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  1. I note that the AAA flag gives me a similar impression, but it’s probably just confirmation bias
  2. USSLangley

    Loving the CV hunt!

    I have RDF on my CV’s but have not encountered a lot of trouble from it. Usually, by the time the little “located” notice appears, I am within gun range (at least) of their CV (or so far away from their CV that I will kite away and try again from another angle). in a nutshell, in my experience, RDF has not been a major obstacle to those games, but if/when it is, I just climb out of my sinking boat and go get a new one. :)
  3. USSLangley

    Loving the CV hunt!

    Yes, there are clearly those who hate the new CV game, but I’m not one of them. I am a DD main and I get giddy whenever I find myself in a game with one or (drool) two opposing CV’s. I adore a good CV stalk! Nothing gets my pulse racing like trying to sneak straight up the middle (the easiest approach since most every game sees both teams streaming for the flanks in force) while watching my visibility circle inch ever closer to ships that will rip me apart if they can find me and hoping that the CV is so busy dropping ordnance that they are situationally unaware of their own ship. Nothing fills me with excitement like swinging around an island and finding one (or two!) CV’s just parked there, waiting for my torps. I have had more than a few games where I manage to sink both opposing CV’s. some tips that I have found useful: First off, don’t be in a rush. It takes sometimes 5 minutes before the teams begin to cluster on the flanks and for all their DD’s to get spotted/sunk/clustered with the bigger ships for AAA cover. That’s when I begin my move up the middle. Second, turn off your AAA defenses and only use them when you are actually spotted, by planes. Then, as soon as the planes leave you, turn your AAA off again. It’s always amazing how close planes can get, often well within your visibility circle, before they spot me when my AAA is off. (When I am spotted, I focus my AAA to once side and then just start turning and burning, and smoking it I have it.) Third, when a non-cv surface ship decides to try and defend their CV, I like to throw a spread of torps their way and then head, temporarily, in exactly the opposite direction from the CV. They will either get struck or pushed into a direction that disadvantages their further pursuit or me and, if I’m lucky, puts them in a direction that takes them further from my targeted CV. This is the trickiest part of the stalk, the last third, when you are usually completely on the enemy side of the map. Fourth try to save a salvo of torps for your CV target. Often, when I have had to use all my torps to distract or deter defenders, I wind up having to ty and gun down the CV while I am waiting for my torps. Sometimes this works fine, but often the combination of plane swarms, defending ships and even a CV’s secondaries will soak away my HP such that even if I get her, I am pretty much done for the game. But this does not matter to me as this IS my game now. If I survive the sinking of their CV’s, the rest of the game is a gift of gravy. Fifth; this should be obvious to those who have played CV, but watch your [edited]immediately after sinking a CV. A lot of CV drivers will launch a flight right before their ship explodes then use it to try and exact revenge. Maybe it’s an RNG thing or just impressions, but it definitely seems like a flight of lanes with no place to land is more immune to AAA, more accurate with their ordinance and overall just a bit tougher once their home is underwater. On the other hand, you sometimes shoot them all down because their “F” key is soaked. i’m sure im forgetting some stuff. If remember I will come back and edit this to add. Bottom line is this, when there are CV’s in a game, my whole strategy changes. The burden of being the scout/spotter at the beginning of the game is lifted (though I gotta say, I rack up some awesome spotting scores when I am sneaking around in th enemy’s backfield.) and the duty to try and defend caps or cap is much lower, Yes, I regularly get wrecked while trying this gambit. Fortunately, I do not care at all. I just hit escape, hop into a new boat and seconds later I am back at it with a new team. As the hip kids say, “rinse, repeat”. Anyay, sorry if this post was full of obvious commentary and silly advice but I mostly wanted to Crow about how much fun I am having killing CV’s in my sneaky DD’s. (ps: one hint I forget to mention, I have seen several instances where a BB or CA rolls up on me during the stalk, clearly spots me, but then does not even turn their guns toward me! It really seems like they are letting me skip past them to destroy their own CV! Yesterday, I was surprised by an enemy Moskva who came reeling around an island and spotted me instantly. He let me sail past, right up th middle and did not even point guns at me while I proceeded to sink an AFK BB and both CV’s! He only retaliated (and sunk me) after I started moving on his position. FUN!) good kuck, y’all
  4. USSLangley

