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  1. Battle_Cat_Cringer

    Is Irian worth buying

    Loving my Irian as well. It's just a lot of fun with those hard hitting, low concealment torps. I got one those captains that has DE bonus for fires. Can't stop playing it!
  2. Was hoping for a keybind that could reverse the video...;) Would be nice.
  3. Battle_Cat_Cringer

    Why is the Standard Game Mode So Hard for So Many Players?

    Most players are unaware there's a clock at tier X? Don't know about points? I hope not, but who knows.
  4. Battle_Cat_Cringer

    One Simple CV Question

    Agree with OP. The answer is insufficient. It is clear that cv's are indeed OP due to the 1 per match restriction. As evidence, I only have to view recent videos by Flamu and Jingles. They make it clear in their commentary.
  5. Battle_Cat_Cringer

    Why is the Standard Game Mode So Hard for So Many Players?

    It's as if toddlers were being allowed to play with the grown-ups PC's sometimes. Wondering if there aren't more bots on NA server than before. Heard it's a real issue in Asia server.
  6. Battle_Cat_Cringer

    4 cv T-X sad days for Reds

    +1 agree.
  7. Battle_Cat_Cringer

    Pan-Asian Cruisers Not Counted in Naval Battles?

    Thanks for replies!
  8. Are bots a thing in the NA servers? How to explain the incompetence of players (on my team mostly) time after time? Otherwise , agree with OP; it's been like this for 7 of 9 games so far for me. Players on my team failing miserably while I finish top 3. I'm not feeling good playing this game for some time now.
  9. Battle_Cat_Cringer

    Is the Bismarck good for anything?

    Ugh, even secondaries do little or NOTHING on this ship. 130 secondary hits and soooo little damage. And I have IFHE. Sad.
  10. Battle_Cat_Cringer

    The FDG is a useless HP pinata in the current meta

    Agree with OP, I played FDG much to get to GK, but was quite disappointed. So much so that I sold it to get the GK at first opportunity. GK is quite a bit an improvement. I was recently thinking of re-buying Freddy after accu-buff but those bad memories....and secondaries aren't enough at times; situational which means some battles they are useless.
  11. Battle_Cat_Cringer

    How to Encourage Playerbase Growth and Retention

    As long as there is crappy players or bots in this game, how can anyone have fun? Wargaming doesn't care.
  12. Battle_Cat_Cringer

    PR event flushed out botters.

    Thank you for explaining this. I have been playing for a few years now and always wondered what the hell folks were saying in chat like "that guys probably a bot". I relate bots to the enemy in Co-op. This is something different. And they should probably have a different, or modified moniker. I do wonder if it explains some of the garbage I see on the NA servers though. Sometimes I run out of reporting for poor play within 3-4 games. But I suppose it could be fentanyl too.
  13. Battle_Cat_Cringer

    Yueyang — Pan-Asian Tier X destroyer.

    Horrible ship that used to be a fave. Still trying to make it work. I'm a masochist BTW.
  14. Battle_Cat_Cringer

    Where to Report Team Players Who Appear to Be Playing For Other Team?

    Get a new patch Ahab. Not gonna submit a ticket. Should be in-game option.