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  1. Nice tinfoil hat you got there
  2. Thanks for the quality copy pasta. You are doing a great service. Keep it up.
  3. Nice reply written like a 9 year old. I never blamed WG for anything. This is just feedback on the current update. Have you not read about "quality of life" changes in a game?
  4. It doesn't work like AP/SAP/HE where the last ammo type you used in a match is carried over to the next game. Example: match ends with AP rounds loaded. Next game I start the match with AP rounds as well. But with submarines however. The match ALWAYS starts with the slow non-homing low range conventional torps instead of the homing torps (which is almost always going to be used at the start of a match). Meaning I always have to press '2' twice. Sometimes I forget to switch thinking I have homing torps from last game and miss a opportunity to get 30-40k damage + floods. This needs to change so if you had homing torps up last match, it is carried over to the next match.
  5. I think its pretty straightforward.
  6. Use AFT 8.2km gun range. With Sansonetti kill= 8.6km gun range. The SAP hurts cruisers of the tier. 3k-5k volleys are not uncommon on slight broadsides.
  7. GunCaster

    Black has been nerfed

    Old news. We knew it was gonna be nerfed, as prep to be introduced as coal ship. Also it was in patch notes. Little late to voice your opinion eh?
  8. GunCaster

    DevBlog 286 - Fixes for Technical issues — Update 0.11.1

    Thanks a lot for the quick fix. The long loading times were giving me a headache.
  9. GunCaster

    Looking for input on Daring build

    Drop FB. Its not useful to Daring. Like sure Daring is supposed to fight dds, but you still use smoke to fight them (bait shots-> smoke-> have teammates spot/radar) and you should not have duels to the death with it, I must emphasize that it is poor play. BFT is just better overall. Darings dpm is good enough to threaten BBs and cruisers too. And it has good AP that works on their broadsides. Fighting BBs and Cruisers is usually done in smoke where FB is not helpful (its 4 points wasted).
  10. GunCaster

    Random is so boring.

    Randoms is fun because it actually requires thinking and strategy, and it changes a lot as the match progresses. COOP on the other hand is just W key brawling. No need to think, and it's the same stuff everytime. It is the most boring imo. I dont see how randoms is boring.
  11. GunCaster

    Ranked Que's and Players with 400 PR in Gold

    I am guessing most of the downvotes are for naming and shaming and ranting angrily which were edited out. But I agree with the overall point being made. Gold ranked needs a new standard. The last few sprints of a season are awful because these bad players have played enough games to reach Gold. Quality of the matches goes down heavily. Its pretty much a joke. Nothing competitive at all.
  12. Seattle can work if you use islands, however the turret angles made it so frustrating for me, I couldn't maximize my dpm sometimes. And openwater sucks because... again, the turret angles... Even as a experienced cruiser main... it was painful. I fxped it. Neptune on the other hand is FINE. The smoke penalty is large yes but you can easily work around it. The DPM is insane and I love it. Buffalo is FINE as well. The Alpha is really nice, and I found it nice for kiting. It just plays different from Baltimore and Des Moines which hump islands with two front turrets out for the most part. You need to use all four guns and I haven't had too much issues.
  13. GunCaster

    Jets inbound!

  14. GunCaster

    enough is enough

    1. Probably Incomparable. It has better concealment than a Des Moines for whatever reason, lol. 2. Yeah no. DDs have to deal with more crapthan ever before. CV spotting, radar, railguns, and new addition: submarines :) 3. Its actually a decent strategy. You can isolate combat and focus on 1v1s, and if there is no competition, its a good flanking strat. 4. I play CVs as well and I have No issues slapping dds with rockets, bombs, and even ijn torps. Just lead better. I learned, and others have as well. Nothing has changed overall.