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  1. Ziggy_Sprague

    2 CVs per game

    Geez, just be glad you're not getting *three* CVs each side like I have recently:
  2. That is a fair assessment. Now that you mention it, you could say that I play a USN DD like a cruiser. I also play it like an IJN DD, which is very difficult, but provides spectacular results when I manage to pull it off correctly. That's another story, though. Indeed you are correct. I play a DD like a stealthy cruiser. Well, not for me so much. I've enjoyed the time I've spent in Phoenix and Omaha, Tenryu and Kuma (and Murmansk and Atlanta). However, because I am not as proficient as I should be, I tend to get deleted by BB AP. Often. Otherwise I find myself in the end-game with very low health, and not very effective for fighting because I'm one enemy salvo away from being taken out of the match. And there lies for me the appeal of the gunboat DD. I tend to play much better (and survive much longer) with the smaller detection circle of the DD. And while it's true that I've been taken out by BB AP overpens, it doesn't happen frequently. I can peck away with a DD firing HE from extreme range and start fires and burn down a target, and I have a decent chance of dodging the incoming mail. I find that hard to do with a cruiser. However, I can usually place higher on the leaderboard than my team's cruisers, so I know I'm doing as much damage or more than they are, and I feel like I have a better shot at surviving in the process. Guess that's why I consider myself a DD main. I can play it better than I can a cruiser, and definitely better than I can a BB (my CV experience at this point has been training room only; still a long way from going co-op with one).
  3. Ziggy_Sprague

    Low Tier Bashing

    My suggestion is to take whatever time you spend watching that stuff, and use it to play the game instead. That's what I do. I'd much rather play WoWs than listen to those guys talking about it. Hope this helps,
  4. If there are carriers in the game, then scouting / spotting is their responsibility (and their primary function). Any CV player that doesn't understand this is not only a poor CV player but also a poor team player. Indeed. To be most effective, DDs need to be alive and healthy for the end-game. The best way to do this is to allow the the CV(s) on your team to do their job and spot, and to not interfere with that process. Correct, and another way to say this is that generally, the team with the better CV player(s) is the team that will win. The CV is the single most decisive ship type on the map. You're absolutely right about this. In a CV game, it is the job of the CV to scout & spot. If you, as a DD, are foolish enough to interfere and try to do this job yourself, then you will quickly find yourself spotted by the enemy CV and you will become the target of not only his aircraft but also the guns of any enemy ships within firing range. If that happens, then shame on you. Your loss puts your team closer to losing the match. Instead, your role as a DD in a CV game should be: 1. Survive to the end-game as healthy as possible so you can fight effectively and help win the match. 2. Position yourself on one flank or the other so as to set up a torpedo ambush on on advancing enemy ship. 3. Reveal yourself by gunfire only when it makes sense to do so, such as: a.) finishing off a badly wounded enemy; b.) Lending fire support to your teammate's focus-fire effort; c.) Targeting an enemy BB when you're sure his guns are pointed away from you (and cease fire to go undetected if he turns them toward you). Be sure to select HE in order to start fires. 4. Keep on eye on your own CV(s) and watch out for an overlooked enemy DD breaking through to get them. For some reason, at lower tiers, most CV drivers will sit at spawn or drop anchor and park somewhere, which is the single worst thing they can do. If your CV isn't moving and there are still enemy DDs on the board, then you need to stay within rescue distance. 5. In a standard match, defend base first and attack later only when your team has a numerical advantage. At lower tiers, many teams make the big mistake of charging off in a train to attack the enemy base. That's a quick way to lose a match. Defend first -- attack later. If your team charges off to die one by one, then you need to go to the opposite flank and do your best to defend against the inevitable enemy onslaught which will be inbound right after they've wiped out your team of lemmings. 6. In a domination match, there are correct and incorrect caps to take depending on which side of the map you're on. Learn them. Ask your CV to spot those caps; otherwise go for the caps which he chooses himself to spot. If your CV isn't spotting caps, then stay out of them and focus instead on enemy attrition. When your team has a numerical advantage, then that is the time to start capping. If the enemy holds two caps already, then you need to think hard about how you're going to take one away. If the enemy has three or more caps, then it might be too late, but not always. Try to save your speed boosts and smoke for late-game capping purposes. Ultimately, while the CV is the best ship type to spot, the fact remains that you as a DD are the best ship type to cap, so get to it! 7. In either type of match, keep an eye on how many DDs the enemy has left as the game progresses. If any red DDs survive at the end, you'll need to hunt them down. Yes that's a cruiser's job, but it's your job as well if you're a DD gunboat. In general terms, the team with more destroyers at the end is usually in a better position to win (just like the team with the better CV players). You need to be alive and fighting at the end, and you need to take out or help take out any surviving enemy DDs along the way. In short, your role as a DD is to run, dodge, hide, ambush and swindle. Defend first. Attack later. Guard flanks. Rescue CVs. Cap when prudent. Cap when necessary. Stay alive and healthy for the end-game when you're most effective, and most needed. -- My goal is to place as high as possible on my team's leaderboard, and what I've listed here is pretty much the short version of how I accomplish this. Hope it helps,
  5. Ziggy_Sprague

