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  1. BloodyBill_2020

    just been chat banned

  2. BloodyBill_2020

    My supercontainer haul

    my Haul from 37 super containers 1,000 doubloons 25 Wyvern 1,000 doubloons 100 det flags 15k coal 15k coal 25 ouroboros Ochakov 50 leviathin 100 victor lima 2,500 doubloons 25 scylla 100 det flags 100 india delta 25 hydra 1500 steel 25 ouroboros 25 dragon 25 dragon 100 victor lima 7 days premium 25 red dragon 15k coal 5,000 doubloons 15k coal 100 india yankee 50 blue lagoon 100 zulu 100 india delta 100 equal speed charlie 15k coal 50 lunar warrior 100 papa papa 50 union jack 30 days premium 25 hydra 50 blue lagoon
  3. 37 super containers total got the Ochakov, 9500 doubloons, 1500 steel, 75,000 coal, 37 days of premium and "only" 200 camos. Best haul I've ever seen from WG!
  4. BloodyBill_2020

    ST 0.9.7, changes to test ships

    smashed the Florida with the nerf bat...
  5. BloodyBill_2020

    Salem or Thunderer

    The Thunderer can be a an amazing ship to play. It has Extremely accurate guns. My best games are when I use primarily AP. People seem to think you'll HE them to death and show a lot of broadside, punishing them with AP is extremely rewarding. if they show bow only, burn them to death. I also have Salem and while it's a good ship I'd recommend getting the Thunderer first.
  6. BloodyBill_2020

    Is this a chat ban

    You're not really trying until you get a six week ban.
  7. BloodyBill_2020

    AFT useful for Des Moines?

    I run CE and RPF on my Des Moines so, personally, I'd say it wasn't useful.
  8. BloodyBill_2020

    Are ur premium ships allowed in Naval Battles?

    Naval battles? What are these naval battles you speak of?
  9. BloodyBill_2020

    How do you hit a turning ship ?

    Just keep practicing and when you think you've got it figured out, practice some more. It's experience in the game with particular ships that teaches you how to shoot well. I will say that all the firearm experience i have in real life has certainly made it easier to figure out leading targets in game.
  10. BloodyBill_2020

    How is the Halland?

    Played 4 matches in the Halland yesterday. Won all 4. Had 2 matches over 100k, one at 91 k and one at 17k (25 plane kills though) averaged 81k overall. Found that once I went to the wide spread torps my hit rate increased along with damage. The guns are decent and it will shred planes. Overall, I'd say it's worth grinding the line in the current meta.
  11. BloodyBill_2020

    Subway Cards

    Dollar General gift cards work
  12. BloodyBill_2020

    buy smolensk for steel? need advice.

    Smolensk has been smashed by the nerf bat. I'd take a hard pass on it.
  13. BloodyBill_2020

    What happened to all the payment options?

    I've been using Dollar General gifts since the Amazon Pay option stopped working.
  14. BloodyBill_2020

    Question about RN CA's

    The Goliath plays like a mini conq. HE with base 24% fire chance and 12 barrels translates to many, many fires started and much damage. I run the range mod on it to get out to 19.5k and play it like a second line support ship. It's much better than the tier 8 piece of garbage.
  15. BloodyBill_2020

    The hype is real! It's underway!

    both of you are acting like 4 year old kids lol