    Rockets planes are TOO accurate

    I, too, have had decent luck dodging rocket strikes lately. I leave my AAA off until I get spotted, usually by the rocket planes that are launched first. Then, after letting the pursuing plane soak up a little damage from my focused AAA broadside, I turn into their attack line. I can usually tell if the plane driver is skilled or not depending upon how much of his first salvo hits my boat. If they are good, I will pop smoke and hide, but if they miss, I will keep turning in to their attacking planes as they attempt to reengage, usually taking down one or two planes with each pass. If I listen carefully, sometimes I can actually hear the rage of the CV player as I dodge most of his salvos. i particularly like it when this happens during my final stalk of the CV. Increasingly desperate drivers get sloppier as they scramble to disable my boat during the last few KMs of my approach. Nothing is quite so satisfying as burning down or draining the House of Plane after a game of near constant aerial harassment. In truth, this is the joy that keeps me coming back to play.
  5. USSLangley

    Sims: still good?

    Makes sense, that is usually around how far away they are when they spot me and my AA guys open fire.
  6. USSLangley

    Sims: still good?

    TBH, I had not heard of the buffs to the Mahan as I have been using my Sims as a substitute at that tier. Always did better in the Sims and its a comfortable ship for me. May have to rebuy the Mahan now that it has been tuned up. For some strange reason, my Sims seems to shoot down a lot of planes. Maybe because they can't see it until they are so close. I tend to run with the AAA turned off until I see they have spotted me, then the lights come on and the flyboys scatter or drop from the sky.
  7. USSLangley

    Which CV line post update(s)?

    So no post 8.0 CV stats yet?
  8. Hi y'all, Just curious if the folks who play both lines are forming any opinions as to which CV line will be the best to drive once the dust settles. After finding myself nearly bankrupt of credits/FXP, I decided to hedge my CV investment just a bit and refunded my Midway. Now I am feeling rich again and, of course... all those credits are just burning a hole in my e-pocket (why I was bankrupted to begin with, lol) and I am thinking about back-filling a bit in the CV department. I am now to tier VIII in both the IJN and USN lines. Trying to decide if maybe I want to invest in a tier VI and possibly a tier IV CV so as to give me a chance to incrementally re-learn the new CV gig. Despite my handle, I am torn between the IJN/USN offerings and also wondering if I should just stand pat and wait until the RN CV's arrive and use them to play in tiers IV & VI. Thanks in advance for your thoughts. (PS: Anyone got carrier stats since 8.0 up anywhere?)
  9. USSLangley

    Use caution giving money to WG

    Two things; First, I think its a bad PR/customer service practice for WG to NOT help you in this situation. Restoring free xp should be a matter of a few strokes of the keyboard and the value to WG to avoid posts like this appearing in forums would seem more than worth their effort. That said, I suspect the discrepancy is a translation issue. When WG says "available", i think they think they are communicating that such applies only to ships you have in port or "available". Secondly, I, too, sold a tier X CV (in my case the Midway and it was one I owned before the patch) and though I received the dubloons, FXP and credits as promised, the XP that I had earned on the Midway was transferred to the Erie, despite the fact that I still have my Lex in port. Kind of a bummer and an obvious attempted cash grab, but I am wondering how a previous poster to this thread wound up with his Hak XP falling to his Ryujo. ANyway, wishing you luck in your quest. Yours is a very reasonable request that should be easy for WG to grant. I hope they will do the right thing (customer servise-wise) and make you whole and feeling happy with them and their game. Customer service 101. Cheers, D
  10. USSLangley

    Premium ship nerfs coming

    i survived the Type 59 nerf.
  11. USSLangley

    F key hotfix

    Why couldn't another squadron be taking off as the previous squadron returns to the carrier?
  12. USSLangley

    Just had a DD sneak up and kill our CV's solo.

