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  1. Efros

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    So Naval Battle, I thought well 200% bonus I'll take out all my rapid firing IJN DDs to start with. First game with Akizuki, 136k, 788 BXP, needed 25 ribbons got over 300... oops.
  2. Efros

    is anyone actually liking nevsky?

    Nevsky is a little prone to getting wiped out quickly if you find yourself in hot water, but she can inflict a lot of damage very quickly with both HE and AP. She will citadel almost anything she can get a broadside on. I like playing her and she will be given a permacamo in the coming weeks that I will have to rebuy (grrr Moskva), to be honest she is more deserving of the permacamo than Moskva ever was.
  3. Efros

    California in Premium shop (edited)

    Thought about it for perhaps a nanosecond.... pass.
  4. Over the last week or so I've lost count of the number of DDs I've seen at the start of a match that are stationary but with moving guns who then throughout the first half of the battle shelter behind the bigger ships. Only rushing out to finish off a low health boat. Annoying but not a a huge deal in games with CVs that can do the spotting but it really is irritating in a game when there is no CV and you in a BB are getting spotting ribbons.
  5. Efros

    0.9.7 news?????

    We've only been asking for this since BCE! Finally!
  6. Great informative post @Lert only thing I'd add is that new line release ships are special ships during the initial phase of release until the tech tree is opened up.
  7. Efros

    Why is there no Solomon Islands map in Co-op?

    It certainly is in COOP it just doesn't seem to pop up too often.
  8. My name is Efros and I am a Shipoholic I think the only thing that drives me is getting something new to tinker with. I have curtailed my premium urges as it becomes increasingly clear to me that they are usually fairly mediocre ships. I will usually pursue a reward ship if it is achievable in PVE occasionally in Randoms/Ranked if I want it enough. The only ships I buy outright nowadays are ships like the Mikoyan which enables a set of directives to be more easily completed. I did recently buy the Bayard but that's because it is certainly not a mediocre ship.
  9. I can understand WGs logic on this one, a lot of us got Graf Spee for free (in terms of money) by grinding a campaign and compensation in doubloons for that sort of thing is a nogo. As to the camo, it's just ugly.
  10. Slots are always welcome, I remember the early days of selling ships to make room for the next tier. As to the RB points I'll take them but it wont induce me to regrind lines, that would involve large amounts of whisky and probably cash to achieve that.
  11. Efros

    Why is there no Solomon Islands map in Co-op?

    In my South Carolina I used to channel camp on Solomons. Park your butt not far from the channel and attempt to pound anything that you see. Sometimes worked.
  12. Efros

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    First game of the day, I was 'helped' with the Montana by a kind soul who took the last 1000 HP for me. /s Yamato, 183k, 2 kills, 7 cits, 640 bxp and more missions than you can shake a stick at... oh that's right it's the first of the month. And then this Des Moines game a few hours later And an all bot Montana game in the early afternoon, very unusual
  13. Efros

    How does the AI choose targets?

    Good tip, try and be the last person to open fire, unless of course you get spotted first. If you open fire first every single bot that can see you will target you and fire. Bots have no equal when it comes to focus. Alternatively this can be used for fishing for victims if you are looking to, for example, set fires. Fire one turret repeatedly every time it becomes available until you get spotted then await the incoming fire and the bots appearing for you to set fires on. This can work very well on BBs like the Mass, the GK and the Repub.
  14. Efros

    Dockyard 2.0 Progress Thread (PVE Thread)

    And done, respecced my Repub and capt for secondaries and fires, got the 60 fires in 8 games with her Lyon and Massachusetts. Only one I grinded(?) just to get it done
  15. Efros

    Dockyard 2.0 Progress Thread (PVE Thread)

    Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose.