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  1. Missouri

    I would love to see New Jersey. Love Iowa class bb’s and NJ especially for sentimental reasons
  2. Missouri

    Any ideas when and if the Missouri will make a return to the game to purchase? I didn’t have enough xp before but do now and want it!
  3. When will Atlanta be back?

    I have the perfect captain for it too! I passed it up last time it came to the store and regret it big time
  4. When will Atlanta be back?

    Hey everyone! I was wondering if anyone had any clue when the Atlanta would be back to the premium shop
  5. I have been having issues with running WoWS for quite a while now but in the past couple days I havent been able to play at all because it keeps crashing. I decided to completely uninstall and reinstall both game center and WoWS (game center still doesn't work so I've given up on that [edited]). When i try and install WoWS on CrossOver, it gets to the final step and then fails to install WoWS....does anyone know why this is happening/have any fix for it? I am beyond fed up with Wargaming and CrossOver now.
  6. Gamecenter error

    How do you run as an administrator?
  7. Gamecenter error

    Yea im so done with wargaming right now...i spent most of yesterday uninstalling and reinstalling the entire game as well as game center just for it to continue crashing today. Im barely able to launch the game and when i do and try and enter a game the entire client crashes
  8. I am having this same problem. I just downloaded the new game center because my game would not "receive updates" and i thought that might solve the issue. Now it won't even scan for updates on the new game center...wargaming is really screwing me. I haven't been able to play all day today and just bought premium....
  9. Will not "update game components"

    yup i have it installed...ive literally never had this problem before and was playing just last night without any problems
  10. Whenever i try and open up the game client i get stuck on the screen where it scans for updates. It's like it just freezes on "updating game components: receiving updates". Please if anyone can help or is having the same issue please post it...as per usual customer support is not being any help
  11. Game crashes None stop

    This happens to me literally every time i try and play, sometimes I'll get a game where it doesn't crash but then the next game i might crash 3-5 times...it's infuriating