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  1. _LordAdmiralNelson_

    USS Alaska Release Date

    What’s the deal with the snowflakes?
  2. _LordAdmiralNelson_

    USS Alaska Release Date

    Ugh why so expensive 😩
  3. _LordAdmiralNelson_

    USS Alaska Release Date

    Hey everyone! I was wondering if anyone had any insight on when the Alaska would arrive and how we would be able to get it in game? Would it be free xp or steel or coal? Thanks!
  4. _LordAdmiralNelson_

    Khabarovsk needs nerf....please comment on khaba here

    Ya’ll are right, it can just be quite frustrating
  5. _LordAdmiralNelson_

    Khabarovsk needs nerf....please comment on khaba here

    Oh I try, but when they all die around you there’s not much you can do
  6. Why tf has the khaba not been nerfed....? There’s no reason it needs a heal with so much hp already. And it is near impossible to kill while in a bb...if you’re getting farmed by one there’s literally nothing you can do. It is the most frustrating and broken ship to play against. I’d rather play a team of just woosters
  7. _LordAdmiralNelson_


    I would love to see New Jersey. Love Iowa class bb’s and NJ especially for sentimental reasons
  8. _LordAdmiralNelson_


    Any ideas when and if the Missouri will make a return to the game to purchase? I didn’t have enough xp before but do now and want it!