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  1. Morte_DeMeat

    Arsenal (Armory) Additions

    Away all Boarding Parties !!! lol
  2. When Clicking on the last mission in the 1st directive (Nose Dive) the game crashes to login screen.... gave a zero sum error as I didn't have the ships and after 1st attempt I was unable to duplicate it, to screen shot the error.
  3. Morte_DeMeat

    Update from WG Fest: Soviet Battleships line

    Yes, they received the Giulio Cesare from Italy in 1949. Renamed the Novorossiysk. The Royal Navy loaned the Royal Sovereign ( A 21 knot BB of the Revenge class armed with 8 x 15 inch guns and 14-12 x 6 inch casemate secondary guns. ) to Russia in 1944
  4. Morte_DeMeat

    Clan wars countdown

    7 minutes past and still no clan battles for the NA server....
  5. Morte_DeMeat

    Cross Realm Server Test Cancel

    I also agree..... I don't think they had this on any weekends for the NA server group yet....and with the time differences for the other servers prime times, the weekends would be the only time they might get a large percentage of players.... oh well.
  6. Morte_DeMeat

    Newly New Bonus Code

    works, thank you. ps gave ya a "cool" one
  7. I noticed something weird for the Royal Navy "Hall of Fame" event.... How do you earn points for Honorary achievements in a Co-op battle? (Its just a flesh wound or First Blood, for example)
  8. Note : How can you EARN a Honorary Achievement in a Co-op Battle to earn the points, if Achievements are not awarded in Co-op Battles ? (Devastating strike, First Blood, It's Just a Flesh Wound, ... ect. )
  9. Morte_DeMeat

    Royal Navy Carriers of the "Pinup" Video

    The First Carrier is of the Yorktown class. The Enterprise is my guess. Check the arch on the port side of the island supporting the Pri-fly control station and the bow view with the AAA gun under the flight deck.
  10. Just bought the Haida Admirals pack, played a winning game in Co-Op, and was dumped to port screen with with Ship in battle, I did a disconnect from server and relogged in still in battle with no xp/credits ect. I submitted a ticket.
  11. Morte DeMeat is a user name (or versions of Dead Meat) I've been using on MMOs since the 90's