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  1. US CV vs Japanese CV

    Closing this thread before it gets out of hand.
  2. To WG: SUCKS

    Closing thread due to non-constructive posts. OP, please submit a support ticket.
  3. Closing this thread due to non-constructive posts and unrest.
  4. She is a ship captain.

    Going to go ahead and close this thread due to non-constructive arguing.
  5. Going to go ahead and close this thread. It has become nothing more than an argument.
  6. Lets talk Subs

    Sorry folks, I foresee this could become rude and ugly quickly. Closing thread.
  7. Miki Saito

    Alright guys, time to close this thread.
  8. run

    This thread is pretty much off the subject matter, so it's being closed.
  9. Alright guys, this is getting out of hand. Closing thread.
  10. Closing thread as per OP's request.
  11. This thread has gotten political and pretty much off-topic, so it's being closed.
  12. Alright guys, time to lock this thread. Our forums is not the place to talk about politics, even in off-topic.
  13. Alright guys, Time to lock this thread before this gets out of hand.
  14. I am closing this thread due non-productive posting.