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  1. IIGnomeII

    PSA; 4 New Bonus Codes

    TYVVM! All worked for me.
  2. IIGnomeII

    Ship picks for Ranked

    I checked my win rate stats from last season. Full disclosure I hit equilibrium at Silver, did fine there once all the top players and CVs made their way into Gold. T8 Le Fantasque was hands-down my best win rate ship in Ranked last season. Picked it up last night and was having equal success so far in Bronze. For some reason that success didn't translate to French T10 DDs. Kleber was ok for me, but good old standby Gearing was my best. Smaland I just can't make work yet. Need to learn that ship but in the meantime I just die in various humiliating ways.
  3. IIGnomeII

    Need professional advise...I am not crazy???? tier x

    Agree with suggestions to get Georgia or Thunderer because they are leaving. Georgia if you primarily play co-op. Thunderer if you think you'll take her into Randoms or Ranked. Or if you're really wedded to the cruiser playstyle, Salem is a lot of fun and with the high rate of fire much more action packed than the BBs.
  4. Thanks everyone for the great feedback and input. I'll think about Mass vs Alabama and may pick up one or the other. @kiwi1960 I only saw your other post just now, but it reminds me of the childhood friend and college roommate that I lost to cancer. He always reminded me to live life to its fullest, and he went out with gusto and peace. Thank you for reminding me that having fear of missing out is a foolish way to live. I hope you are able to enjoy your last few ships and have peace as well. All the best to everyone in this holiday season!
  5. I'm a free player. With the recent doubloon bonuses I have finally accumulated just enough doubloons to get Massachusetts using the 25% off coupon in the armory. I'm also primarily a DD main. I have the US and French lines (love the speed on the French DDs!) and currently grinding up the Japanese line. Have Kleber and Friesland, not interested in Marceau. Will be getting Smaland before it departs -- when I finish grinding 2M FXP today or tomorrow. Beyond that I do play BB and CA/CL to some extent. Have the US BB line up through Montana, plus other good ships (Thunderer, Tirpitz B. Just bought Georgia but haven't played it yet. Also have some of the good CA/CL (Alaska, Spam/Smolensk, Salem). So, with Mass leaving the armory, should I get it now? FOMO is strong. But when I need a T8 BB, Tirpitz is my go-to. It dominated that 1v1 Ranked season for me. Will I appreciate another secondary-spewing BB? Should I spend several years of accumulated doubloons? Or wait for the next great hard-to-get ship that WG introduces? Is there another, better use of doubloons? Any advice is greatly appreciated!
  6. ...for 2 Supercontainers? What do you think? Just finished the first mission, 55 kills. I haven't kept exact track, but believe I average 6-7 kills per battle. 295 more kills means 40-50 rounds. Having trouble getting excited about this.
  7. IIGnomeII

    Black Friday Container received

    35k Free XP here.
  8. IIGnomeII

    No daily shipments for North America

    The random reference group must be relatively large. I'm in it as well. Too bad, I could have used the 50 detonation flags.
  9. IIGnomeII

    FPS DROP 1070GTX and RTX2070

    Thanks @Navalpride33. Turning off "Animate small objects" seemed to do the trick. I still hope the devs will evaluate for a possible bug or optimization. My system is a few years old (i7-4770, GTX 1070), but it doesn't seem right that it would suddenly be brought to it's knees when it can usually run WOWS at full settings/top speed.
  10. IIGnomeII

    FPS DROP 1070GTX and RTX2070

    Hey, first post for me. I am having the same problem with a similar setup. GTX 1070, usually can run 165 fps to match my monitor. Last couple weeks I'm getting drops in framerate down to 35 FPS or less. Tried leaving FPS limit at stock config limit of 75, no dice. Also just tried Adaptive setting in Nvidia control panel, no additional luck. Problem seems to be worst in bad weather and/or with a lot of planes and AA flak. Or now that I think of it even when there's a BB with heavy secondary fire. Any other suggestions or a fix on the way?