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    I'm a Union Sheet Metal Worker, metal is my life. What finer metals are there besides the ones sailing at sea? None, these behemoths are art made from blood and sweat.

    And I enjoy a good pipe

    ~signing out

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  1. USSNobleCaliber

    A public apology

    What are you running for? Seems like a PR stunt [Edit: seems like some people can't take a joke...]
  2. USSNobleCaliber

    Just had kracken battle not register

    Could be due to the amount of damage being low for sinking 5 ships, system registered it as you just finishing off ships. Maybe, sorry, don't hurt me.
  3. USSNobleCaliber

    Let's all remember this is a game.

    That bring me back lol
  4. USSNobleCaliber

    Let's all remember this is a game.

    The great... wall, my eyes
  5. USSNobleCaliber

    New pc

    Shop on Newegg and research builds in your price range, they are a solid site with good bundling. Budget wise you can look at a gtx1060 with a high vram and will do you justice for future
  6. USSNobleCaliber

    $107.25 for the base JB. Premium prices out of control

    @TheDreadnought The comparison should have been about a nickel for a pickle that makes all happy, not giving it to a kid man *sigh* **sarcasm** But all seriousness, I understood it.
  7. USSNobleCaliber

    Hindenburg nerf

    At the end of the day, you are a Potato.
  8. USSNobleCaliber

    $107.25 for the base JB. Premium prices out of control

    @MrDeaf Very true but I believe he means the merit is sick. Consumer quality is going down and some people have a real problem that would spend actually such money on a "rental", and for some, when they can't even afford to. It's the price of two games or a solid hooker.
  9. USSNobleCaliber

    Weekend spree

    Good stuff, one day I"ll reach lol
  10. USSNobleCaliber

    I can be wrong but it seems...

    I've notice the same thing, took the thoughts from my head. Making the grind in the Lang painful and I feel it's WG way to make us spend money on using FXP to get at least one Tier up (actually 2) to actually enjoy the gameplay. Im talking with Premium time, flags, camo and all... still no more than 900-1100 xp