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  1. Reaver97

    When a cv grows balls

    while I don't have the recording of it, there was this one time I ran into 3 Haida. one I rammed, one I torped, and the last I killed with my guns. Ended with a second cqc and a mutual kill from a Mogami
  2. Reaver97

    When a cv grows balls

    neither would I, but its fun as all hell.
  3. Reaver97

    When a cv grows balls

    this has to be on of the few times rushing B works.
  4. Reaver97

    Multi Bot Challenge

    apologies for the sound, I can't record audio.
  5. Reaver97

    Multi Bot Challenge

    this gives me ideas... give me an hour or two
  6. Reaver97

    Premium Ship Review #104: Massachusetts

    As of 1:00 am, 6/29, She is on sale.