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  1. Rea life design and intended purpose do not translate well to this game. The Alaska class was of the same design principle as the Kronshtadt, yet it fits in better as a BB for gaming purposes.
  2. The US Navy has a problem

    US military hovers around 3 percent of our GDP. Our peak military spending was 37 percent of GDP in 1945. Cold War era spending appears to have fluxed between 8-10 percent of GDP between 1946 to 1999.
  3. The US Navy has a problem

    GreyFox, it's been 25 years since I served but we occasionally did practice going to a dead stop in the water with all exterior lights and active detection (radar, sonar etc.) turned off. The intent is to reduce your visual and electronic signature while utilizing passive detection methods. As for the state of training, I remember an article in the Navy Times from the late 80s which summed it up perfectly. We seemed to be more concerned with cleanliness for daily inspections over daily training which would help us survive.
  4. Pigeon's Weekly Thought Jan 29nd, 2018

    Flight of The Valkyries. It's a must have.
  5. Ok so where is T 61

    Patience, The Mothman will return.
  6. Third party websites have more to do with player ratings, and tend to have differing criteria. Some of them measure progress by overall win rate, damage dealt, experience earned, kills and survival ratio while others may omit several factors. The devs themselves didn't establish the Tomato to Unicum rating system.
  7. The United States did not learn the exact caliber of those guns until the war was over.
  8. Far from it. Clan Battles has kept World of Tanks alive and well , where it may have dried up without the game mode. This game needs it for a healthy future.
  9. That's how it already works in Random, Ranked and even Co Op if you haven't noticed.
  10. Greetings Trevzor, Is there a possibility of adding a 20th Commander skill point, or slight revisions to the current skill tree? One of the goals of the revised tree was to offer flexibility over the old cookie cutter builds, but has resulted in cookie cutter builds by default. As with the former skill tree, several are widely considered to be a waste of valuable skill points and ignored.
  11. The 100 percent experience bonus on Tier 9-10 permanent does indeed matter if you have 19 point captains. You're gaining additional Commander Free Experience, which has no conversion cost. I'm working on my 14th 19 point captain because of the experience bonuses.
  12. Airships need to be added!

    And don't screw it up this time.
  13. Change the way you play. Bow on is not for every situation.
  14. Subs now?

    If we're going to do it, we need several sub branches. I prefer Firehouse, especially after the Jared fiasco with Subway.
  15. IFHE Nerf Effect on Cleveland?

    Everything goes back to what it was before IFHE, simple as that. Players made it work.