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  1. Purple_Dawn

    thanks but no thanks

    What happened that killed carriers?
  2. Purple_Dawn

    Qualification needs 5 stars?

    Been this way for a few ranked seasons now. They’re just weeding out the people whose skill level isn’t ready for the next level. It’s not a big deal - the rewards don’t get much better moving up from bronze to silver and silver to gold, but the effort required certainly does.
  3. My approach back in the day was to advance all lines (except CV’s) up to T6 before moving higher. There are so many lines now that I’m not sure that is a valid approach anymore, but I do recommend taking a couple of DD lines up to T6 to go along with your CA and BB lines. Learning the different play styles really helps when you come up against them.
  4. Purple_Dawn

    PSA- Official survey about Ranked.

    Thanks for sharing the survey OP.
  5. Purple_Dawn

    USS Omaha: Just Bad or Sign of Things to Come?

    I’m one of the rare players that enjoys the Omaha along with Marblehead (the premium equivalent). Spam HE, and keep moving are my recommendations. Position where you can support your DD’s contesting caps early while still blocking line of sight to the BB’s and use islands to block your approach and allow you to point your bow away from the cap before engaging. Having guns on all sides makes it easy to tool around while continuing to rain down fire. Only sit still if you find a position where you can fire unspotted. Make it a goal to focus on survival and your results will get better. Omaha deals damage over time, so learning to survive gives you the opportunity keep piling on the fires and shell hits. GL!
  6. Purple_Dawn

    Just reached Rank 1 in Bronze...

    Been seeing a lot of Thunderers, Des Moines, Petros, Stalingrads, and Smallands. Really has been a wide variety. Play what you enjoy and you will probably be fine.
  7. Purple_Dawn

    Why the silent release of the Mysore?

    Yes, my first 2 games were a little rough as I figured out the ship. Now I try to get in a position on a flank, or in the middle with good shots on a flank, smoke up and get to work. Positioned well, the reds stay bow on to the main force and allow the AP to rack up some juicy numbers.
  8. Purple_Dawn

    Why the silent release of the Mysore?

    I bought the Mysore because I love the Fiji and also the creeping smoke of the Huanghe and Perth. Ship has not disappointed. I have about 15 games in it so far and am finding it a very strong cruiser. I really enjoy being able to maneuver in smoke, albeit slowly. I looked up the stats last weekend and the Mysore was far and away the best T6 cruiser in the game. It’s early data of course, but it looks to be a good bote.
  9. Purple_Dawn

    Armory Ship Purchases: Need Advice

    Given you’re considering using steel for a coal ship, definately wait until the last day to make a purchase. You can still earn quite a bit of coal before Georgia goes out. I have Georgia and I really don’t play it much. I have much more fun in my Massachusetts B. I am a cruiser main though, so I realize I don’t get as much out of the Georgia as other players do.
  10. Purple_Dawn

    Pommern or Georgia? Which One Would You Want?

    I have both and for me I enjoy the Pommern much more. For some reason I almost always potato in my Georgia and get myself overextended with its good speed. With the Pommern I enjoy the combination of guns, secondaries, torps and tankiness. That said: Georgia is leaving soon, so if you can only get 1 now, I recommend picking it up if you enjoy BBs.
  11. Purple_Dawn

    A fond farewell

    Wow, this was a serious farewell - DeletedUser. It’s as if millions of boat pixels cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. Wishing you happy days in the great beyond.
  12. Purple_Dawn

    Research Bureau

    Be patient. There will surely be more ships added in the future.
  13. Purple_Dawn

    Florida or Munchen with coupon?

    Why not get both? Use this coupon to get the Munchen today, and use the 25% coupon that will be available between Dec 25th and Jan 8th (noted in today’s patch notes) to get the Florida. Best of both worlds.
  14. Purple_Dawn

    Update 0.9.12: New Year

    Or at least the big santa gifts would have been nice.
  15. Purple_Dawn

    End of Year Premium Discount?

    The last 2 years it was part of the new year's sales - 50% off for the 360 days.