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  1. Purple_Dawn

    Directive 5 complete

    Excellent work! That’s an impressive amount of focus on your plan. Thanks for the tips/strategies for success!
  2. On the WOWS stream today Mr. Conway tried calm everyone down by noting it will be available for other resources in the future. The only thing you will miss out on is the special ‘flag’ camo.
  3. Purple_Dawn

    Where Did the "Offer" coupon Go ??

    Are you logged in when viewing the Premium Shop? If so, there should be a bar below the header with "My Coupons" on the right side.
  4. Purple_Dawn

    Haida, finally got her. Haida

    Excellent! I’ve wanted the Haida since visiting it last summer. I’m close to buying with the 25% off coupon in the armory as well. Hopefully I’ll see equally good results.
  5. Purple_Dawn

    Anniversary Event

    It was the cute name people were using to refer to the Symbols of France in the 0.8.6 patch event, due to their similarity to the snowflakes last winter.
  6. Purple_Dawn

    Anniversary Event

    Per the August 16th Development Blog post, Update 0.8.8 will be dedicated to the 4th anniversary. The post mentions an event similar to the snowflakes/frenchflakes with first-win bonuses. I'm hoping they still give super containers for the Tier X first-wins.
  7. Purple_Dawn

    I got a coupon. Need advice.

    My experience has been it’s best to buy doubloons with the coupons and to then pick up ships when they go on sale in-game (though this seems to happen less often these days). With this technique you turn a 30% discount into a 50% discount when stacked with a 30% ship discount. Regarding ships: I have both the Graf Spee and the Scharnhorst and much prefer the Sharny which I use to train both my CA and BB captains. I have yet to pick-up the Prinz as Tier VIII MM is a struggle.
  8. Most recent museum ship visit was to HMCS Haida in Hamilton, ON. Fun ship with a great history. Here are my boys and their cousins after our tour last summer finishing their tour activity books.
  9. Also consider the option of buying doubloons now with the coupon and buying one or more ships later. Works really well when doubloon ships go on sale occasionally.
  10. Purple_Dawn

    Best Premium Ship to Use a 30% Cupon On?

    I used my last 30% coupon to by doubloons which I then used to buy the year of premium time when it was half off around New Years. Made a great deal even better and has been very helpful with the grind in boosting XP and credit earnings. Stacking the discounted doubloons on a discounted ship through the game is also a great deal. You just have to be patient to wait for the occasional sales. Regarding premium ships, I recommend the Massachusetts as the most relaxing and enjoyable premium I have, and I’m not even a BB main. The secondaries and the short cool down on the DC and repair consumables are great.
  11. Purple_Dawn

    What Was I Thinking!?1

    I’ve actually had a lot of success with Perth and Huanghe positioned to the east of the island chain in the NW taking out those BB’s and still getting back to the fight in the NE. The key is to smoke when they are just outside of spotting range and then to creep at 1/4 speed to the east while hitting them with torps and shells. Good times, even with random teams!
  12. Purple_Dawn

    Not Seeing That Many Azumas

    I know I will get one with FXP once I get back to 1 million. I expect many others are in the same boat.
  13. Purple_Dawn

    UK March discount

    Unfortunately, no, the discounts do not stack. Thanks for pointing out the sale. I need to buy the KGV after finally finishing my QE grind with the Exeter missions.