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  1. Soylent_Red_Isnt_People

    What is your current interest level in wows?

    Probably done with it for good, after giving it another month following a year-long hiatus: - Bored with the almost no challenge of [Coop] that is still subject to the vagaries of questionable mechanics and ends even quicker than it did before at all tiers, - Tired of nobody wanting to be shot at [Randoms] where everyone else not playing in that fashion is supposed to just suck it up and enjoy the spam, camping, or unspotted ships without issue, - Annoyed with the increasing amount of bugs plus ''works as described when it feels like it'' RNG & other mechanics only able to be reliably compensated for by (sometimes not even them) a ridiculously skilled few, - Frustrated with the lack of any in-between mode or content that doesn't involve a massive grind, terrific luck, the right MM lineup when playing the ''right'' ship, or end so fast it wasn't even worth trying to bother playing. If I wanted to be spamming games for a twitch paced console title, I'd be doing that; I'm just a middle of the road player on a limited connection, I can't get what I need out of a few minutes match if no one else wants to play it. Same; if WG had competition of any note for an admittedly niche warships combat title, this game would probably be as dead as Warplanes. Maybe if this was still fun, but it has fallen off too far from even being a third-person/first-person shooter merely having tanks skinned as ships; Had Potential I think best sums up its current state of being.
  2. Soylent_Red_Isnt_People

    The current state of WoWs is chaos

    Probably a big reason why they've never bothered with any of the Großer Kreuzer ships (der Tann, Seydlitz, Derfflinger, etc), or their USN and RN counterparts, not to mention any of the larger armored cruisers. - With all of their titles the WG developers quite apparently don't consider low- to mid-tier matches any ''fun''. - Can't charge $50 to $80 USD for a tier III or IV pixel ship, nor probably get an artiste to create a $$$ camo for it.
  3. Soylent_Red_Isnt_People

    NA servers seem wacky today.

    Instead of lag, the past few weeks I keep getting occasional matches (regardless of mode) where the guns and sometimes torps are green and can be turned yet won't fire - sometimes for as long as a minute. Shifting targets with X, going to desktop with the Windows key, shifting focus with CTRL-click, etc etc does nothing; the game runs fine but non-secondary or non-AAA shooting just hangs. Just ending up as too much frustration on top of all the other idiosyncrasies already inherent to, or being added to, this title. Enough's enough.
  4. Soylent_Red_Isnt_People

    Constructive Feedback For WG RE: Events

    This all was yet another counter-productive implementation no different than how WG has spent almost five years now getting it wrong with the Warplanes title. With that clear as glass example there should definitely be less and not more of it getting put up for this title. The ulta-grindy legendary module personal campaigns with one ship/set of ships should be the exception, not the rule - plus, how many folks stopped bothering with these types of mission sets after the Graf Spee campaign. Not everyone is going to reach into their wallet merely to skip ahead, and sooner or later even the fanbois or churn players aren't going to want to do so either just to try and play amidst such a tiny server playerbase. Wargaming needs to realize that, no matter how much they want to believe the opposite to be true; business or not, they're publishing a game that on some level they do (or, at the very least, should) want people to keep playing. Less and less satisfying gameplay experiences isn't going to help out this situation either - folks still have to be able to at least maybe fulfill missions requirements without grinding out dozens of matches per session.
  5. Soylent_Red_Isnt_People

    The current state of WoWs is chaos

    Spot on - repetition of the 1.5 million, 40K commander XP, and etc etc directives is grinding just for the sake of grinding, if not to force folks into buying a DD plus signals or playing instead of skipping the Halloween operations. Making rewards dependent on having to play more than just a few matches every day also seems a very good method to burn folks out if not outright drive them off.
  6. Ayup (publishing director Alexander Nikolaev interview): ''A submarine will primarily rely on spotting and visibility provided by their teammates. Their own visibility will be very limited, though, especially if they’re submerged. They can either rely on the team, or they have to surface.'' Just what the title needed, yet another completely selfish gameplay ship that others have to spot, tank, defend against, and capture for while it supports only its own meta. What a great team composition to queue into; BBs with the dispersion needed for max range hits alongside invisible almost at will island-hugging spam cruisers, smoke-camping DDs, and subs...... That's considered fun? Color me uninterested. Unfortunately yeah, WG has proven with their other titles they're collectively always never quite grasping the long-term unintentional impacts of their developed because we say so content implementations. And even with this one, they just cannot stick with how they structured the title in the first place just for the sake of being able to fleece instead of curb the churn (EU portal content editor Adam Plechaty interview, 2015): " I mean, if we really need to compare ships to tanks, battles on the sea are actually more fast-paced and dynamic. While in tanks, we see a lot of players pitching a tent and camping hard, it doesn’t work like that in naval combat. If you stop moving, you're going down. Just like a shark. You need to keep moving, and what’s more it takes some time to turn a ship around or even change a course. You need to keep thinking and planning ahead." Dynamic? No camping? - uhm, right..... The moment anyone is able to make themselves immune from reciprocity it creates a situation that breaks the inherent underlying covenant of a multi-player PvP game to the detriment of all. Sad thing is though, before long those folks will be about the only ones playing this until they too move on to another title - only to do the exact same thing there, want to ''PvP'' yet not be open to retribution in return.
  7. Soylent_Red_Isnt_People

    Let’s Talk About "Earn Your Greatness"

