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  1. pufek

    Wichita: Bruiser Cruiser

    Sorry WG, but that's price is absurd !!! Lowered by 30% and we will talk otherwise , thanks but no thanks. Cheers
  2. Kossack for me. I was hoping Roma but eh it's ok.
  3. Touche mate touche. WG know how to make thing ultra realistic
  4. That is CCCP balance game comrade. Like the upcoming Russian BB will have 30sec turrent traverse (no not op at all) go figure.
  5. pufek

    The roma.

    100% Agreed. She is gorgeous !
  6. pufek


    Unofficially she will have torpedoes at T9, WG balacesssss…. Her weak part where you can hurt her the most the the last turrent section all there if food for farming. Cheers
  7. pufek

    The roma.

    Give her some Italian Love with lots off Spaghetti & meat ragu. Her guns are absolutely trollish, sometime they obliterated a ship other they over-pen a freaking Yammy, go figure. For me the sweet spot is sail 3/4 speed and always be angle she perform the best. Also iChase has the same issue. We all are in the same boat.
  8. pufek

    Anshan how did this happen

    GG mate you where in team potatos.
  9. So GC goes to T6??? Sure WG go ahead it is your product!!! Myself and other customer who bough it enjoy it (love it), we are getting upset AKA ANGRY. WG you are stating: Full Refund will be issued in Doubloons??? Right ?? Wrong !!!! WE APEND REAL MONEY FOR IT SO WE DEMAND FULL REFUND TO OUR CC, NOT IN GAME CRAP STUFF!! By the way my trust in you is gone !!! My wallet is closed !! Fyi WG when real money is implemented a legal bonding contract is stipulate between 2 parties Remember !!!
  10. pufek

    Welcome Back Contest!

    - In-game name: pufek - Origin of it: Well this nick was stuck with me for the past 37years, when I was teenager in a group, my mates notice I was enjoying observing & playing with steam engines (PUFF....PUFF...PUFF...Steam..), the EK come from one party when I puke my soul out after drinking and eating to much, while my mate ask me something and I reply with (EK), then the combined together puff-ek cut shortly pufek :) - Been Playing for 3 Years - What got me in to: I start playing WOT since ived seen it a security guard playing it, (Don't ask me how), One day I saw commercial for WoWs I say to myself lets check it out. I installed start the match fall in love the water graphics game mode, the rest is history. - My favorite ship is: The Fiji, love that ship I nicknamed "My baby", when I sail her out the feeling is PURE MACHOTISM , not scared to face anything. Cheers All
  11. pufek

    Giveaway code - HUMBLEGIVEAWAY

    Worked Cheers
  12. pufek

    Your very first Premium was?

    Atago, love that boat.
  13. pufek

    10,000 games

    Congratz Mate. I passed the 15K milestone (Old Soggy - No Life Potato), stop counting. This games is like broke relationship ITS HELL-SALTY LIVING WITH, BUT YOU CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT IT . To all off ya Cherrs.