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  1. They are streaming on Twitch now.
  2. iEarlGrey is getting chunky lol...Mother Russia is good for him with 2 brand new tattoos
  3. pufek


    That thing I saw the last time over a year ago noice.
  4. pufek

    My Alternate Payment Saga with OBucks

    That company I bet is Payment Wall, a very shaddy company with crap reputation, stay away from them. Personally I had bad experience from them after I find who they where I cancel but instead refund my money they where holding it for 3 months, I had to call BBB, and thanks to them I get it back. So captains ANYTHING REGARDING PAYMENT WALL CO STAY AWAY !!!! Cheers
  5. Absolutely 😎, bring some nicely aged Chianti and Camembert chese. Cheers mate.
  6. Right WG, aspecting us to grind the whole month if we want get that ship? Like we have nothing better to do in our lives. Oh yeah forgot if you are a 🐄 to be milked, it's available for cash of course. C'mon this become redundant and repetitive as well booring. WG, I'm getting bored it's the same o all the time, actually getting worst. Players base dropping like dead flys. That should should tells you are doing not right AKA WRONG direction. But hey it's your game, your loss not mine. Cheers
  7. pufek

    Armada 2.0: USS Alaska

    Alaska....America...F..K ..Yeah..
  8. I'm going to say one thing only, ALASKA !!!!!!!
  9. pufek

    Im done for now

    Enjoy the time away from WG messiness & players saltyness. You might regiuvinate your mind and soul. Cheers mate. 😎
  10. Hi Captains, Im pufek, one of the admin and 2nd in command of DRI Clan. Our clan we are a Gaming Community , meaning we are not only playing WG games but many more & different kind as well. You have no restriction to play only 1 game but the freedom to do what you like to do AKA play games you enjoy. Candidate 18+ NO EXCEPTION !! DRI is not a competitive clan !! Clan battles as of when by the players !!! 2 Simple rules. 1st. While in game be in TS 2nd. Respect & be respected Remember Family & life have priority Always, here we relax and have good time drama free. If interested msg me here in game or in TS, the address is; dri no password needed. Cheers
  11. take a break, or ask for assistance to who might know what they are doing.
  12. There mate you said it all. Stats for you are everything as well clan battles. And be on the top what its really mean to you, you - your clan are better players "IN THIS GAME" than the average Joe, achieving that than what ? you are getting Academy Award? A Oscar nominee? A major news media coverage ? Nope !! Just in here, who cares. Personally I enjoy the game having over 17K battles under the belt, don't care about the stats. "This is a VIDEO GAME !!!!! So it should be treated as is not as a job commitment. Cheer & See ya out there.
  13. So you ae one of those players who play the game for stats only, AKA "ME ME ME", stats are not important at al. If you are playing the game looking at the stats only, that will reflect the overrall play style, since those kind players do 0 team work and they are selfish because being purple in color and being called super unicum its the most important thing. That's why all matches latetly are garbage. Good job.