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  1. Morte_DeMeat

    Check your EMAIL! (Bonus Codes)

    Thanks ... nothing in my email yet, but your code worked.
  2. Morte_DeMeat

    LWM Needs Help: Crowd-Sourced Missouri Data

    Lost, Random
  3. Morte_DeMeat

    Trouble logging in

    I am also having long login times....if it ever gets there. I have tried flushing dns and rebooting, running repair & check from Game center., still takes a long time....even trying to quit a login session takes a long time.
  4. After you play a game in that ship (or any others that have the 200% xp bonus) Check your xp after battle reports ---its there , and in the "common" ? missions tab in port it will reappear & show remaining days. But it may disappear from view again the next day, it did for me Friday, Saturday & Sunday, but will be viewable 1 game in the ship.
  5. Morte_DeMeat

    New auctions announced for 0.10.5

    opps, Reading is overated...lol JULY 2ND it starts for FYI
  6. Morte_DeMeat

    New auctions announced for 0.10.5

    When does the auction start for 0.10.5? I keep checking the Armory, no gavel symbol
  7. Morte_DeMeat

    Jutland containers opened

    I picked up 68 Jutland crates, some for $$$, some for Doubloons and NOT 1 ship.....got boatloads of other stuff & both perma-camos (and I already have KM K. Albert, from when it was 1st released, I was wanting HMS Agincourt) Came here to check if it was not released yet. Very disappointed.
  8. Morte_DeMeat

    Flandre Free Look Camera is Broken

    I also have been having this issue with Flandre and have NO mods installed
  9. Morte_DeMeat

    CODE no longer works sry guys

    not even the link worked for me, but then I don't have amazon or twitch says invalid code
  10. A Tiger'59 cruiser...... hmmm, like a Friesland DD with a citadel and no Hydro??
  11. Morte_DeMeat

    Why the silent release of the Mysore?

    sorry, my bad....you can still post your own pics...lol
  12. Morte_DeMeat

    Why the silent release of the Mysore?

    pics here : and the other color choice (if you finished the Naval Aviation Collection final reward has Commonwealth two color option)
  13. Morte_DeMeat

    World of Warships Collectors Club

    All ready having too many ships when the snowflakes are falling.... ar least we have more time this year.
  14. Morte_DeMeat

    World of Warships Collectors Club

    427 ships in port. All the current tech tree as well as most of the premium ones. Ships that I do not have ... ( as of 2/2/2021) Tier IV CL Iwaki Alpha (IJN) Tier IV BB Arkansas Beta (USN) Tier VIII BB Alabama ST (USN) Tier IX DD Black (USN) Tier X BB Bourgogne (MN) (Marine Nationale ... French Navy) Tier X CV F.D. Roosevelt (USN) Tier X CL Plymouth (RN)
  15. Morte_DeMeat

    World of Warships Collectors Club

    427 ships and counting...