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  1. Hiro_Yoshi

    Fed up with Anti-CV hate

    Still happens when there's no carriers. "Invisible destroyers firing invisible torpedoes! They need to fix this!".
  2. Hiro_Yoshi

    Fed up with Anti-CV hate

    Over rated, just like Yuro in the Scout Plane Des Moines. You get maybe 2 drops using that method, and doesn't apply to everything (try it on a maneuvering cruiser or destroyer).
  3. Hiro_Yoshi

    CVs, Georgia, Monarch and Conqueror. WIP

    We already have Izumo, while the actual Izumo was an early 20th century protected cruiser still in commission during WW2.
  4. Hiro_Yoshi

    Out of control unlimted CV planes have got to stop!

    Yes, and the players who cry ther most do NOT play carrier.
  5. Hiro_Yoshi

    ST: Changes to Le Terrible and Test Ships

    Hull Repair. Le Terrible does not really benefit as it is from AFT because of the shell arcs, so give it a heal for 12km combat.
  6. VT would only apply to two nations, UK and USA. In other words, a big NO to incorporating it, period.
  7. Hiro_Yoshi

    To WG: Those ships have BAD AA in CV battle

    Correct, the nerf to Rocket squadrons' arming range has made it harder to buzz and pick off destroyers. Some destroyer captains still panic and run away, which actually assists the CV captain with rocket strikes.
  8. Hiro_Yoshi

    To WG: Those ships have BAD AA in CV battle

    Before the rework, a Hakuryu in competent hands could wipe Destroyers off the map with a triple cross drop. Impossible now, and Hakuryu's average damage has plummeted since its recent nerf.
  9. Hiro_Yoshi

    To WG: Those ships have BAD AA in CV battle

    Nose into the rocket squadrons at full speed. Chances are that the Rockets will not be able to arm.
  10. Hiro_Yoshi

    French DD line and USS Benham at T9

    Correct. I've asked for this DD class to be incorporated before, around 2 years ago.
  11. What is impressive is a cruiser from 1938 was so well designed that it could be continually upgraded for 3 decades.
  12. Was thinking the same. The Russian fleet which faced Admiral Togo was in a poor state of readiness.
  13. The point is, we sold so much of our WW2 surplus that very little is classified, thus the homework part. I recall seeing either a Sumner or Gearing in the Persian Gulf under Iranian ownership, and it appeared to be poorly maintained.