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  1. Lol I meant 95% loss.. Cheers
  2. Are you playing mainly high tiers? Than its no brainer getting perma camo, since right now doublons are on special. All my T10 have it and they are pretty much premium ships, without you 95% loosing credits even with a win, so if you can effort it buy all mean go for it. Cheers
  3. Yup Same here...…………………..HELLO WG...……………...HELLO...…………..HELLO...……………..
  4. Very informative thanks.
  5. Tier VII: Nueve di Julio

    That's ship is Helena with less range and heal that's it, Worth getting it maybe.
  6. Better Ship

    Bismarck hat down. I have both but the germans have better armor period. Richelieu have better gun dispersion over Bismarck but in a brawling situation German Sausage prevail with hydro as well.
  7. Code within

    Thanks a lot.
  8. Yup as we speak Supertesters and CC they are doing so, you can find plenty of videos on YT.
  9. A Lot of Stuff

    GZ I hear is broken again, AKA ready to be released UNKNOW DATE. T61 in moth ball, nobody knows why.
  10. I saw both on YT by CC and in my opinion are monsters.
  11. Soviet : Diana she is a floating museum in St.Petersburg Alabama, NC are real museum real. IGN Mikasa museum and the list goes on & on. True the paper ships are not attractive as the real one but what can you do. WG need to deliver the bacon. We all like the BACON, don't we?
  12. My pop corns are ready.
  13. FPS Drop from Memory Leak?

    Same issue. Never had this kind problem before, it must be the new update. Mess up the memory management again.