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    Sigh, i want to buy a Kei Car. Why does the Japanese keep them only to themselves?. They should export the damn things.

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  1. Sidelock

    Buff Smolensk to help counter Venezia

    ALL HAIL THE RISE OF THE PASTA SHIPS!!!! LONG MAY THEY REIGN!!! Jokes aside, most of the Venezias at high tiers are either captained by unicums with a lot of Free Exp to spare or wales with a lot of money. The ship is fairly new and the playerbase is still adapting to her. In time players will learn to counter her and the stats will even itself. Its still too early to call for buffs or nerfs. With that been said, i still don't know if this thread is Sarcasm or not.
  2. The thing you must remember of Italian Cruisers is that they have no business (at least the ones at low tiers) engaging Battleships. Your primary target should always be Cruisers first and DDs later. In order to maximise your damage with them, you need to read the flow of battle, guess what the target you're engaging will do, will he turn to broadside or not?. If he goes broadside go full AP. Italian AP at any range against Cruisers is murderous. I have gotten with Trento more citadels against Cruisers than with any other ship at that Tier. If he goes slightly angled go for SAP. You need to have patience with SAP as it does inconsistent damage. With SAP, try to aim at extremities for your first salvo. You will probably get between 3 to 6k in damage inmediately (that's what i got every tine i aimed at extremities of Cruisers). With DDs the ammo of choice should always be SAP. Because of their long reload, you always need to anticipate the other player's move and load ammo accordingly. AP for broadside, SAP for angled, you will shred Cruisers if you learn to do it. This is the maxim for any ship, but it's even more critical on Italian Cruisers. You don't engage BBs unless they are busy with something else, and you are at max range (your armor is absolute crap). Remember, these Cruisers have very good maneuverabilty and speed, they can Kite quite well. If you can't run away you have smoke. Most people use it to conceal their escape, but you can use it offensively to close the gap and drop some torps if the BB is low HP and you're absolutely sure he wont obliterate you. If you HAVE to engage BBs, aim for the Superstructure and extremities with SAP, drop some torps, drop the smoke, run away, kite like hell and hope for the best. You DON'T engage BBs alone, you do it with support and only if the BB is not focusing you because, again, your armor is crap. Don't expect huge damage numbers. With these Cruisers i have learned they were made to fight in between, 12-14kms, their priority should always be Cruisers and Destroyers (unless you're Venezia or Brindisi, those don't care), they should never close the gap unless they absloutley know the battle can be won and, at low tiers, Battleships should be avoided until late game. Also, their AA is crap and CVs know it. Don't give up. I know these Cruisers can be frustrating (looking at you Montecuccolli) but if you keep trying i can assure you it will be worth it. So far, for me, im enjoying this line (no joke). Good luck.
  3. Sidelock

    Server is up

    Same here. Wargaming is rude to us. They should had waited until after we came back from work. Shame on you WG, shame on you.
  4. Sidelock


    Oh my god!!! I'm laughing way too hard at this. We need a ship named Phuket just to div with Siliwangi, hell im against divvying but i might do it just for this. Just imagine this for a second. The possibilities are endless!!!!.
  5. Sidelock

    What Unicum players bring to the table

    Well this thread has been very interesting and amusing. And while i know the Mods will crush this with their hammer of justice and love, i sincerely hope they open their hearts and realize that threads like this are good.... People need a good laugh once in a while (im sure as hell laughing hard while on subway to work, people around are looking me funny for it).
  6. Wow.... just wow.... This thread is bound to be closed and destroyed with a freaking hammer, not only for the way it has derailed itself, but because this is an attempt at an snarky thread which has gone horribly wrong. Now onto topic. Sigh... that's actually a very bad plan from Notser. So, he's reasoning for putting down 1 fire it's to let his DCP active time to absorb all the "Possible" HE fire chance. He adds the word "Hopefully".... my god. When your tactic or plan involves the word "Hopefully" you know you're screwed from the very beginning. He uses this tactic based on the assumption it will help him stay more on the game and at the same time it will allow him to disengage... in a Tirpitz... at less than 12 km of the closest enemy ship... with a CV on the game. This entire plan of his is wrong on so many levels. I agree and disagree with many here, IT IS a very irresponsible "tactic" from his side, but i disagree on the "advice" part. Not once he said it was an advice, not once he offered this stupid tactic of his to his viewers and im sure as hell no one with half a brain will imitate this. This thread could have been very good if it weren't for the unfortunate title and snarky comments that followed it. It's a real shame.
  7. Sidelock

    wth is with izumos dispersion

    Oh right, read it wrong. My bad.
  8. Sidelock

    wth is with izumos dispersion

    Wait.... What?... What!?... A Pan Asian.... WHAT!?..... Who came up with this idea?.... Reload Booster?, A Pan Asian BB..... What!!!???
  9. Sidelock

    Dear Wargaming

    Well it was my first game, went runing in circles like a headless chicken, and potatoed as hard as a man posibly can. On my defense i got blasted to hell by their CVs and their Bismarck rushed me like a madman securing their win. Yup it was totally my fault. Im sorry.... Please dont get angry at me....
  10. Sidelock

    Dear Wargaming

    I'm not one to start threads however it is impossible for me not to be grateful for the gifts given to me today. Thank you very much for the cammos and the 30% coupon. I used the coupon to buy Scharnhorst a ship i wanted for a long time and while my first game was a loss (we won the second one), i had a blast. I'm still learning the ups and down of Scharn and so far its one of the most entertaining ships i've sailed (i only have two games, but that's the impression i got of her, and i'm not a player that can be easily impressed). So, again, thank you for the gifts. To @LeeBot_9 if you're reading this, i'm sorry for not giving you the compliment for bombing my aft. My game crashed before i could send it.
  11. Sidelock

    1v1 Challenge!!

    I took a screenshot of Ducky's profile from Wows Stats and Numbers. He does have an Asashio (check the URL above, it has his name). The spoiler has a picture of his profile from the WOWS website (His name is above, on the tag, PvE section) This was very easy to check. Your comment is comically bad, especially because is simple to prove whether he had the ship or not. C'mon, you're smarter than this Waxing.
  12. Sidelock

    Weekend Spree.

    Well, i don't really give a damn about WR (IMHO is the most meaningless of stats), but i might go to Co-op to vent some stress out. Today has not started good either. Two games with my Republique, two losses. Couldn't hit the side of a barn even if i tried doing it at less than 1 inch. Cannot blame the teams though, my aim was horrible.
  13. Sidelock

    Weekend Spree.

    Played 13 games yesterday, managed to barely win 6. Horrible teams. Finally finished the token grind for Zara's cammo. Sigh, im so tired, pissed off, disappointed. I really want to punch something (im very calm but this weekend was horrendously frustrating). When will CV players learn to prioritize dds and low AA ships?. When will BBs stop firing HE at broadside Cruisers?, when will dirty Smolensk/Smolensk/Worcester divs end?. I need to take a break, but the only thing stopping me is my remaining 165 days of premium. However this weekend has seriously made me consider to quit this game altogether. Hopefully for others, the weekend was better.
  14. If they ever do it, i nominate "Satsuma" as her name. Alternatively "Asahi" could be good too.