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  1. _LordAdmiralNelson_

    Wargaming Game Center issue

    Thanks everyone! I got it all sorted out!
  2. _LordAdmiralNelson_

    Wargaming Game Center issue

    Agreed @landedkiller ! Another truly frustrating thing is that because wargaming uses torrent downloading for Game Center it is impossible to update games while on most college campuses (because they block torrents). So, while I’m at school I can’t even update WoWS which is beyond frustrating
  3. Hey guys, so I was having an issue with WoWS (was bugging out) so I uninstalled the game and now am trying to reinstall it. However, when I try and install it nothing happens, it downloads the game and then when I click “run” nothing happens. On top of that the Game Center launcher is essentially frozen in the “loading” state...even if I close it and reopen it it does nothing. So I tried to uninstall the launcher but this happens.....(see picture). Any ideas? I’m so bummed and confused and out of ideas. Pls help I just wanna play WoWS
  4. _LordAdmiralNelson_

    Khabarovsk needs nerf....please comment on khaba here

    Ya’ll are right, it can just be quite frustrating
  5. _LordAdmiralNelson_

    Khabarovsk needs nerf....please comment on khaba here

    Oh I try, but when they all die around you there’s not much you can do
  6. Why tf has the khaba not been nerfed....? There’s no reason it needs a heal with so much hp already. And it is near impossible to kill while in a bb...if you’re getting farmed by one there’s literally nothing you can do. It is the most frustrating and broken ship to play against. I’d rather play a team of just woosters
  7. _LordAdmiralNelson_


    I would love to see New Jersey. Love Iowa class bb’s and NJ especially for sentimental reasons
  8. _LordAdmiralNelson_


    Any ideas when and if the Missouri will make a return to the game to purchase? I didn’t have enough xp before but do now and want it!