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  1. Well... Free is free so i won't complain. The coal and the dubs were nice. Special mention to the PI Day cammos, i was low on those.
  2. Sidelock

    Mouse Needs Your Help: Part One, Tier VI Ships

    Queen Elizabeth: Victory Kijkduin: Victory Nurnberg: Victory (Died early and i was carried hard on this one) Leander: Victory New Mexico: Victory (I can't believe i got 6 pens for minimal damage and three shatters on a broadside North Carolina at less than 1.5 km) That's it for the day, i cannot play more. That New Mexico game pissed me off with that Broadside B.$.
  3. If missiles get introduced on this game then the MM needs to be split immediately between WWI-WWII and Modern Era Ships and start from an hypothetical Modern Era tier 1 or start from a Tier 11 and never see Tier 10 or below ships at all. There's absoluetly no point or place for missiles on a WWII environment (except maybe the gravity dropped Fritz X) simply because WG will never buff AA to be effective against them without the playerbase screaming as to why they aren't as effective against aircrafts too who are undoubetly slower and easier to hit/shoot down (these are WWII-Propeller powered planes for God's Sake) and the armor of all Battleships cannot be overmatch by any Anti ship missile on service around the 1950-1970 era. Naval Platforms that could deploy Anti Ship missiles have armor on the class of Neptune or Minotaur or worse as they are pretty much unarmored vessels and carried missile that outranged most if not all Battleships guns even with spotter planes deployed. Do you really want to see P-15 Termit or Exocet Anti Ship Missiles on an MM with Henri V or Des Moines or Hallands? A case could be made for naval platform with SAMs like the reworked Baltimore class Cruisers Boston and her sister Canberra who carried Terrier Missiles, but the second they get into the game every CV main will complain unless we get new CVs like the moified Audacious Class HMS Eagle or Forrestal class CVs with jet aircrafts that can at least dodge these new missiles. I dread the second we get subs like Echo class subs with P-5 Pyatyorka missiles or modified Balaos with Regulus missiles. Also, regarding the ping mechanic on torps. I think it was pretty obvious from the beggining that this is nothing more than a test for a potential introduction of missiles. After all the ping is nothing more than Mid-Course Correction that looks to be designed from the ground for a potential missile launch mechaninc.
  4. Sidelock

    Mouse Needs Your Help: Part One, Tier VI Ships

    Pensacola: Loss London: Victory West Virgina 1941: Victory Ise: Victory Devonshire: Victory
  5. Sidelock

    Mouse Needs Your Help: Part One, Tier VI Ships

    Well, ill go back to play some random games again for science. Will continue tomorrow. Andrea Doria: Victory On Credits section, the Combat mission: Get Ribbons refer to completing the Dockyard-Stage 6 Friesland mission "Get 15 Destroyed Ribbons" which gives 10.000 credits as detailed above.
  6. Sidelock

    Da respect from WG.....

    If its confirmed, he has to go. No matter how small the offense, it is nonetheless an offense and this is not an small one but a bigger one. However im afraid hes nothing but one piece of a bigger problem. This kind of crap attitude only happens if HIS bosses, and this company's work culture at upper management allows it. The guy needs to go, but so is everyone that encourage and allowed this rude, insulting and extremely arrogant attitude to flourish. And the problem im scared the most is that he is probably nothing but an example of how the devs who worship the mythical spreadsheet are at St. Petersburg. If everyone above are like this, then we as a community are screwed. They will never listen to us and will only offer empty promises and incinsere apologies forever.
  7. Sidelock

    Da respect from WG.....

    Why am i not surprised? Considering all the crap that has happened and after seeing a lot of comments both here and Reddit through the years speciffically talking about Sub O, and how most of the recent changes were his work, im really not surprised in the least. I can only guess what words he said on that pic as i don't have it, but without even seeing it, if its real, it only proves once more, the absolute level of comedic incompetence running through this company's management.
  8. Sidelock

    Da respect from WG.....

    Wow that's..... classy...
  9. Sidelock

    NA CC Update, Yuro Comments

    Well this was inevitable.
  10. Sidelock

    The Word is Getting Around

    So, this whole crapstorm now has its own article on Kotaku. https://kotaku.com/world-of-warships-players-are-in-open-revolt-over-shady-1847506495 I'd say WG deserves all the bad press they can and could get. They themselves dig this grave with their schemes and bad practices (not to mention lack of respect for everyone on the community).
  11. Sidelock

    On the CCTP&Missouri

    So Wg was full damage control on chat huh....
  12. Sidelock

    CC Wargaming Official Apology

    Wait.... THAT'S IT? REALLY THAT'S IT? This stupid company asked for one more day to prepare a response and it's this? Jesus, incompetent morons, next time think of a proper response instead of wasting everyone's time. What a way to say "Im sorry we won't do it again" whitout actually saying any of that. while at the same time trying to bribe people to calm down by announcing an alternative way to earn Missouri. Never even took the time to adress the real problems this entire community is facing. I can't believe im saying this, but my wallet is closed with a freaking lock chain. I ain't spending a dime on a company that cannot even fake an apropriate response for the sake of it's clients and community and instead goes with the politically correct/empty apology route.
  13. Sidelock

    Mouse's Criticsm of the CC Program

    Go take a look at IChase Twitter, then go do the same at Yuro's twitter were he apologizes for been a moron. The EU guys have a topic about this that had to be moderated due to the increasing tension there.
  14. Sidelock

    Mouse's Criticsm of the CC Program

    Well, now i understand why people as toxic as Flamu were left alone for so long and why someone as controversial as Yuro hasn't been banned altogether. Whoever that WG employee was, bravo, congratulations on ruining an otherwise good program, such a well done job....