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  1. SirTigAlot

    Four Years of Observations

    My Account says I started 12/12/2015, I have gotten too many Premium ships to count,, they are all Buffed when released to be nerfed later.. I got TX when it was first out... Resetting has to be one of the biggest SCAMS every placed on the players of the Game! I reset 8 lines for what??? to be ripped off! by getting little for doing it! As for me too,, NOT another penny! Bait and Switch may fly in Russia, But IT DOES NOT FLY HERE! The Gaming world is too big to waste all our time with Dishonest Tactics... Random Game play is all about nothing~! NOT a team, just a bunch of ships that don't talk... how can you call that a team.. where is team voice chat? I can get it on a $50 Call of Duty game etc,, but not here where we or I at least used to spend Hundreds... when my account ends premium in 560 days, if things have not improved I am done here. Life moves on.
  2. SirTigAlot

    Wargaming's trust rating

    resetting is A MONEY SCAM FOR WG!! this whole game is going to crap.
  3. SirTigAlot

    Wargaming's trust rating

    NO, it's NOT,, have you done.. it??? so you would know how?
  4. SirTigAlot

    Wargaming's trust rating

    Balance improvements has always lead to ships being more worthless... balance NO... Neutered just like world of tanks. takes too long to do crapin this game. when my prem is done so am i. reset branches, SCAM,,,, i reset 8 of them for what??? 10K in [edited] tokens.. should have been 80,000 10k per branch... and this is how you break a great game...
  5. I just Reset, USA BB, USA CV, IJN BB, IJN Crusiers, and USSR Crusiers. I only got Awarded 10K after Resetting USA BB's,, NOTHING FOR THE REST!! What happened??? Why Reset if you just going to get NO RESEARCH STUFF??? RESETTING IS JUST [edited]... I RESET 5 TIER 10 LINES FOR 10K RESEARCH PTS??? SHOULD BE 10K PER RESET!!! wth!!! what a waste of time this game!
  6. SirTigAlot

    I'm done in Random

    Wow, honestly I have not really played DD after the latest Rebreak(Too busy trying to Reconfigure my BB's Mostly), so I did not know it was that bad... but, it sounds like your having FUN! NOT!!!! I am at this pt just plain lost in CV skills, and Manual AA fire is about worthless for the rest of my fleet of 140+, so 98% of my ships are just plain what to call it... mediocre at best... yeah makes me really want to play lot's.. NOT!!.. I am here Giving my Opinion because I don't really want to leave a game that I love, but I don't see the light to overcome the latest breaking of Balance in the game. All Co-Op to me is a waste of time for me, because XP is just plain [edited] and the Bots just like to ram each other I can predict what they will do(boring) at best, not worth my time when I am grinding ship captain's to 19 pt, before I call the ship "Finished", my capt's are all leveled up on the ship they will always be on I don't really transfer capt's much, to really know a ship I feel you should grind the capt to 19, then you "KNow" that ship. my Result is I have lost count of how many 19pt Club Captain's I have to date I know that from TX/NY,AZ(T5 -T10 USA BB's to T10 are all 19 now except BB CO) was working IJN BB's next and IJN DD's . Been meaning to make a master list but have not thus far. I did play some T10 Shim DD battles with VERY POOR results, and figured I would try another day. when DD's are on Constant Spotted.. they have LOST there #1 weapon(stealth) so now your waiting to be sunk with 90% chance of Failure. Wow, what ships is worth playing anymore... I left Crusiers for the most part because they just die too quick, I left CV play cuz it was just Dumb to me before the Rebreak, went to playing BB(Torp magnets), then started playing DD's(the new CV magnets) to learn to defend BB from DD's. Now, I just don't know where to go anymore but just plain GONE! How many times is the "Balance" of game play going to be Wrecked, it's just plain getting old watching the unbroken being "fixed" Breaking it even more.. Costing REAL MONEY to fix modules capt skills etc. Yes, I know Capt skills are free to rework till the 11th, but how do I "rework" these skills on 140+ ships in 3 days or whatever? Because, I have been doing that.. lost MILLIONS in credit's already in Modules Switching,, and I am Rich by most players that I talk to(because of always Prem account for 3 years plus) @about 680Mil or so,, I feel bad for players that are not or don't have the money to stay Prem account to get "rich", it's like Raising Taxes on the Poor. This ReBreak is the worst for me so far by Far, and If CV's where Gone from Game from this pt on, I would NOT CARE! Why Break the Entire game for CV's??? How many players do 75% plus Exclusive CV play? I just about feel like it just might be the last Straw! P.S. all this Time on Forum instead of Gaming Great Weekend! NOT!!!! I just feel like there is no way out of the corner that WG has put us in.
  7. SirTigAlot

