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  1. I agree, they should limit the other campaigns to randoms only as well. I kid of course, they can do whatever they want with their game and we the players just deal with it.
  2. AdmiralJeff76

    Full steam ahead CV

    I'm sorry but how exactly are any of the above scenarios sans exiting the battle early a rule violation? Even the CV thing this thread started out about I have seen actually work before. There are plenty of players who do stuff like that just because they aren't very good, not because they're trolling. IMO accounts shouldn't be have action taken against them for decisions players make within the bounds the game provided.
  3. AdmiralJeff76

    Is Ohio worth the RP?

    I have Ohio, Colbert, Siegfried, and Slava and haven't spent a penny on the RB. Just have to be as efficient as possible when grinding.
  4. Ohio is more fun than Yamato, I haven't played Slava. IMO.
  5. AdmiralJeff76

    Possible CV Death Squad Meta

    The above issues stated are why this works so well at tier 8 but not really at 10. The armored deck more or less ruins the strat.
  6. AdmiralJeff76

    Changes to Submarines, EU Community Stream

    Wanting the game to succeed in the long term and stating so on the forums is not a "twisted, screeching, broken heap of foot-stamping rage". I certainly don't know what the playerbase as a whole wants with regards to submarines, with CVs I believe it's pretty much settled that they are generally disliked.
  7. AdmiralJeff76

    Changes to Submarines, EU Community Stream

    I think we learned from the CV rework that regardless of how detrimental they may be to the game, they're coming no matter what the community wants. It is what it is. I've accepted that CVs are here to stay. If subs don't respect the games concealment mechanics the ways CVs don't I'll rail against them in the forums too. At least the sub actually has to be physically in the same zip code to do damage.
  8. AdmiralJeff76

    That's It

    Normally I share this opinion about games and people quitting them, but I took well over a month off recently because of CVs are seriously considered not coming back. That month while not long is the longest I've gone without playing ships since I really started playing. Anyway, especially if he plays the three classes that aren't the cannon-fodder mini game, I can see where he's coming from.
  9. I'm back! Following the previous season of clan battles, I went on a little hiatus. I was finding myself more and more frustrated with the direction of the game and took some time away. Played some World of Warcraft, reconnected with old friends, and had a great time. I returned to ships last week and have played a fair amount of games, mostly in DDs, and am ready now to think again about the game. It's neat to see the Slava out and about, I wasn't sure that one would ever be released. I do this thing where I try to have every tier 10, so between Slava, Petro, and the German CV I have my work cut out for me. Overall I feel much better about the game than I did a month ago, I think the time off was a godsend for my mental state about the game. I still can't reconcile with the implementation of CVs, especially the way they just remove so many interesting gameplay options, and I'll be back around on the forums to remind people of that to be sure. But now is not that time. If you're finding yourself frustrated with the game, take some time off. It'll do wonders, and the game will still be here when you get back.
  10. AdmiralJeff76

    Growing Calls for a Clan Battle Boycott

    After how much fun last season was I'm probably going to have an incidental boycott because no one wants to show up and play this garbage anymore.
  11. AdmiralJeff76

    Remove Tier 4 CVs from the game.

    They also should remove the tier 6, 8, and 10 CVs but I'm not particularly hopeful.
  12. AdmiralJeff76

    Premium Ship Review #149 - Ragnarok & Ignis Purgatio

    Hi, is this true of these images from all of these reviews? If so I've been reading these images completely wrong for literally years lol.
  13. AdmiralJeff76

    Battle Report: Siegfried - "Battleship Bully"

    What cruiser are you playing where a 10 degree angle does anything against high tier BB AP?
  14. AdmiralJeff76

    Carriers are still an issue

    I meant to state that I personally don't believe people should be able to hide stats, but that opinion doesn't have anything to do with my gripes about carrier implementation.
  15. AdmiralJeff76

    Carriers are still an issue

    I don't even believe people should be able to hide stats, but that's a separate issue entirely.