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  1. For whatever it is worth, there aren't right now. Steel isn't even a legitimate competitive resource with the ease of getting it. In my opinion you do have a legitimate point about some players not having access to ships that others do, but these available ones are not even in the same universe as the fairness issues they promote by removing OP ships from sale and leaving it at that rather than balancing the game like any other game dev.
  2. Do y'all remember when the Stalingrad was for clan battles only? 3 seasons, 30 Typhoon wins each was necessary. WG has already sold out by allowing anyone with a pulse ways to get plenty of steel. If anything it should be substantially reduced. If you want Yashima, play the modes necessary to earn it. I don't care for co-op yet when the snowflake events show up, I played like a hundred matches of it. Because I wanted the steel. The principal is the same here, even if you don't like ranked or clans, suck it up and go get some steel.
  3. Ossiuum

    Is there an issue with aiming?

    Although most stuff like this on the forums is just confirmation bias, this one is real. Just dumps shells into the water if you aim a little above waterline.
  4. Yeah I mean 1 or 3 CVs are also awful to play against, the fact of it is they just don't care what we think in this respect. Just have to keep playing and deal with it unfortunately.
  5. Ossiuum

    That's it, I'm out (Henri nerf)

    I mean they nerfed one ship that had more or less dominated competitive cruiser spots since it was over buffed, this isn't a huge surprise. Isn't that a bit of an overreaction?
  6. Ossiuum

    Most Unloved Ships

    Those are really good choices there. Some of them are justifiably unloved, Monarch comes to mind. On the other side of that spectrum, Neptune is an excellent ship with a lot of potential, I think people just don't get that shop for some reason. It is a little harder to play than Mino in fairness. I think most lines have a stinker in them. I think Huanghe is the biggest stinker in the game, and that is coming from someone who enjoys playing shops that a lot of others think are not great.
  7. Ossiuum

    Unicums, Purples and players in 07

    Queues already long in the 5-2 bracket, strongly disagree with this idea. I would dig being able to dive back into ranked with a tier 9 ship after ranking out in a tier 10 season. That sounds fun to me.
  8. Ossiuum

    Who ranked out

    Smoothest season yet, 72 games to rank 1 this time. Was very painless as far as ranked goes.
  9. Ossiuum

    S14 worst Ranked season 2019

    I had my fastest rank out this season. Didn't feel much different. Ap bombs disproportionately strong against cruisers needs to get looked at.
  10. Ossiuum

    PSA: PR Harassment Needs to Stop

    I have yet to see one in game but when I do I will make sure to let that person know exactly how I feel about them. Interpret that however you like.
  11. It hasn't ruined Christmas. It has however ruined in game Christmas which used to be pretty fun.
  12. Wow, that's a ton of battles for that time frame! I must have misremembered then.
  13. I'm pretty sure the rule set last year was similar to this year, maybe two years you are thinking of? I could be misremembering.
  14. Ossiuum

    Getting 6k Doubloons Back

    Please let us know if this is possible when you find out, I'd also be interested and very grateful.
  15. I feel that it is reasonable as boosters purchased day 1 we're probably based either on PTS numbers or based on the text from the patch notes, something along the lines of "simply complete the directives" to earn PR for free, making a free grind seem possible. It took the community a few hours to figure out that it was like not possible to do for free and people including myself (bought one cause dumb) didn't realize what they were getting themselves into. I'm what the game would call a heavy user with a fairly high average xp and I'm not touching these directives with a 10 foot pole. I'm not saying you're wrong because you aren't, but that is where the booster refund sentiment comes from.