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  1. CaptainSFC

    Naval Battles Base XP

    Once again Wargaming has screwed up Naval Battles. By requiring these high number of BASE XP they are forcing PvP play where you are relying on 11 others to get a win in of 950, or higher, in most cases- . I so not play Co-op but mostly Ranked and Clan Battles because Randoms require decent play by ALL of your team. Please fix this or you will lose another whale.
  2. CaptainSFC

    PTS 0.10.7

    Another thing...Add some shipwrecks...Titanic for Northern Waters map would be spiffy :)
  3. CaptainSFC

    PTS 0.10.7

    Enjoyed the changes made to Subs so far. I do have a small suggestion. Put the torpedo key back to 3 key for continuity. Or, like for consumables, allow moving the key assignments. Thank you, Captain
  4. CaptainSFC

    Naval Battles Base XP

    I agree. My point is the number are too high. In reality. Co-op cant participate after level 1 (400). Lowered skilled players are discouraged from participating after level 1. Lower starting goals and smaller incremental increases would promote ore participation IMO.
  5. CaptainSFC

    Naval Battles Base XP

    It occurs to me that Wargaming is not trying to encourage participation in naval battles with the high base XP start and the large jump to the next level. It would seem to me that you would want to encourage participation by starting with the lower numbers and increasing moderately so that the low-hanging fruit could be gotten by less skilled. Or. new players. High scores make it exciting. Also, Those who participate in Coop battles arepretty much excluded from participating in naval battles at all. What I propose is starting it out at 200 for starters then go to 400 then go to 750 and then go to 1000 1250, etc. if a lower level player can get one or two of the lower stars it encourages them to continue. but, if the number is daunting they probably won't even participate. For those of you who are going to troll this post, or, enjoy stat shaming, please remember that if you're at the level to where you think these are too low then maybe you should wait until later during the naval battle weekend in order to do the higher levels to prove how great you are. But in the meantime if you want to encourage members of your clan to participate who are at a lower skill level then maybe you should consider my proposal. Thanks
  6. CaptainSFC

    Clan Special Test: General Information + FAQ

    What is the application process?
  7. CaptainSFC

    PTS 0.10.2

    I do use the Color Blind option but I turned it off and it was still difficult. Thanks for all your help
  8. CaptainSFC

    PTS 0.10.2

  9. Since this update i can no longer purchase Silver from the Premium shop. Only Dubloons. This means that 1 Dubloon per 1500 Silver it now costs me $60 (on NA Server) For the same Package of 9,000 Dubloons and 9,000,000 Silver instead of the $47.99 previously. This is an increase of 8%. Why?
  10. I was very excited about the Captain rework until i saw WG'ing moved my Captains around forcing me to pay 50 Dubloons to move them back. While i appreciate the 1100 Dubloons that is on enough for 22 Captains, I, like so many others, have many more than that. Please remove the 1100 dubloons and let us move these guys back to where WE had thewm to start with. Thank you
  11. What exactly does this mean: If a Commander is not tied to a ship of their specialization, they will be assigned to a ship of their specialization with the release of Update 0.10.0.? What is the significance? What, by "specialization" d they mean?
  12. Please consider the following requests and suggestions: When in Port: Hotkey Letters to accomplish some functions currently done by clicks. For example Pushing the letter "i" would open the information window, "a" would oen Armory, "e" exterior, etc Ability to rearrange, or group, Camos to put them in some kind of order. When in Battle: Movable "boxes (chat, compass, ribbons, ship health, etc.) This would allow players to customize ther screens to better fit their play style and information needs ability to increase font size and change color of the reload timers to increase visibility. In Armory: When purchasing Signals and Camoflages, show how many of each signal you currently have when hovering over them. Clan Function: Adding a notification so clan members will be notified when clan members join/leave the server (option to turn off/on) Mass messaging clan members (option to turn off/on) Misc.: Ability, through a Mod or Wargaming. to mine account data into a spreadsheet pr web page. This would allow players to more easily sift through their Captain skills & ship status.
  13. I have watched many crates being opened both live on streams and live on Discord, and, have read posts from many discrd servers. The resuts were not encouraging. EVERY streamer Said to not waste your m,ney and, so far, all I see for ships are the same 4 lower tier ships, Tier VII Japanese DD, Tier Vii Russian Cruiser, Tier Vii British BB and one other. Why would Wargaming do this to their Loyal customers who wait an entire year for this event? Only one reason I can think of...The all mighty Dollar (or whatever currency). Think about it, how many of us have all four of these ships? Probably not that many. So you buy a pack of 20 crates and get 2 ships. Both the lower tiers, now, to get one of the ships you really want, you have to buy another pack. Who knows, if you are missing the other two guess what you are going to do? Buy more. Now some will say just buy cheaper packs. It is still the same and probably still need to urchase as many crates no matter whar. Just guessing but this may be how they get around the "Purely Random" requirement. It is a shame. The ONLY ship I want is the Missouri. Since I dont have those 4 ships I will probably have to buy 60+ containers. just to have a chance. I cant afford that. So I will buy none. This is my first Christmas with Wargaming and I am disheartened. Wargaming is a corporation that wants to make money...I understand that but, at the Corporate Level, Directors usually get bonuses based on revenue. Evidently this Corporation is no different. I can only hope enough people are also as disheartened as I am and protest by not spending hard earned money until something is done differently. Something with the Player experience at the forefront instead of Corporate greed. What a shame.
  14. CaptainSFC

    In Game Calendar of events?

    I am not advocating t they post a years full of events just what is coming up as they relese dates in the news articles. When announced add it to the Calendar. How dard is that? Then we, the players have quick refernce available. If they dont want to be bothered with it I volunteer to keep it updated.
  15. It wold be nice to have a calendar in game so we can quick reference current and upcoming events. We can quickly see when an event would start/end. With multiple events, like we have now, and Ranked starting soon it would be helpful. We could also l;ook into the future for events like Black Friday and Chritmas plus any other "surprise" you may have in store.