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  1. They learn this behavior from the bots in co-op.
  2. Ziggy_Sprague

    IF your going to report someone

    You + are = you're
  3. Bow down, give copious thanks and beg repentance from the WG Gods right this very minute. Earlier this year you had a roughly 20% chance of getting THREE carriers per side at Tier IV. Be happy, be very happy that it's limited now to only two CVs per side. It could be (and has fairly recently been) much worse than this.
  4. Unwise. Belongs in team chat only. Frequently I'll spot a unicum player on the red list and will usually call him out in all-chat just to say howdy, good to see ya, wish we were on the same side again, etc. And then I'll tell my team, "watch out for that guy, he's really good, focus him first" or whatever, but that sort of thing belongs in team chat, not all chat.
  5. Ziggy_Sprague

    About done with this...

    Actually I can think of one situation where a pink AFK would have value and utility. If the pink AFK remains as the last survivor in a match, then that team gets the win. But, that's not a common circumstance at all. In fact it's pretty rare, compared to the same circumstance with a green AFK. So no, not much value or utility in a pink AFK. Scrape.
  6. Ziggy_Sprague

    About done with this...

    Disappointed, not upset. I feel obligated. If I have the time to go scrape a pink AFK, that usually means the match is already decided. No. It isn't. My nose to me has value and utility. A pink AFK has neither.
  7. Ziggy_Sprague

    About done with this...

    Can confirm. If there's a pink AFK in random, I will definitely go out of my way to scrape his hull so as to purposefully extend his penalty. I have no problem with pinks in random as long as they're moving and fighting and at least trying. However, the pink AFK is just a lazy shameful disgrace. The pink AFK thinks he can get rid of his penalty by simply doing nothing, by entering a random match and then sitting still at spawn for the entire battle. That's horrible, and if I'm in a match with a pink AFK, then I'll drive across the map just to scrape his hull. Once the pink damage numbers start flying on the screen, it usually gets their attention and they start moving and fighting like they're supposed to... and then I'm satisfied that they've received my message. A pink AFK in random is a punishable sin, but a pink AFK in co-op? That's totally different. In co-op, the pink AFK is doing me a favor; he's one less player to compete against for damage and kills. I have no truck with the pink AFK in co-op. If you want to burn off your TK penalty by doing absolutely nothing, then co-op is the way to do it. In random, however, I expect a pink player to work for his team at least half as hard as I am, and he can do that by moving and fighting. If he doesn't, then I'm pulling alongside to say howdy with a long, drawn-out hull scrape.
  8. Ziggy_Sprague

    Pink teammates.

    The only PINKs you have to worry about are the ones that don't move. The single worst aspect of having a pink on your team is if that pink sits at spawn as if he's AFK -- because he is AFK. He thinks he can work off his pink penalty by simply doing nothing, staying parked at spawn. He browses Reddit, or does something else, waiting for the match to end and get his TK penalty lifted. It's a shame if he gets hull-scraped by a team mate, as that would negate that match from counting against his penalty. If I'm in a match with a pink AFK, I can pretty much guarantee he'll get a love-nudge just to say howdy and insure he won't get credit for that match. In my experience however the pink AFK is pretty rare. Most pink players are there to work, and win, and quite often they score very high on the leaderboard. Pinks are a non-issue unless they're AWOL.
  9. Ziggy_Sprague

    WW2 Japanese Destroyers

    You're talking about an arcade game where you have USN and IJN ships together on the same team. This is a game where one side has RN and KM together, fighting against another team that has also has RN and KM together. Therefore, honestly, there can be ZERO expectation of any sort of "historical accuracy" in this game. Zero. Sorry to point out the obvious, but there's no historical matchmaking here, so there's no valid historical limitation on anything else in WoWs, either. I mean, just look at the game maps... out of all of them, there's only one that's actually historically accurate, and it doesn't come up that often. WoWs is not a history simulator. It's an arcade shoot-em up.
  10. Ziggy_Sprague

    Gift vid for the CV haters

    Yes, *especially* on that particular map. Whether east or west, the strait is the absolute *worst* spot for a CV. And yet, very often they tend to go there and park, which is an incredibly poor decision. A carrier parked in the strait is just begging to be sunk. My own mantra as a mid-tier DD main is "CAPS before carriers, always." Like the OP, I never start a match with the intention of hunting down one or both carriers, but sometimes the opportunity presents itself. On the Strait, if two caps are green I'll usually work to secure the third before obliging a red CV parked back there, but it depends greatly on positioning. If the green carrier(s) drop anchor in the strait, that's a bold indicator of inexperience and a sign that the match will be difficult to win. CVs parked in the strait are often picked off no later than mid-way through the match. On that map, the single best strategy for a carrier is to *keep moving* in *open water* either to the north or south. The only time a carrier should ever go into the strait is for the purpose of passing through it completely, on out the other side, as in a standard match for base defense. In domination matches, carriers need to stay with their original groups unless or until they melt away. It should be the most obvious and basic thing ever, except it isn't for some reason. Thanks for posting, OP, and well done!
  11. Ziggy_Sprague

    Curse you, WarGaming!

    Well, I fared just a bit better today, managed to achieve a 30% WR. Yeehaw!
  12. Ziggy_Sprague

    Curse you, WarGaming!

    Ah yes, of course! Always good to see you in game. Preferably as a green.
  13. Ziggy_Sprague

    Curse you, WarGaming!

    Thanks, I already have the full USN DD line including Gearing. I'm predominately a Clemson player -- #2 on the NA leader board for most battles in it -- and am trying to build up my T6 numbers before doing the same with T7 and higher tiers.
  14. Ziggy_Sprague

    Curse you, WarGaming!

    Thank you for noticing. Variety is the spice of WoWs life, it seems.
  15. Ziggy_Sprague

    Curse you, WarGaming!

    When I lose a match, I want to play again right away to see if I can win the next one. When I win a match, I want to play again right away to see if I can win again. So either way, win or lose, I want to play again right away. WarGaming, you're diabolical! P.S. here's my 20% WR from today...