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  1. Dear  WOW’s latin (and american) community


    Following the information about America´s Naval Cup (Copa Naval de las Americas), to all community I inform you  its al ready here the second tournament . The details are the following:

    1 kind of tournament: short , the preliminary round of the tournament will be the group phase of the tournament. Then quarter –Finals, Then semi-finals and Finals.

    2 Max Tier:  8

    3 Participants: 7

    4 team configuration: 3 DD max, 3 CA max, 3 BB max, 1 CV max. … only 2 premiums.

    5: Maps to use: Neighbors (3 captures), Refuge (2 caps), 2 brothers (3 cap)

    6 Beginning  date: Octuber 13

    7 Number of teams and groups: To be defined.

    8 the draw for the preliminary round of the tournament will take place this octuber 7  

    9 information : http://challonge.com/es/ejwzv7p3

    10 Clans confirmed  20:


    [ARC] Armada de la República de Colombia (Colombian Fleet)

    [RF] Renegade-Fleet

    [PIOJO] Armada Piojosa  (Lousy Fleet)

    [KM] Kriegsmarine

    [CUTE] Collision Under Technological Error

    [IMP] Imperium et Libertas

    [MAD] Marineros Agua Dulce (Freshwater Sailors)

    [GAO] Gran Armada Oceánica (Great Oceanic Fleet)

    [FNL] Fuerza Navales Latinas (Latin Naval Forces)

    [TNT] Tacticas Navales T (Naval Tactics T)

    [MB_BR] Marinha Brasileira (Brazilian Fleet)

    [RAC] Real Armada de Chile (Royal Chilean Fleet)

    (BSH)Black Sea Hawks

    (ELITE) Elite Fleet

    (UMY) Universidad Marítima de Yokosuka (university of Yokosuka)

    [REAL] Real Navy Chile

    [ARES] Armada Real Española Sargazo (Royal Spanish SARGASSO Fleet)

    [ARA] Armada de la República de Argentina (Republic Argentina Fleet)

    [AXIS] Special Axis Force

    [FALCO] Fuerza Armada Latina de  Combate  Organizada

     We still have a place for your clan. We encourage  you all  to participate and be motivated to do a better cup …. Good luck to all.


    Comition CNA

    1. Mighty_Zeus


      Hello Pufek!!!! How do You see??? By the way I hope you feel ok