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    I dont know!!!! My compass is broken. Send help please!!!! Monarch is my Waifu btw.
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    History, racing cars (both vintage and modern ones), guns, a little bit of astronomy, ships and their history and spending some time with my family, including my cats who almost always try to ruin my games by walking on my keyboard while i play.

    Sigh, i want to buy a Kei Car. Why does the Japanese keep them only to themselves?. They should export the damn things.

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  1. Sidelock

    New German battleship

    Yeah, i can't help it every time i see this kind of threads. I know it's not German but.... I present you all the 1871 Russian Monitor Novgorod. I've been asking for years for this hilarious ship. Just imagine the possibilities: Extremely fast, almost Ludicrous Speed fast, 6.5 kts. Two 11 inch (27.9) guns. You fire one gun and the ship immediately spins around like a freaking UFO and the only way to stop it will be to fire the other gun. No Torps. No AA. Fire Friendly Decks, will catch all of your HE shells. Torpedoes will dodge you due to not recognizing you as a ship because Glorious Russian Circular Design. No Citadel. Goddammit, please Wargaming make this ship happen!!!.
  2. Sidelock

    Exeter - 7 achievement mission

    Im at 1 achievement, Courtesy of Nelson. Then again, i've only played one game 'cause work, real life, blah,blah all those boring things. Planning on seriously trying today, hopefully, if RNGesus hears my prayers, it will not be hard. (Not counting on it though)
  3. If they bring Azur Lane's Graf Zeppelin as a commander ill buy her (im very close at marrying her). That cammo? Yup, ill buy it too because it looks freaking cool. Now, let's hope WG actually brings them.
  4. Sidelock

    Long Time Player - I'm Done

    Khab has been for a while. players already learned how to lead shots against her. lucky shots happen. Don't let it get you, everyone has bad days.
  5. Sidelock

    Your MOST played Premium ship?

    Battleships Alabama: 821 Dunkerque: 421 Musashi: 182 Nelson: 153 Duke of York: 130 Cruisers Kronshtadt: 157 Graf Spee: 147 Destroyers Kamikaze R: 147 Shinonome: 45 (my nemesis, can't do well in her for some reason)
  6. Sidelock

    Million Credit Game

    Great job!, Nicely done.
  7. ^^This. People need to learn when to use AP and when to use HE. The RN BBs are dynamic ones that reward the player that adapts to the flow of battle. Queen Elizabeth, Monarch, Duke of York, Lion and Conqueror have all very good AP shells that when used correctly can have devastating effects on enemy Cruisers and Battleships, less than other lines sure, but still hurt a lot. Hell, i mostly use AP on Queen Elizabeth, and very rarely, only if up-tiered, i rely in her HE. Btw, i'm currently testing Monarch with DE and its amazing how much that ship changes from meh, to a very reliable HE spammer. Mix that with her decent AP rounds and good concealment and yeah.... i fell in love with my Waifu again.
  8. So, over 14k battles makes me what exactly?..... yeah no, my bad, please no one answer I don't wanna know.
  9. Sidelock

    How to fit your team in one square

    Whenever I see that, I look to the skies, take a deep breath and shout
  10. Sidelock

    Exeter Marathon is ridiculous.

    I agree, the requirements, while not difficult, are annoying and tiresome. The event is made in such a way that players who find it boring, difficult or simply don't have the time to finish it will have to spend money if they want Exeter. Nothing wrong with it, Wargaming is a company after all, but yeah, this is monotonous. I'm kinda getting tired of only playing U.K. ships. What WG needs to understand of these events with specific requirements is that they transform each match into somekind of work and make the game and exercise of restrain. Many players are unable to deal with frustration and they vent it on chat. This makes some games a true sea of salt. I like events, I have no problems with having to complete specific requirements to earn something, but please think this better WG. Playing the same line over and over again will burn the player's interest on that line, and asking the players 20 torp hits will be frustrating for some. WG, try to do it better next time please.
  11. ^^This. It was my main argument when I tried to explain why It made sense for GC to be at Tier 6 from the beginning. This is a Conte di Cavour class refitted and rebuild to fight against Dunkerque class Battleships. Leonardo Da Vinci made more sense at Tier 5 (with proper buffs). Although i am dissapointed a bit, I completely understand the concerns GC owners had (I own GC, but couldn't care less about it) and the community as a whole regarding possible nerfs, up-tiers or buffs with nothing but WGs word to trust to. Anyway, now that this whole thing is over, we can finally move on.
  12. Well, im slightly dissapointed at this but i said it before, this was more of a test to see wether the community was willing to accept the nerf of a premium ship in the name of balance or not, and as I guessed, no one was willing to accept it. Oh well, there goes my chance of getting a properly balance Belfast.
  13. Sidelock

    Blyskawica Szarza camo

    I just earned that cammo but i never purchased Blyskawica. Congrats BTW
  14. First post and it's this huh?..... WASD keys are your friend. Never go in a straight line for more than 15 seconds. Situational awareness, learn it fast. If the reds have one dd left, assume it's out there to kill you. Be paranoid. That's all. Welcome to the forums, see you next time.
  15. Sidelock

    Ridiculous CV damage on DDs

    Although, to my knowledge, WG has never explicitly said it, due to historical role CVs had it it is assumed that CVs in-game are universal counters capable of striking each class.