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  1. Purple_Dawn

    What Was I Thinking!?1

    I’ve actually had a lot of success with Perth and Huanghe positioned to the east of the island chain in the NW taking out those BB’s and still getting back to the fight in the NE. The key is to smoke when they are just outside of spotting range and then to creep at 1/4 speed to the east while hitting them with torps and shells. Good times, even with random teams!
  2. Purple_Dawn

    Not Seeing That Many Azumas

    I know I will get one with FXP once I get back to 1 million. I expect many others are in the same boat.
  3. Purple_Dawn

    UK March discount

    Unfortunately, no, the discounts do not stack. Thanks for pointing out the sale. I need to buy the KGV after finally finishing my QE grind with the Exeter missions.
  4. Purple_Dawn

    What happened to the Wichita ?

    Noster mentioned in his stream today that it will be released soon. Of course he couldn’t give a date.
  5. Purple_Dawn

    Hatsuharu - Is she a worse Fubuki?

    I prefer the Hatsu due to the better concealment. With the poor ROF guns, out-spotting enemy DD’s is life. Used the Hatsu very successfully in Ranked Sprint to rank 1. I struggled in the few matches I tried the Fubuki.
  6. Purple_Dawn

    Weekend spree

    I spent most of my weekend playing time grinding free XP in the Dynamo operations. Purchased both the Kronstadt and the Musashi after gring out the last 300,000 FXP. Now on to the Alaska! Thank you to all who recommended this route to FXP!
  7. Purple_Dawn

    Best 5 pack of Santa crates EVER.

    Excellent haul OP and fellow Wolf9. Stokes the temptation to try my luck as well...
  8. Purple_Dawn

    Which Premium to get?

    Ishizuchi is okay but I rarely play it since it doesn't contribute to Daily Missions or most event requirements, being below Tier V. Anshan can be fun but is a little uncomfortable due to the slow turret traverse. Graf Spee is fun from time to time but plays more like a slow BB with torps than a CA for my taste. I've taken to the Sharnhorst for my German premium fun. I too am thinking about picking up the Oct. Revolution, Leningrad and/or the Molotov. Another boat I'm likely to get is the Blyskawica.
  9. Many CC’s favorite Tier VIII BB right now is the Massachusetts. I bought the Mass B last months and have found it very fun. I recommend it highly.
  10. I purchased the 12,000 doubloons package with my last 30% off coupon and am going to use them to purchase the 360 days of premium time when I get back after X-mas vacation. It feels good to double up on discounts. If you are patient enough you can do this with tech tree doubloon ships as well. Hopefully another of these sales is coming soon.
  11. Thank you, Kizarvexis, for the clarification and all your excellant PSA posts.
  12. Wow, WG is taking the manipulation to buy the premium “free-to-earn” ship to a whole nother level. Very frustrating.
  13. There is a YouTube video showing them - They looked pretty easy.
  14. Purple_Dawn

    No coal from 1st battle in snowflake

    Did you win the battle? Rewards only come with a win.
  15. Purple_Dawn

    ranked sprint poll

    My plan is to use this sprint rank to grind Tier VI ships. I’m a CA/L main and I didn’t enjoy being an easy target last season so I ended up grinding 4 BB lines and 1 DD line to Tier VI. It will be nice to grind these up to Tier VII in the “protected” mm of ranked.