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  1. As someone who missed out on Enterprise when she was for sale, I'd love to get my hands on her. Despite this, I understand WG doesn't want to flood the servers with an OP premium. What if WG introduced a Enterprise B/Enterprise Black that was slightly nerfed? This way, people could purchase it for its historical significance without players who already own Big E having to suffer a nerf to a ship they payed for.
  2. CVS_Shinano

    Forgotten CVs

    I really like that idea. Personally, I've always felt the addition of the attacker squadrons for carriers was a bit of an unfair nerf to DDs. A CV that lacks that squadron in order to increase its offensive power towards larger surface ships would be quite fun. My only concern is that with that many high alpha damage squadrons you could encounter a CV with too much DPM. Perhaps a nerfed HP pool or reduced flight speed for the extra bomber squadron would be needed.
  3. Should Hiryuu/Souryuu be implemented as premiums or a line split for the IJN tech tree? I find it disappointing that they've been removed due to their historical significance and aesthetic appeal. Secondly, where is Hornet and Akagi? I'm frustrated by the lack of options when it comes to US and IJN CV premiums. Kaga is an interesting ship, but she is the only choice since WG had to throw Big E in the closet. A Shoukaku clone in the form of a Zuikaku with perhaps a crane themed camo would also be extremely cool for historical buffs. By the way, imagine Yamashiro being put into the game as a BBV. I could see it functioning as regular BB from the player's perspective, but with a consumable plane squadron that functions using the manual target system for secondaries. I'd really like to hear thoughts on these ideas as well as opinions of CVs in general. Do you think CVs are truly overpowered? In my personal opinion they lack the dpm to be truly OP, but I can understand that it is frustrating that there is little counter play against them.