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  1. Go Navy: What Wargaming Did Wrong

    The event gives away free stuff, such as Tier 10 permanent camos. WG could hand those out for free and people will still complain. Free is... free.
  2. Make it Bizzaro-World, where everything is square. It's a lazy programmer's dream come true. We also need 1 extra Captain Skill Point, for a total of 20. Make it so, Number 1.
  3. Correct. Those tubes were waterline or below with very limited to no traverse. They were removed as they were an unnecessary compromise to watertight integrity.
  4. Make IJN DDs Great Again!
  5. The "ears" you refer to is the optical fire control system for the main gun batteries.
  6. How was Germany going to make Britain capitulate without an invasion? Sea Lion was at its best theoretical, and cannot be left out of any scenario involving the fall of Britain.
  7. Germany did not enter the war with long range single engine fighters nor long range bombers capable of a heavy payload. The BF-110 twin engined fighter proved to be an embarrassment, as it needed its own escort against Spitfires and Hurricanes. What worked for Blitzkrieg ultimately failed in the Battle of Britain.
  8. The Bayern Horror Show

    Nothing in the game seems to work for you Guardian. Try Minecraft or Farmville.
  9. USN or KM CL line?

    Two different styles of gameplay. If you only have time for one, German.
  10. Ghost Ship

    WG HAS to hire Samuel Jackson to do the voiceovers, insulting players as the ghost ship passes by.
  11. Error in Cherry Blossom: The True Story

    The USN converted several of its WW1 era Wickes and Clemson class destroyers into fast troop transports. They were apparently preferable to the troops as an alternative to being embarked aboard a large, slow moving conventional transport (big bullseye target).
  12. Words of wisdom from Lord Of The Dance clan. Go figure.
  13. If you don't like getting shot, play something with more concealment.
  14. We need to talk about the type 98.

    The AP is an equalizer, as the real IJN 100mm gun mounts only had HE available to them. They were intended as anti aircraft mounts.
  15. Yes, expect submarines and Shore Bombardment Mode for battleships. And sharks with laser beams.