    The real truth about your blowout losses

    Since the CV re-work, scouting / spotting is now the primary function of the CV. As a DD player, I choose not to be suicidal by interfering in the CV's role. There is a much greater need for me to be alive and healthy for the end-game. If you're attempting to scout or spot with a cruiser, then good heavens, that's even more suicidal, and it's only going to get your ship taken out of the game quickly. Which may or may not help your team, depending on how bad or good of a player you are. In my case, it's better for my team if I'm still around, and in fighting shape, at the end of the match.
  6. Posted about this just last week:
  7. Ziggy_Sprague

    Important milestone with Clemson

    Chart attached. I have never played a match with a 19pt. as well as you have with a 6pt., and probably never will. Those are some impressive numbers. The most damage I've ever done with a Clemson is 141k. And 16 torp hits with that thing is amazing. I don't think I've ever done that either! I kinda miss the good 'ol days of WoWs when Clemson was very much OP and helped to compensate for my inability and lack of skill. But it's still a lot of fun to play, and I'm still learning it and trying to get better.
  8. Ziggy_Sprague

    When do you open your daily containers?

    I'm not "saving" them... I'm just ignoring them. The only thing that interests me from from the port screen is the BATTLE! button.
  9. Ziggy_Sprague

    When do you open your daily containers?

    I don't consider this to be a "problem'" -- I just don't consider containers at all. Bless you for that idea. Your heart is in the right place. However, coming from an extended family of veterans across many generations, and having worked for the U.S. Army for the better part of a career, I already do this. I would not consider donating through WG, though. It's a foreign-owned entity; it's not an American company, and I already "give at the office" in a much more direct way.
  10. Ziggy_Sprague

    When do you open your daily containers?

    Oh look, there it is! Still can't be bothered, though. Don't know if it'll cause a crash; don't care to find out.
  11. Ziggy_Sprague

    When do you open your daily containers?

    Haven't seen that. Don't know when I'll look for it. Thanks though!
  12. Ziggy_Sprague

    When do you open your daily containers?

    That's impressive. I have only ~220 unopened containers. They have nothing I need, and they're just mouse clicks that get in the way of the game. I ignore them.
  13. Ziggy_Sprague

    Just had a three-CV match in Random... thanks, WG

    Well, it's just now happened to me again... three CVs each side in an 11v11 Random at T4. Second time this morning!
  14. Ziggy_Sprague

    Just had a three-CV match in Random... thanks, WG

    Thanks for the clarification. I'm not on the forum often enough to know this. I had looked for similar "three CV" discussions, but I didn't dig very deep. Perhaps this thread can be merged with an existing one.
  15. Ziggy_Sprague

    Just had a three-CV match in Random... thanks, WG

    Thank you for asking. It was Solomon Islands - Domination, a victory, and I placed 3rd on our leaderboard. So, not too bad. Prior to the CV re-work, I used to play for leaderboard position. But now with the way things are, I'm happy (as a DD) just to survive a match.