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  1. Aiming and pointing problem...

    thanks a lot! yes i don't use any mods. i changed to alt interface an i can see it again. its strange all my game settings disappeared including distance and also damage indicator as you can see on screen. now its ok ;) cheers lads.
  2. Hi lads. I have one question. I aim any ship after new update and i can see the distance only 0. Did you noticed the same? Its much different than before.
  3. Ship disappeared

    its ridiculous they told me they can recover my ship without any captain skills so its 0 ship like just bought. my question why that happened they never gave me an answer. its a fu#$%ng joke u collect points u get the captain highest skills and then ur ship disapperars and u have fuc%!ng nothing.............! moreover they want me pay for the ship recovering....!
  4. Ship disappeared

    thanks, I send the ticket yesterday.
  5. Hello I have a problem and I didn't get any answer from the wargaming. I opened the game yesterday and one of my ships is missing. Just disappeared. It's paid ship Błyskawica. I bought her long time ago I played mostly her and just yesterday she was gone. Wargaming didn't answer me anything. Maybe someone knows what's going on? Thanks a lot.