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  1. That suck ! All those SOBs TK ppl are getting away unpunished. So where is the point of reporting at all!! Automated system my a... really !
  2. Radar range 9.9KM and concealment down below 11km
  3. Let me be 100% perfectly crystal clear here: from T1 to T5 others nation DD line lack as torp boats at all. We all know Kami she is the Boss at T5 no doubt, T6 Shinonome ONLY BECAUSE THE RANKED SEASON !!, T7 Shira those are the old stats pre-nerfing. T8 Aki those as well are extrapulated from UNICUM players, otherwise Benson as well Yang are the king here. Kagero in the right hands in very good torp spammer (but thats it), Yogumo and Shima again in the right hands, Gearing its junk I have that one Khaba and Z52 are the Kings. Cheers
  4. OK so yesterday I sold the Shiratsuyu since got nerfed again, no more smoke + torp reload "to OP" [edited]...Bought the Akizuki with HIGH expectation, 33kts top speed, 100 mm guns who can do S..T damage at all , sluggish rudder, huge size and big circle radius, PLEASE GIVE ME A BREAK, that ship is broke !!! In regards the Shima configured as gun boat please give me a break, I know exactly who posted those videos, and said that in both cases those players are UNICUM!! IJN DD REQUIRE VERY HIGH SKILL LEVEL TO BE PROFITABLE, OTHERWISE U WILL SUFFER LIKE AN ANIMAL. We all know the truth, IJN DDs need love badly !! Cheers
  5. Dude you are Supertester, with way above average stats and skills, the average Joes like me struggle in. Unfortunately WG is taking more consideration crying memes and Super - Unicum Players. Thats why all this mess called WoWs. The future its looking more grey. You wanna crucifix me, go ahead but that won*t change the fact the game meta is down spiral. Cheers
  6. Well since WG is loosing players, they are doing anything they can to keep bring fresh meat into the game to be milked. Because sooner or later you will have to shell out $$$.. Honestly I*m loosing interest into WG product bercause they are all following the same pattern like WT.
  7. Ahhh cool
  8. What is this ?
  9. Same story here, between both combined together I*m getting close to 200 slots, that is silly. Please WG make it happen. Thanks, Gracias, Grazie, Danke, Hvala.