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  1. USSLangley

    200% Premium shop coupon

    How would a 200% coupon even work? Do they pay you the price of the ship to buy the ship with such a coupon?
  2. I really would enjoy this game more if nobody could do any damage to my ships and I could just sail around sinking other ships like Poseidon. Nothing ruins a game like getting shot at and not winning. Come on, WG, fix this game!
  3. USSLangley

    About to pull the trigger

    Thanks KK, You are actually intriguing me more with that description. ;) I prefer USN and RN DD's lately, so the up close and personal thing sounds kinda familiar. D
  4. USSLangley

    About to pull the trigger

    Thanks for the advice. Not sure how this question inspired a CV damage argument, but what else is new? lol Sitting on a bit less than 1.5 million FXP at the moment and I really do not have a drastic need for another USN cruiser. Was just thinking it might be an interesting way to farm the credit and damage legs of some of these missions. Do they have decent AAA, (at the risk of starting another CV brushfire)? Thanks again
  5. ...on the Alaska. Is she still generally considered a gudbot? Haven't seen too many negative comments about her recently, if at all. Seems like a good rig, but I am haunted by the chance that some kickass new tier IX or X USN DD or maybe the Black is suddenly going to be available for FXP. Sigh. Anyone want to talk me out of this? ;) Thanks in advance. D
  6. USSLangley

    DDs who hunt carriers...

    Came along late to this, but I would like to posit a counter to the original CV hunting is not team play premise, if I may. Obviously having one or two CV’s on one’s team will tend to de emphasize the DD spotting role. To that end, my practice is to hang back a bit for the first five mins or so, using my DD as a AAA picker for th larger ships as they get positioned, throwing smoke or popping DFAA as necessary. When the second third of th game starts, if I have not become entangled with some more pressing demand on my ship, I will trend middle and start trying to weedle my way into the red backfield. . If I can get a vector on their CV(s), I am off to the races, Even if I don’t succeed in killing one of the CV’s, I am certainly breaking their ability to concentrate on sinking my teammates. They will have to move their ship or focus their attacks on me, I almost exclusively save this endeavor for times when I am driving DD’s with optimum AAA spec. Again, even if I am not directly deleting a CV or two from the game, my efforts are certainly lifting some weight off my team. Even the regular surface ships that have to come chase me away are being distracted from hitting my teammates. I really think it’s unfair to suggest that a DD who dedicates mid-late game effort ti CV hunting is hurting the team. I see it as a great way to put pressure on the myth of CV invulnerability. If other DD’s would do this too, perhaps we keep those CV drivers looking over their shoulders more often. anyway. Thanks for your patience with my crappy rookie ways d
  7. USSLangley

    Tier X CV prices

    Lol. Just my luck, I only did that once. Wish I'd known it was an "exploit". Never tried one before. :) So... the price is the price until they have a sale someday? Sigh. Tier X CV's might be too rich for my blood. I should stick to DD's anyway. Thanks.
  8. USSLangley

    Tier X CV prices

    Note: it just occurred to me that the recent drop in tier X cv prices might have been the result of finally letting the clan discounts be a factor in CV pricing. Not sure if that is what happened or if it was because of some other change in pice calculations.
  9. USSLangley

    Tier X CV prices

    After the rework, I sold all my carriers, mostly just to see how much that would net me and also to see what all I could do with a few other stalled lines of research. Eventually, I bought all the US CV’s back, except the Midway, which I unlocked but did not buy as it was 28 million credits and seemed inflated. It seems to have gotten a bit cheaper since the line solidified (24 mill now?) i have been enjoying the RN CV line and am working my way toward unlocking the Audacious. Anyone have any intel on whether the credits price of tier X CV’s is gonna he adjusted downward any more? i know there are occasional sales, but I’m asking will the regular prices be lowered at all. Currently, they seem artificially high, especially compared to other ships at tier X. I have read that this is supposed to reflect the automatic consumable upgrades that are baked in to the stock CV, but I’m hoping they will come down closer to the cost of a regular tier X tech tree ship. I am a bit cash poor at the moment. Thanks in advance for any intel. cheers
  10. What is exactly is an ethical power projection mechanic? Kinda sounds like you are saying that permitting damage to occur to hiding or isolated ships is somehow ethically problematic. Please describe the proper ethics of power projection mechanics under your belief system. Thanks.
  11. USSLangley

    FLAK is conceptually wrong

    I would be very interested in the historical data behind this assertion. My relatives who served the guns of WW2 USN ships told me many times how terrifying it was to be attacked by even a single Japanese plane while surrounded by support ships. Based on such accounts, I find it very unlikely that a single ship, even one with amazing AAA, COULD “devour” an entire squadron before any delivered their ordnance. Replay or shens. :)
  12. Ima dd main also and I think that the Salem is a good ship, especially if you want to experience the tier X USN Cruiser game without having to endure the long grind to the DM. I bought one long after I completed that line and it actually caused me to go back and revisit these rarely later ships in my port. Worth the coal if you have it (and are not a Frenchophile)
  13. USSLangley

    Grind to Des Moines

    Shoot at everything you can hit, burn the world, but do it from behind island cover or at full gallop. I suppose its the same for every ship in the game. Give more damage than you get and you will have more fun than if the reverse occurs. USN cruisers are squishy but breathe dragon fire under the proper circumstances. Good luck.
  14. Oh man, I hear you... loud and clear. Been there, did that and, felt precisely no pain. ;)
  15. USSLangley

    Aegis rant time again

    /\ What he said /\