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  1. Purple_Dawn

    WoWS Twitch stream code

    Excellent! Worked for me, thank you!
  2. Purple_Dawn

    German Carriers 2 - Whaaaat?

    Current patch is the early release patch. The German CV’s go live next patch, so you will be able to grind the line then and purchase the next one for credits. You can certainly use the early access time to grind XP in the ships that drop for you so that you are ready to research and purchase the next in line when the next patch drops.
  3. Purple_Dawn

    Daily Missions for Research Bureau Points

    This was intended. For those who didn’t have the Research Bureau unlocked, a different prize was awarded.
  4. Purple_Dawn

    Setup for RB regrinds

    I’ve been regrinding the US CL line multiple times as it’s my favorite set of ships. This last time I also reset the US CA line to double up on the T1 -T5 regrind. I have found it fun to revisit ships I hadn’t played in ages and to see my performance numbers go up from my clueless noob days. The only exception has been Tier 7 - with the change to matchmaking to help T9, I have seen my win rates drop on Helena and New Orleans. I take solace in seeing my damage and kills numbers going up, even with the wins not coming like they used to.
  5. Were you in a Sinop? If so, I think I was in that match with you. I was surprised when someone from the other side of the map called you out.
  6. Purple_Dawn

    Is It The Weekend It Must Be The Weekend

    I've noticed a lot of this lately as well. Last night I had a couple of battles that were very disappointing seeing an early lead thrown away with teammates charging around a corner into strong defensive positions only to be sunk 1 by 1. Looking at the player stats at the end I was seeing lots of newer players (6 months or less) and lots of players with only a few hundred games. It's frustrating, but I remember making all kinds of stupid moves when starting out. I take solace in having a good result myself and move onto the next round. I'm regrinding the US cruiser lines for the RB points, so I'm hopeful this is worse in the lower and mid-tiers, and will get better as I move back into the upper tiers.
  7. Purple_Dawn

    Wichita in Ranked Sprint

    I’ll have to explore Wichita in the upcoming ranked season - it was the opening bundle for me in the current Armory event. It was fun in a quick coop game with my Des Moines captain. I think he has the same build you ran. I ran mostly Tallinn to Rank 1 in the Sprint season. Gotta like that 12 km stealth radar.
  8. Purple_Dawn


    I’ve had good success with mine so far with a good win rate. Just like any ship, if you play to it’s strengths you’ll do fine. In this case it has good AP for punishing other cruisers and good range. Get yourself in a good position to kite the enemy and hit those broadsides and it does well. As for why to get it, you will earn more of those Soviet tokens to get closer to the Tallin. It nets you 105 tokens per week, though now you are down to the last week.
  9. Purple_Dawn

    Higher Teir Grind

    My recommendation is not to rush the grind to higher tiers. Playing only 1 line and rushing up just leads to frustration for you and your teammates. Better to play several different lines and ship types and working them up concurrently so that you better learn the mechanics and tactics. You'll have more success and will have more fun if you are winning more than you are loosing.
  10. Purple_Dawn

    Anniversary Coupon

    There is a “Ships for doubloons” section in the armory too. Both ships are included I believe.
  11. Purple_Dawn

    Anniversary Coupon

    ^^ This is what I was going to advise. I always buy the $100 doubloons with my anniversary coupon and when combined with the 25% off coupon in the armory you are around 50% off. That way you can get both at a great discount.
  12. Purple_Dawn

    Researching Ohio?

    I’m going to finally be getting the Ohio soon after resetting my favorite line, the US CL’s 3 times. With the reset of the double RB points bonus every 3 months it doesn’t take as many resets, though you do have to be patient. It’s been fun though revisiting and improving on ships I enjoyed the first go around.
  13. Maybe the Moskva player just forgot they had radar. I remember one game I played in the Kronstadt after a long break from radar cruisers and I was farmed to death by a Smolensk when they were new. That ship was smoked up only 10km from me and I didn’t even think about my radar until I was dead. Embarrassing. I was using the Kronstadt to retrain my RU BB captain when I was grinding the line and completely forgot I wasn’t in a BB.
  14. Purple_Dawn

    PSA codes

    Thanks for the codes, I had missed seeing most of these from the Cinemarathon. They have since added GNEVNYCLASS.
  15. Purple_Dawn

    What is the roll of the CV in Random Battles?

    My vote is for finding the DD’s. I have been in far too many loosing matches where the CV skirts the edges of the map to torp red BB’s and CV’s, while the red DD’s are decimating our team. Not fun. I’m not a CV player, so I recognize that finding and dropping DD’s is probably not easy, but it is highly valuable to winning. As such, when I am running radio location and I see friendly planes in the area, I always make sure to point out where the red DD appears to be operating.