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  1. I can do way more damage with the Fiji than in Belfast. And I use smoke 35% of the time so no big deal there. Just look at the pros and cons for both you do the math.
  2. Belfast is OP now with smoke + radar. After the patch you better be with the Fiji, it has heal and torps, Belfast has nothing left, smoke not anymore, heal? kope? torps? nope range? nope. Kutuzov smoke or not will still remain decent strong, because of the range + reload time + AA + HE spam. So I think Belfast she is a goner unless the give her the missing torps and or heal.
  3. I was wonder the same thing.
  4. This game turn into an Arcade P2P with CC on the top. Nothing reflect was it was over a year ago NOTHIMNG !
  5. Dear  WOW’s latin (and american) community


    Following the information about America´s Naval Cup (Copa Naval de las Americas), to all community I inform you  its al ready here the second tournament . The details are the following:

    1 kind of tournament: short , the preliminary round of the tournament will be the group phase of the tournament. Then quarter –Finals, Then semi-finals and Finals.

    2 Max Tier:  8

    3 Participants: 7

    4 team configuration: 3 DD max, 3 CA max, 3 BB max, 1 CV max. … only 2 premiums.

    5: Maps to use: Neighbors (3 captures), Refuge (2 caps), 2 brothers (3 cap)

    6 Beginning  date: Octuber 13

    7 Number of teams and groups: To be defined.

    8 the draw for the preliminary round of the tournament will take place this octuber 7  

    9 information : http://challonge.com/es/ejwzv7p3

    10 Clans confirmed  20:


    [ARC] Armada de la República de Colombia (Colombian Fleet)

    [RF] Renegade-Fleet

    [PIOJO] Armada Piojosa  (Lousy Fleet)

    [KM] Kriegsmarine

    [CUTE] Collision Under Technological Error

    [IMP] Imperium et Libertas

    [MAD] Marineros Agua Dulce (Freshwater Sailors)

    [GAO] Gran Armada Oceánica (Great Oceanic Fleet)

    [FNL] Fuerza Navales Latinas (Latin Naval Forces)

    [TNT] Tacticas Navales T (Naval Tactics T)

    [MB_BR] Marinha Brasileira (Brazilian Fleet)

    [RAC] Real Armada de Chile (Royal Chilean Fleet)

    (BSH)Black Sea Hawks

    (ELITE) Elite Fleet

    (UMY) Universidad Marítima de Yokosuka (university of Yokosuka)

    [REAL] Real Navy Chile

    [ARES] Armada Real Española Sargazo (Royal Spanish SARGASSO Fleet)

    [ARA] Armada de la República de Argentina (Republic Argentina Fleet)

    [AXIS] Special Axis Force

    [FALCO] Fuerza Armada Latina de  Combate  Organizada

     We still have a place for your clan. We encourage  you all  to participate and be motivated to do a better cup …. Good luck to all.


    Comition CNA

    1. Mighty_Zeus


      Hello Pufek!!!! How do You see??? By the way I hope you feel ok 

  6. AA mod2, the dispersion is not bad, so you have extra AA bubble.
  7. Yes indeed. September might bring us something.
  8. You never know, WG might decide to surprise us...
  9. Hahaha this one... By the way White Mouse, challenge accepted. See if I can do more than 125. Probably Ill burn out but its for a good cause.
  10. Thanks Niko, Santa Pufek will distribute gifts to the worthy one.
  11. Indeed Diana pretty much retired.
  12. My Aurora she is sitting silent in the port, cannot do much other nations - flavors surpassed her. Year ago she was barely viable, now pretty much none. Miss those days
  13. I would be a nice add on , just for historical reason.
  14. I would suggest CE over AFT, stealthy is better.
  15. I have both, Molotov rail guns very accurate, armor meh, GP not that accurate guns - BUT the hit hard, torpedoes are quite good. Between both I suggest the GP. GL