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  1. pufek

    Bonus Codes I Just Found

    Dead to me
  2. WG, Please bring back the Rubber Ducky bathtub. You brought it back for the console, Again please bring it back from the mothball. Everyone will enjoy it new and old players. Oh yeah make it permanently if possible thanks. Regards
  3. Im done with grinding after the PR fiasco !!!! WG you can keep it, cheers !!
  4. pufek

    Mikebello at real Aurora

  5. They are streaming on Twitch now.
  6. iEarlGrey is getting chunky lol...Mother Russia is good for him with 2 brand new tattoos
  7. pufek


    That thing I saw the last time over a year ago noice.
  8. That company I bet is Payment Wall, a very shaddy company with crap reputation, stay away from them. Personally I had bad experience from them after I find who they where I cancel but instead refund my money they where holding it for 3 months, I had to call BBB, and thanks to them I get it back. So captains ANYTHING REGARDING PAYMENT WALL CO STAY AWAY !!!! Cheers
  9. Absolutely 😎, bring some nicely aged Chianti and Camembert chese. Cheers mate.
  10. Right WG, aspecting us to grind the whole month if we want get that ship? Like we have nothing better to do in our lives. Oh yeah forgot if you are a 🐄 to be milked, it's available for cash of course. C'mon this become redundant and repetitive as well booring. WG, I'm getting bored it's the same o all the time, actually getting worst. Players base dropping like dead flys. That should should tells you are doing not right AKA WRONG direction. But hey it's your game, your loss not mine. Cheers
  11. pufek

    Armada 2.0: USS Alaska

    Alaska....America...F..K ..Yeah..
  12. I'm going to say one thing only, ALASKA !!!!!!!
  13. pufek

    Im done for now

    Enjoy the time away from WG messiness & players saltyness. You might regiuvinate your mind and soul. Cheers mate. 😎