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  1. Ziggy_Sprague

    The multiple cv games need to stop

    You can expect it to happen about 20% of the time, or once every five randoms, based on my study of Tier IV CV frequency.
  2. Ziggy_Sprague

    Go home WG, your matchmaker is drunk.

    According to my detailed study, you can expect this to happen once every five matches on average.
  3. Ziggy_Sprague

    Cvs should not be in tier 4 matches

    And yet it happens roughly 20% of the time, or once every five battles, according to my detailed research.
  4. I have fought 7,666 Random matches in a Clemson and have survived 5,241 of them. That's almost a 70% survivability rate... and this is at Tier IV where you have six carriers in the match about 20% of the time. The long game is the only one I'm interested in playing.
  5. Ziggy_Sprague

    A message to all CV-haters

    At what point in early 20th century history did USN and IJN naval forces team up together to fight against teams composed of other USN and IJN forces? When exactly did the1930's-era RN and KM mix their ships together and pit themselves against an opposing force of Russians, French and Italians? There is absolutely zero expectation of any "historical accuracy" in this shoot-em-up arcade game. Zero. Historical. Accuracy.
  6. Ziggy_Sprague

    A message to all CV-haters

    Paper covers rock. Paper covers rock. In this game, the biggest threat to battleships is the destroyer, not the CV. At Tier IV, a CV cannot dev-strike a battleship. Even if two carriers gang up on a BB, it's still an arduous process to sink it. A destroyer, however, can kill a BB with one full torp salvo... or at least, knock down its health to a quick-kill level. CVs can't do that. That's how the term destroyer came about... it's a battleship destroyer. That's the whole point of the original classification. WoWs is a modified game of rock (battleships), scissors (cruisers), and paper (destroyers). That simple mechanic must be understood in order to comprehend this type of gameplay. CVs are the wildcards that do not fall into the cyclical hierarchy in this game. I don't hate CVs -- in fact, my choice of username will tell you that I love CVs, and I got into this game to play CVs. But I hated the interface before the re-work, hate even more now after the re-work, and I don't see myself ever taking one out of the training room. So I'm a DD main, which I enjoy quite a bit. To me, battleships are just big, juicy targets. They are what I'm there to hunt. Because I'm in a destroyer, I'm the biggest threat to BBs, not the carrier.
  7. Ziggy_Sprague

    How many First Bloods do you have?

    746 out of 13,000 Randoms = not quite 6% Guess that means I'm not really out to get first kills early (unless it's unavoidable, or just too tempting). Generally I do not care to trade health for kills until late in the game. As a DD main, having plenty of health heading into the endgame is crucial for me.
  8. Ziggy_Sprague

    Looks like 50% is the best I can do today...

    Yesterday I was 42% -- I'm just glad I managed to avoid repeating that performance. Barely!
  9. Ziggy_Sprague

    Discovering I had developed bad habbits in random solo

    Certainly no, you have not -- I sort of figured this out on my own; your post simply confirms what I had long suspected, and I thank you for it. I'll go in with an invitation and look at a clan's members, and too often their player with the most battles has something like 2,000 or 3,000 total, and I realize there's no way I could fit into that productively. Besides, I have no comms, and I don't see that changing soon. I'm glad there's that aspect of the game for players to enjoy, but it's too late for me is all I'm saying.
  10. Ziggy_Sprague

    Discovering I had developed bad habbits in random solo

    I figured this was probably the case... thanks for stating it. I've never once divisioned, and I've never once accepted a clan invitation, because I suspect that my exclusively solo gameplay wouldn't carry over to teamwork very well at all. It's way too late to start now (old dog / new tricks etc.). I wouldn't want to be a detriment to anybody, and I don't even own a headset, so I keep on declining invites. I've seen some clans do great work together in Random matches. I salute 'em, but I can't ever see myself joining one for the very reason OP points out above.
  11. It took sixteen battles in Random just to break even with victories... whew! Guess I'll count my blessings and assume satisfaction at 50%, but man, I should have played better. Now I can relax in Co-op for awhile. A typical Saturday, I guess.
  12. Ziggy_Sprague

    This is Why We Complain about CVs

    That was an interesting match. At the start, I spooled up to full throttle to get underway, as usual. Right as I began to move out, before I could press "P" guess what, the game froze and disconnected. And then it locked up. I had to go to Task Manager to kill it and re-start the program. But then... it wouldn't let me connect. Now I have to spend time trouble-shooting. Son of a gun, gotta re-boot the router! Which is not a fast process. Well, that took awhile -- in fact, it took eight and a half minutes. I hate it when other players on my team go AFK, and here I was, out of it for nearly half the match. I had to at least go back in and apologize. I didn't expect to still be alive, but I was! In fact I wound up as the sole survivor against their one remaining CV. I managed to cap for the victory. I've kept that replay. According to my detailed study, 3 CV matches at Tier IV occur roughly 20% of the time, or about once every five battles. Not all of them are que dumps. This one was, though.
  13. Ziggy_Sprague

    This is Why We Complain about CVs

    Bah. Just yesterday I had three CVs in a 6v6:
  14. Ziggy_Sprague

    Explosive lag on a $3,000 dollar computer

    Sure -- Ryzen 7 2700X, 32GB 3200 RAM with an RTX 2060 Super. Might be overkill for WoWs, but its primary purpose is to edit video with Resolve.
  15. Ziggy_Sprague

    Explosive lag on a $3,000 dollar computer

    146 fps here. See screen grab below.