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  1. Battle_Cat_Cringer


    Why isn't there a statistic on how many times we are the top XP earner on the team? Also, it would be nice to know how many of each ship type I have killed during my career. Or is that already in the Summary and I don't see it?
  2. Battle_Cat_Cringer

    Why Am I Not In A Game?

    Why am I not in a game yet? Game?
  3. Is there any way to see how many dd's I've exterminated in a list somewhere?
  4. Battle_Cat_Cringer

    One Salvo and I'm Dead

    This should not be, but is in my cruiser. Many times today.
  5. Battle_Cat_Cringer

    Fire Chance

    Helena with 6% fire chance. 249 shots of HE fired. Should be about 15 fires. 3 fires only. I understand some have reduced fire chance, but 3 only?
  6. Battle_Cat_Cringer

    How would you fix CV's?

    I previously suggested delayed initial launch when the game starts. Just 20 seconds or so. Also, we killed a CV in a game recently, and it seemed like a full minute later the dead cv squadron deleted my admittedly injured ship. Disagree with the post death strike potential. Should be a time limit and a 1 strike pass limit post-cv death. I'm good with subtracting damage from a cv as its planes die, but make it a small percentage. Slightly reduce spotting range of cv planes for all ship types. CV's launch subsequent squadrons too fast; there should be a slightly longer delay between squadron launches. Bring back 100% overlapping damage to planes when fired upon by several ships. Cv's can fit into this game better if WG reduced some of their overall parameters just a bit.
  7. Battle_Cat_Cringer

    But CV's are loved? Right?

    Really? A DD main? A ship that that is fast and maneuverable and can smoke. Well good for you. What about everyone else? What about other DD players who somehow can't dodge rocket strikes like your superhuman self can?
  8. The quote above mine is a wishlist of things that will never happen.
  9. And what of the other dd's and cruisers that don't have enough AA to deter strikes or just as bad, are perma-spotted by CV planes?
  10. Is there a way to view post results screens from replays, or do the replays not have that content within them? Also, I find it disheartening that once a new patch comes out, there is no longer a way to watch older replays. New patches come out too often these days.
  11. Battle_Cat_Cringer

    Is there a IX Cruiser worth keeping?

    I like my Kronsh, and still play despite the dispersion and overpens. It's tanky, and gets me credits.
  12. Battle_Cat_Cringer


    Wow , you guys dont know how weak the game is yet after all these years of container opening yet WG? Pansie CC contributors refuse to recognize the issue.
  13. Battle_Cat_Cringer

    Thoughts on Current ranked Battles?

    Just go until you have to get 4 stars in a row if you're strapped on the time you play. Not worth it after that. You can get decent flags and the 2nd league flag and thats quite enough.