One thing I always think about when online gaming people are talking about all the money they've spent on this game....  how many of my Dad's quarters did I dump into Asteroids and Galaga machines at the pizza joint up the block back in the 80's?  lol






      Ha ha! That type 59! Wasn't that the Chinese one that was bright green and next to impossible to kill no matter what one used against it?