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  1. I have to agree. In my last match in a Phoenix, I was high scorer in our loss. 3 red BBs sat at the back of the map until their DDs and CLs had done most of the work and then steamed together and cleaned up all the stragglers.
  2. So if I want to push the "easy" button I should just play BBS?
  3. Yes, what I'm asking is whether or not BB mains are BB mains because they are scared to play more difficult classes? I'm an old guy and I about go to sleep playing BBs.
  4. Really? Then why are there 13 or 14 bbs in the que and 4 cruisers. Just played a game with 8 BBs on each side.
  5. I've been playing a few games recently after taking a break and have noticed that the cruiser and destroyer populations seems to have gone down and everyone seems to be playing battleships. This is at T4. Are people scared to play cruisers and destroyers because they are too difficult for them? Just wondering.