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  1. icehaddock

    Mature player looking for an active clan.

    Hi there. Check us out [NASTY]. We are currently recruiting https://na.wows-numbers.com/clan/1000062135,NASTY-Not-All-Ships-Taste-Yummy/ We are active clan on NA server. Half and half US and Canadian from coast to coast We are running internal competition this month and offering prices to members who play the most game in division throughout February Let me know if you are interested. I will then send you our Discord coordinates and you apply in game
  2. icehaddock

    I'm actually really liking this Ranked Season

    I like it too. I'm at R10. Tried Yugumo, Fletcher, Missouri and Buffalo. Yugumo turning out better than I expected.
  3. icehaddock

    CV so OP now

    For sure. Lots of balancing will occur over the next 6 months. In my opinion they rushed the release too much. But I still agree with the concept of controlling single group of aircraft over the RTS style before.
  4. icehaddock

    CV so OP now

    Why are people jumping to conclusions so fast. I played one game in CV last night. Was lost, but so what. It sparked my interest and I will continue dabble in it. Also played handful of games in random. Having CV in every game now means just another layer. As cruiser I definatly had to pay attention to the planes. Overall I see two types of comments. CV are OP now and CV are so weak now. The truth is somwhere in between
  5. icehaddock

    [NASTY] now Recruiting

    Storm League CLAN NASTY (Not all ships taste yummy) is looking to develop few good team players for Clan Battles. We need folks with the following: Speak English; 18yrs or older; Headset and microphone; Discord; at least 2 T8 ships or higher; 1000 battles minimum; willingness to play Clan Battles, Division and/or Operations. We are a level 9 clan with lots of perks in our port. Apply now. We are Tier 9 clan on NA server with lots of perks including 'Steel Port' We run regular team events in-between Clan Battle Seasons Apply Now!
  6. Second that, one duplicate too many prevented my from getting the North Cape collection
  7. Thank you all for good input and replies. The consensus appears to be that the MM is the same and the reason for my demise with WR is either because a)My frustration is affecting the quality of my gameplay. b) CB season means more division play and I am to unlucky ending up with the wrong teammates To rectify my situation is to a) play at different times b) stop grinding during this holiday season and only play the ships that I already know , c) play more in division myself Thank you all and merry Christmas!
  8. If MM is truly random, then solo Win rate would be KPI (key performance indicator). Good team players carry more and thus influence the game more and thus have higher WR If find focusing on damage is selfish. A player who focus on damage rather than the game objective often causes his team to lose and thus less XP and credit earnings for his teammates
  9. Hi Guys, Didn't think I would write this post but I've become so frustrated with the game since 0.7.11. Of course it could all be a coincidence but I still need to to get out my frustration as well as find out if there is a possibility that something changed with matchmaking algorithm as of 0.7.11 I'm an average+ player Played 4000+ games for 3 years. My early past sins kept my winrate low but as of about 1 year ago, I finally started to understand game mechanics and became map aware. Throughout last year my win rate started creeping upward and last 9 month my average monthly winrate was in the high 50's (~57-58%). And this allowed my overall winrate in Random to finally break 52%. I broke 52% just before 0.7.11 hit and then everything fell apart For the last 21 days and 103 battles, my winrate is 38%. Night after night after night I lose more than I win. Some nights are brutal as in 0 win in 9 or 10 games. I'm not playing any differently. I'm still killing ships. I'm still challenging caps and I'm still creating damage, I'm still reading the enemy moves correctly. it is just that my team melts away. Either right from the get go or it throws the game and lately I have seen too many times 8 ships occupying 4 squares on a map and giving the enemy map control. This happens in tier 8 and tier 9 and even tier 10 gameplay (^*(&()&*(*)&%$^#^% Ok after all the ramble...... :( here are some questions to my fellow captains. Do you know if Matchmaking algorithm takes into account player strength when putting together teams. Is it possible that because I broke briefly the 52%win rate that MM puts me now in higher category with more weaker players. Basically I'm now expected to carry the team. Basically I'm not good enough for my current rating so I deserve to be taken down a notch Do you know if Matchmaking algorithm changed as of 0.7.11 Do I just need a break I am personally leaning towards 4. I have probably spent too much money on this game. Was planning to spend more this Christmas ..... But I'm just not having any fun playing anymore except Clan Battles . Tired of being the last man standing on the losing side night after night. I think I need a new game and put my time and money elsewhere for awhile
  10. icehaddock

    Is Kagero a step backwards from Akatsuki?

    Kagero works for me. Yes, initially after leaving Akatsuki I struggled but now I have very good games in her. My winrate is great. I can influence games a lot. Talking use of her concealment is the most important thing. Spot spot and spot for you team and contest caps but stay silent. When you help out your BBs and cruisers to shoot on target they will in return help you when enemy gun boat rushes you
  11. icehaddock


    100% agree with the toss up. I will very soon have 750K FXP. Not looking at Musashi because one day I will have Yamato and I think it is alwasy better than Musahsi. But choosing between Kronstadt and Alaska will be hard. And please don't say "Just get both' Earning 750K FXP is lots of time spent. For me it's 10 months. I have Missouri and thus I'm leaning towards Kronstadt because it's different nation......... But I don't like the dispersion at all
  12. icehaddock

    Really dislike Buffalo Grind

    You mean bow tank? That is how I initially played, but but issue I had is losing half the guns compared to a third in DM and Balti and with few seconds lower reload compared to Balti the damage output goes down down down But if you say playing it like DM works for you, I will give it another try. I have little to lose :) Thanks for the advice
  13. icehaddock

    Can the Donskoi and Chapyev play aggressively?

    I agree with most people here. Stay at range, support and kite early on. Start fires and use AP on broadside and BB superstructure. Use you speed and fast shells as an advantage in late game, move up and wreck havoc. The guns are lasers. What I forget too often is that I have torps to dump into nearby smoke cloud Radar is long range and short duration. I find it more useful as deterrent and for defense . Just a little too short to be useful for offense
  14. icehaddock

    Really dislike Buffalo Grind

    Glad to hear that Buffalo is working out for you For me.... Not so much. When I compare my stats for US heavy cruisers from T6 to T9 , (Pensicola, New Orleans, Baltimore and Buffalo), I do have highest damage in Buffalo but both PR and win rate is the lowest in Buffalo. it kind of confirms that I have been feeling which is having less influence on the game and overall struggling with the ship
  15. icehaddock

    Really dislike Buffalo Grind

    I find this a ship that just doesn't do anything well. Sure it has heavy broadside but tricky to use without getting punished. Afterall it will always see T10 in game I struggle. I had fun in Baltimore. Did well in her and was looking forward to DM. Was thinking " only one grind to go and then I have my DM'. Oh boy. I find the Buffalo grind so painful. As stock it was just plain awful ship. Now fully upgraded and I still have trouble. Her reload is the biggest problem. Her sluggishness is the second problem. It is not an island hugger it is not a flanker. It just just Meh all around. Putting this ship into tech tree between Baltimore is also strange. Baltimore and DM play similar. Buffalo does not. Anyone else struggling with her? Anyone else struggling with influencing games in this ship? Anyone struggling with winning games in her? For me this has become my worst T9 grind so far. True first half of Iowa was not fun. But once fully upgraded it was fun. Ibuki grind is known for being a challenge but for me even that ship was more fun because it has some strengths that you can take use of (long range, stealth and torps). What the ship probably requires is a buff along the lines of 1.5 sec improvement to reload and/or reduced concealment by 0.4 km and/or 1 km longer stock range. Sure it as insane AA but who cares these days. I almost never run into carrier these days. ONE BIG SIGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!