    Over the past month of missions/campaigns/daily crates it seems to me the odds of getting anything beyond the basic ''drop'' is even less than it was before, to get folks buying things from the ''premium'' store. I've earned five containers for this missions so far, with the last three all having the same item, out of twelve total potential pieces. Once I activated this collection after the first item, I've gotten two more from some daily crates - except one was yet another duplicate; that's four of the same item out of just seven containers. All but one of my Halloween crates earned in-game so far have dropped the exact same thing, 3x Blue Lagoon camo. WG, if you want folks to only maybe get anything if they purchase from your storefront, then just be up front and do that instead of pretending in-game drops are anything more than placebo placeholders.
  8. Soylent_Red_Isnt_People

    The Joys of Midnight Co-op

    Exactly; when the shot to pieces every single battle almost regardless of tier AI ships are better & more aggressive than a significant majority of the playerbase, something is wrong with the game for causing that to even be a thing.
  9. Soylent_Red_Isnt_People

    Dev blog announced CE change

    Something has to change in-game; the number of losses and/or outright stupidly craptastic nothing happens until the last few minutes matches just because one team outcamped the other is far too common. There was quite frankly already too much selfish gameplay potential, where folks are quite often better rewarded for not actually playing the game while others spot & tank for them. Unfortunately, WG obviously doesn't know how or care to fix that, and instead seem intent on exacerbating the problems already inherent with how they structured the title. ''You want dynamic warships gameplay... we do have smoke, islands, and crappy spotting mechanics that are all easily abused.'' Incoming Fire Alert, after Situational Awareness got universally gifted, should've been enough - but no, now there is the magic Priority Target perk to make the already timid justified in being even more timid. Since public release they've often stated that folks on the NA server average only three games per session - maybe there's a reason for that? ....like, gee, go figure; players get bored, frustrated, and/or angry then shut off your game. As is, next captain reset I'm dropping CE from most builds and demo for all builds, because an increased chance of nothing ever happening is just wasted perks; might as well go for survivability and pure +% across the board.
  10. Soylent_Red_Isnt_People

    Let’s Talk About "Halloween: Scary Battles!"

    More like about the only chance, save a few token or beyond extraordinarily lucky folks. All of mine from the RN ''event rewards'' have been Blue Lagoon, save for a single Type 3 Halloween, which probably should've been the normal drop - why would I want to buy them? Given how poorly the Sunray event performed and was scripted last year, with the even less dropping from pumpkin crates this year, has removed what little desire I had to bother with the seasonal offering. The once and done stars for the operations, instead of some kind of a daily mission/campaign or 24-hour reset without the day of premium & doubloons, is just poor vision and planning combined with total cash grab greed.
  11. ^^ This. ''If you won't cross-promote our game and company for us to folks or another audience who have absolutely no interest in hearing about it, you don't matter.'' Stay classy WG.
  12. Soylent_Red_Isnt_People

    New Orleans — American Tier VII cruiser.

    Definitely does better with standard battles, lacking the spam necessary for most half time or less Domination mode matches - don't think I've had an Epicenter with it yet though. Not sure how useful the second FCS module is, as even the base fourteen-odd kilometer range tends to already be pushing how accurate the shells are out that far.
  13. Soylent_Red_Isnt_People

    complaint about MM [edited]

    Somewhat yes, as it is quite easy for anyone to find themselves overextended and focused, especially where the ship speeds are so much greater even when on the larger maps. But then again, also no.... Because it is just as easy if not more common based on the game mechanics and ever increasing lack of teamwork for anyone to find themselves detected and focused yet be unable to detect anything in turn. One of the core concepts of any MMOG/MOBA first person shooter title is that in some fashion every player who chooses to queue for whichever battle mode will have the opportunity to fire whether unengaged or not. The corollary of this means however that anyone wanting to shoot should fully expect to be shot at in return with equal effectiveness as a normal part of the game in which they just as willingly chose to participate. Wargaming, or any other company, script their titles to function with such an initial premise, no matter how much and to what extent they willingly or unwillingly break that structure with patches and expansion content. The spotting system in Warships has a lot of problems, always had and apparently always will - but it can work if folks let it work and the right set of circumstances (players/server/connection) occurs. Except, as anyone who as ever played any kind of online PvP title knows first-hand, there is always going to be some proportion for these titles unwilling to play out a battle in such a ''fair, as intended'' fashion. You know the ones, folks who have no problem wanting to make every PvP game they choose to ''patronize'' function like the following yet expect everyone else so completely disadvantaged to just ''shut up or get out'':
  14. Soylent_Red_Isnt_People

    Daring is a lesser Minotaur

    Exactly this; ran into one already sitting in a cap last night with Udaloi - by the time I'd begun evading and pumped out (22) rounds and (13) hits for eight kay I'd taken (37) hits for eighteen kay and an almost two kay fire. I got no fires on it, and had even incapacitated a turret. Very balanced.
  15. Soylent_Red_Isnt_People

    Game match ups

    It isn't (necessarily) you: As with any MMOG title the game has devolved from it's somewhat team-play full time limit matches start into a selfish-oriented re-queue race through content (tiers/lines) then quit until new content comes out. Wargaming recognized this already with their other titles and is more than happy to sell signals, camos, or whatnot from the store, missions/campaigns, or for in-game ''currency rewards''. That facilitating this process is having a significant deleterious affect on the game as they chose to structure it may apparently be the lesser choice of two evils for them.