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  1. EvilTactics

    Clan Alpha/ Bravo wont switch

    turns out if mod station is not up to date it will cause an issue i just update mod station problem resolved for now!
  2. So just found out that is MOD STATION is not up to date it poses a issue with the game, i just updated mine and it seems to be working now @Magron, @STEEL33EYE
  3. its a known issue you will have to pan through players who are the right rank who can create those divs until they fix it
  4. EvilTactics

    Clan Alpha/ Bravo wont switch

    Yeah i agree it would be great if they actually fix these known UI bugs and bugs in general
  5. EvilTactics

    Clan Alpha/ Bravo wont switch

    Dont know what is causing this issue, but this has to be fixed this is annoying as all hell people who have the proper rank should be able to switch the second division to bravo and it should stay bravo.
  6. So tonight we were unable to run bravo squad in our clan because it kept putting it to alpha and only certain commanders were unable to switch between alpha and bravo, while having the same rank. Is this a known issue and when could we see a hotfix on this, Commanders should have the ability to switch between alpha and bravo and have the bravo side stay bravo is thats the group thats working on it.
  7. EvilTactics

    New Clan War Strategic Position

    That is a very interesting idea, actually we wouldn’t need it to be a ship sunk at all. Wargaming would just have to have the 8th position just a spectator position. Which would allow the spectating/ calling player the whole birds eye view from the start of the game. And allow them to see what the other player is looking at without giving too much away since of course they wouldn’t be able to spot Ships that are not already spotted. This would definitely allow for more tactical gameplay. Since the caller is typically in battle engaged with the enemy and is unable to give calls when engaged since they are focused on the task at hand.