    I'm done in Random

    Dude, WoT is dying for many of the same reasons, I am happy to hear you still love the game, but, This Whining as you call it, for every 1 whine you hear, there and hundreds you don't keep that in mind, many players like myself didn't really like CV play before, and now it has bled over to the rest of game, pushing us out! When "Adapt and Overcome" is Costing real money every time they break or unbalance the game it's just getting plain OLD! I have been here since 5.0.01 or whatever over 3 years... think about that. After the 11th, it's just MONEY to fix what they broke on 140+ ships and with no real results, it's just plain getting OLD and Boring!
  8. SirTigAlot

    I'm done in Random

    Co-op, is boring takes TOOOOOOOOOO Long to get anywhere in Free Xp and all to make it worth while. I have left Random in the past many times.. but, if all the other modes are all I can do I would have left game for good by now. I really started to hate the game more and more after the Gaydar updates. but, figured it was just me. Now, I just don't see any "FUN" in playing any of it anymore.
  9. SirTigAlot

    I'm done in Random

    i have Been here 3 years and Premium the whole time, and have Rolled with all the punches.. i have 150+ ships(98% T5 and higher(i don't care for stuff lower then T4 for the most part)), 28 blank slots plus over 525 days Premium left and over 680mil in credits.. now,, I feel like WG just broke the entire balance of game AGAIN!! Now I am thinking about leaving it, and doubt i will be back! i did not like the CV play for playing CV's Now with Rework I don't really like any of the play. Sad, WAS my favorite game now it's just a broken POS! i will give it a month or 2 and come back if this is not cleaned up and balanced again I will be Done for Good! Now every ship minus CV's have to have modules redone for better AA, I did that on many and it still sucks... when it's all said and done it will take MONEY for me to rework my ships once AGAIN to try and balance the wrecking WG has done once again. I have Spent so much money on this game, and now I am like for what? Karma that WG, many players are going to leave like me... maybe when a wallet vote is counted you will rethink Crapping on players! Do the math,,,, about 140 ships x 25 dublooms to fix... yeah for what.. to fix what they broke again! Ann Landers once Said "if it ain't broke don't fix it". Full honesty, I was never a fan of CV game play thought it was dum then and Now i have yet to play CV under the new broke game, but i still have 4-10 cv's us and many IJN up to 7 i think,, I lost 3 ships in rebreak. Now, i am like wow the main ships.. DD,Crusier,BB are all just plain F*^ked, and that is why i am thinking of leaving. For Sale 1 Account so many prem ships and crap i lost count!!! LOL.. 1/2 joking
  10. SirTigAlot

    How to not be clueless?

    Many players can NOT act as a team with no team voice chat,, in a game that depends on "team" play,, we can't talk to one another???? Dumb!!! Dumb!! Dumb!!! Oh, wait that's right we all have time to type a book, while in combat LOL... This just seems to be worst time to me! And if you misspell something other players feel the need to correct your spelling like it matters!!!! WHERE IS TEAM VOICE CHAT????? Some of us have hundreds in this game and have been waiting for Voice chat Forever since 5.1.2!!!! I started my account 12/12/2015, and have Seen the need for Team Voice chat for almost 3 years now! Meanwhile here is DIV chat.. like it matters when the rest of us can NOT act as a Team why would DIV chat matter?? Grow this game up WG!!! We have many potato teams that I know would play better but, with no comms, you get NO Team Work!!! What some call "Potato Teams",,, I call lack of communication, the "don't scratch my ship" syndrome! Simply put, I see a major lack of Stones, or do they not know what to do because nobody tells them or types then in the middle of a battle, shoot some peeps can't even type, much less do it under pressure of a battle... Even in the Real World before Radio's there was Horns,, but here in game we get text!!! Really??? Grow this game up already!!! Stop wasting time coding candy in the game and Fix the Chat!!!!
  11. SirTigAlot

    A DCP/RP overhaul proposal.

    Good Luck with that.. I See then game being more hide and seek,, less world of warships.. too many [edited]'s turn away and run, hanging there team out to dry! I STOPPED putting money into this game... nothing but pussyville now... lack of general over all ball's, they think by running that helps? All it does is make them sink last losing the match.. And with NO TEAM VOICE CHAT, how can anybody act as a team.. Div chat is Garbage,, they work as 1 while the rest of the so called team act out the Fool part! NO VOICE, NO TEAM WORK! Who wants to type a Book and get all the spelling right ETC..(picky [edited]) While they give you English lesson Running there ship to pussyville, to float till last!
  12. what happen to all the sound in game... NO ARP sounds??? i thought they were cool.... NOT COOL to mess up the sound on these ships. they are what they are now they are what.. the same as the rest?
  13. what happen to all the sound in game... NO ARP sounds??? i thought they were cool.... NOT COOL to mess up the sound on these ships. they are what they are now they are what.. the same as the rest?
  14. yes,, yet another OP new ship from WG to be nerfed later.. P.s. IT IS WAY OP.. craplike this makes me want to leave game!
  15. SirTigAlot

    1000 karma

    and a Hack you say?