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  1. Battle_Cat_Cringer

    What Rewards For Brawl?

    In the Combat Missions thanks
  2. Battle_Cat_Cringer

    What Rewards For Brawl?

    Anyone know?
  3. Battle_Cat_Cringer

    Ideal Submarine Hunting Example

    Subs are out of control with their stealth. Seriously thinking of quitting this game between subs and CV's. Hydro does nothing to help, which is beyond idiotic.
  4. To OP: I would be careful of these arguments presented here. CV's have indeed made the game worse with the latest iterations and super carriers now. It matters not that they were here since the games inception or close enough. The issue is that they have been made more versatile through the many updates. Now it's the same with subs. The latest update makes subs a bigger force to be reckoned with, though not dominant. I'm just worried that if too many players find out how to optimize their effectiveness, this game will start to suck for slower surface ships.
  5. At the least, delay the initial launch of planes for 20-30 more seconds as was briefly considered previously. Then slow down successive squadron launches. They should not come one right after another every 20 seconds or so. Ridiculous.
  6. Battle_Cat_Cringer

    Skip Bombers... I Don't Know

    It just seems that they are so hard to dodge...yeah it's nice that some bombs go right the ship over at their peak but....they do sooo much damage it seems....ugh
  7. Battle_Cat_Cringer

    Is Irian worth buying

    It is a Premium (I think?) and it also can't be used for Naval Battles. Maybe related?
  8. Battle_Cat_Cringer

    Sub Popularity - WG is tilting the balance

    CV's are the problem. Subs are a deflection.
  9. Battle_Cat_Cringer

    Is Irian worth buying

    Hydro range isn't enough. Be aware.
  10. Battle_Cat_Cringer

    Let's talk about the Helena

    Hydro range isn't quite enough. Kinda lame.
  11. Battle_Cat_Cringer

    After-Battle Reports

    Safe mode? That's the answer? What could possibly cause this on my end? Perhaps the latest patches solved this... I'll play some today and see.
  12. Battle_Cat_Cringer

    After-Battle Reports

    Forever, I could go back to port and see after battle reports when clicking on lower--right icon. Now, they latest games sometimes don't show up for 5+ minutes. Please fix.
  13. Battle_Cat_Cringer

    Is Irian worth buying

    No idea, I've never seen what youre talking about. Bizarre.
  14. Battle_Cat_Cringer

    DD's Able To Turn and Stop/Reverse Too Quickly

    Video of modern dd or cruiser convinced me of nothing, though kinda cool. At least bring it more in line with light cruisers that aren't much bigger. Yea, that's gonna happen.
  15. Battle_Cat_Cringer

    How Sad

    So let me get this straight. Even after subs are detroyed, their pre-destruction torpedos still home in on your ship. Ugh.