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  1. FPS Drop from Memory Leak?

    Same issue. Never had this kind problem before, it must be the new update. Mess up the memory management again.
  2. To many bottom feeders, Im so sick of the game meta , watching players being freaking selfish farming damage with 0 support nore cooperation. The few who cap, spot, rest etc.. are getting ZIP nothing....Yes flamu has a point...WG have to address the situation otherwise players will start moving away from it.
  3. German CV Graf Zeppelin

    I Agree with that !
  4. this john doe

    I would assume all those politic [edited] the feds are feedings us these days.
  5. Got my 5 stars in the second attempt. Nice campaign, thanks WG.
  6. Over 2 years playing the game, had few TK unintentional circumstances. But you 1-2 a week justifying like it was NP, not cool at all. Sure everybody deserve a benefit of the doubt, in your case NONE, WG has to BAN your account for a week or so so you have time to reflect what in hell are you doing. Respectfully you should apologies to all who cause TK. That would be a start.
  7. T8 Cleveland Revealed

    Having a Cleveland with 41K HP, 6s reload and 16.1km range > Happy camper
  8. T8 Cleveland Revealed

    I know that, the extra 3.5k hp on top the upgraded one for the total 40-41K hp make her tankier The range and reload still need badly .
  9. Dev Blog - Buffalo

    to slow, someone already posted just before you. Still without the historical torpedoes, it will be meh, the US CA line need torps badly just for brawling & self defense in close encounters
  10. T8 Cleveland Revealed

    Those current stats are STOCK everything. As it is in the current state Cleveland has 0 chance to do anything, (to weak - underpowered). What she need BADLY is: 1. Reload down to 6s 2. R A N G E, at least up to 15.4km like Atago or 16+ to compensate the stratospheric shell velocity 3. Some minor tweek here and there, leave the AA alone her trademark. 4. Give her 3500hp extra. Than in my book we can work with.