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    I dont know!!!! My compass is broken. Send help please!!!! Monarch is my Waifu btw.
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    History, racing cars (both vintage and modern ones), guns, a little bit of astronomy, ships and their history and spending some time with my family, including my cats who almost always try to ruin my games by walking on my keyboard while i play.

    Sigh, i want to buy a Kei Car. Why does the Japanese keep them only to themselves?. They should export the damn things.

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  1. Sidelock

    USS Monaghan on patrol

    USS Farragut with New Mexico in the background
  2. Sidelock

    Battle of Midway

    Dallas engaging a German U-69 submarine.
  3. Sidelock

    My Go to Ship

    That's the COMMUNITY ASSISTANT FOR WOWS app, you can find it at Google play store. Its really good for tracking your stats.
  4. Sidelock

    Bought Me A Georgia!

    Though luck but keep at it. She's a fine and fun ship.
  5. Sidelock

    WoWS Bonus Codes

    Thank you very much for everything op!!!
  6. Sidelock


    And here we are, with people that apparently cannot read. I advice HIM not to push first simply for him to learn how to position himself and gain knolwedge on map awarness and reading how a battle will go NOT to enhance cowardice. Jesus Christ. It looks like i need to go and clarify that this its an advice for those THAT CANNOT LEAD A PUSH. Why the hell would someone in a Pensacola or a Fiji go, push a flank and die an stupid dead while the rest of the team sits in the back giving zero support, not communicating and ignoring pleads of help. Do i need to also said that i'm one of those idiots that still have faith on the team and regularly pushes only to die very quickly to focus fire from reds sitting behind islands? Want me to enumerate all the instances when me in Russian, American or German Battleships have been leading a push and left alone on a flank despite asking for help repeatedly? The amount of times i have told the team "Hey if we don't hold/push this flank they'll roll us so help me with that"? After 17k in battles i've learned a simple maxim, DON'T BE THE FIRST TO DIE STUPIDLY. And since you go and talk of tier 10 meta let me tell you, i despise that way of play, but, whenever i go up there, i have to play by "those rules" simply because it is how it is. This is my last words on the matter. Im not going to derail and potentialy close a thread were someone is asking for help. If anyone is interested in continuing this discussion or wants to flame me or whatever you are more than welcome to PM me. But ill stop here for the sake of discussion. So TL:DR, im not encouraging cowardice, im simply advicing him to stay behind, learn the map, positioning and awareness. That's all.
  7. Sidelock


    But, am i wrong considering what he wrote?. If he leads a push with how randoms are at the moment, chances are teanmates will abandon him, he will die quick and his stats will not improve. There's nothing wrong with supporting a push, but unless you know how to angle, how to effectively minimaze potential damage, have support commited to the role and have the right ship you simply dont lead one unless you are out of options or the flow of battle calls for it. In this particular case its better if he let other people do it while he supports them with medium range fire simply because there are no guarantees of other players giving support if he is the one pushing. I dont believe i gave a wrong advice.
  8. Sidelock


    DO NOT PUSH FIRST. Let others do that. That way you can see the position of the closest enemies to you and choose who and how you will fight. When i lose too many games i play with my fav ships. Alabama, Monarch, Mainz and Pensacola. The more you play with a ship you like, the more you can learn its strengths and weaknesses, in turn, improving your game and contributing more to the team. I don't do divs but if you can, play with friends. Having fun with other people and enjoying the game contributes enormously to winning games and improving stats. Two more players that are in sync with you have immediate effect on how a battle will go. Most of all. PATIENCE. Don't rush, pick targets accordingly, always stay close to action, read the flow of battle and let 'em have it. Good luck and have fun out there.
  9. Sidelock

    EU DDs

  10. Sidelock

    In-Game WoWs Survey

    You went farther than me. I answered one question, and it was over. I was like..
  11. Sidelock

    Quick, another FREE code from WG

    Thank you very much!!!
  12. Sidelock


    HELL NO!!! Glorious Russian Soundtrack can only be provided by the one and only Vitas. This is the true music of Russian Naval Warfare and should be played on every Russian Ship!!!. Anything else is not approved by comrade Stalin or the Party.
  13. Sidelock

    California HYPE

    What... the actual....!!! What the hell are they doing?!?!
  14. Sidelock

    Code from Stream

    80KFOLLOWERSTOTWEET Don't remember what it gives Dunno if it still works.