    I will agree with this, provided that you will agree that those graves we are digging are only gonna be used for 15 mins (or much less) at a time. :) Try a feat, rinse, repeat. Boom or be boomed.
  13. USSLangley

    Just had a DD sneak up and kill our CV's solo.

    When I have succeeded in this gambit, I am usually going straight up the middle. Seems like the non-CV players will cluster together more now, with one group going left and one going right. Leaves the middle more open and often, that is where the dumber CV guys will park, waiting for my torps. Yesterday I had a CV player who torped himself while desperately trying to sink me. I wish I cared enough to figure out how to record and post replays because that one would be a classic. I really enjoy the tension of a successful stalk. It has remade my DD game for me and I am finding it much more exciting. Forgive me, but I long ago got over getting killed right away. All i do is hop into another boat and sail back into the fray with a smile on my face.
  14. I have yet to receive or purchase any premium ship nor any premium offer in this game that enhanced nor detracted from my performance in any way whatsoever. My point is only that once WG releases any ship, premium or tech tree, to the live server they should leave it alone. If their testing was insufficient they should own it and improve their testing process. 

    If they must do anything they should remove such ship or feature from the live server and ability for any player to obtain it in the future. Those already in possession of such should be given the option to keep it, give it up for a full refund or receive an offer to have it swapped for a new ship of the same tier and type.

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      No all ships are not the same otherwise there would be no tiers. A Wyoming and Arkansas Beta are both battleships but are different and whether one is better than the other depends on the skill of the player. The South Carolina and Kawachi  are both BBs but are indeed very different but one can best the other depending on player skill.

      The stats you refer to are in WoWs Numbers a 3rd party stat site that so many take as gospel and use ones tracked performance to ridicule one another.

      Yes WG acts when hit in the wallet but changing products features due to whining complainers is just wrong.

    3. USSLangley


      Agreed and I meant to say "Benson" not 'Mahan" in my reply above.  I always get those two confused. 

      And, I would agree that changing products without at least a refund process in this context seems like a good way to leave some of your customers unhappy.  I admittedly do not have much experience at all with online gaming culture nor the various unspoken rules of the industry.  I started on WOT and migrated here when I'd accumulated all the tanks I wanted and grew bored.  My only experience with gaming overlords has been WG and, I guess I have trouble caring much about what they do with "my" stuff by virtue of being dog trained by them.  Still, when they nerfed my Type 59, I continued to play it, bitter in the knowledge that it used to be WAY better than it was.  

      One thing I always think about when online gaming people are talking about all the money they've spent on this game....  how many of my Dad's quarters did I dump into Asteroids and Galaga machines at the pizza joint up the block back in the 80's?  lol






      Ha ha! That type 59! Wasn't that the Chinese one that was bright green and next to impossible to kill no matter what one used against it?

  15. USSLangley

    Just had a DD sneak up and kill our CV's solo.

    I think the CV rework actually made it easier to stalk and kill CV's in a DD. For starters, the increased distraction of having to actually fly planes around seems to make a lot of bad CV players forget that their boats are sinkable and they wind up just parked somewhere, hoping their teammates (or their rockets) will protect them from DD sneak attack. Additionally, the team salt over CV attacks, coupled with the increased speed spotting from friendly CV planes, has really made it easier for a DD player to dedicate part or all of a game to stalking CV's with the general blessing of the rest of the team. DD's are just not as essential for initial spotting and everyone cheers if the DD can erase a CV from the game. Sure, I still get deleted regularly by aggressive and skilled CV players in my DD, but that happened before too and this patch has opened up a whole new game play for me as I try to exploit the new distractions. In a nutshell, this patch has forced me to play differently, and dare I say, has improved my play and my enjoyment noticeably. Sorry to hold an less than popular opinion on this forum, but there it is.