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  1. Efros

    New name for damage done to a SUB?

    Ineffective comes to mind. Seems the smaller the ship the more difficult it is to do anything to it.
  2. Efros

    Some good news about Arms Race

    Yep and I doubt this was accidental.
  3. Efros

    Aslain's Mod format change~SOLVED

    Nope worked fine here.
  4. Efros

    Removal of Subs from COOP

    Personally I don't understand the players who are playing these things in COOP. It isn't good practice for Randoms and it appears to be a hiding to nothing in terms of any rewards from playing them. I've checked stats of sub players subs and they are almost uniformly less than inspiring, mostly downright awful. I don't get it, banging your head against a brick wall hurts, keep doing it and it continues to hurt, there is an easy way to stop the hurt. Then you get the div of subs... ugh.
  5. Efros

    Colbert guns

    Not a mod, I've seen it in a modless setup too, it was actually one of the first things I noticed when I got her.
  6. Efros

    Colbert guns

    Seems a weird layout, pointing perpendicular to the ship's bow stern line, the two center guns on the side nearest don't come to bear but the two on the other side do. Is this intentional or is it a glitch?
  7. Efros

    HUH? (mission)

    1000... Colbert dit, "Tiens ma bière!"
  8. Efros

    The Current CO-OP Sucks

    I think a solution maybe to div up with two other BBs, would at least ensure a good HP pool on the bot team to aim at.
  9. Efros

    Bots Super CV in Coop?

    I played the 2 Super CVs on PTS and Eagle was a lot more fun than the US. Not a CV player but if I was it would be the Eagle that I purchased.
  10. Efros

    Draw - why double LOSE?

    coz WG!
  11. My V-25 begs to differ.
  12. Efros

    Bots Super CV in Coop?

    The super CVs are particularly prone to HE shells, look upon them as an end of game HP pool.
  13. If you want ridiculous torp angles go look at Yubari's. Strangle little boat but extremely fun at times.
  14. Efros

    Your COOP Battles with over 1000 BXP

    Consecutive SS games, Annapolis and Satsuma
  15. Efros

    Spawning annoyances

    I've taken to shooting from first opportunity on that spawn in the vain hope of attracting attention. The bot DD does go down the alley usually but normally I can get him at the small island at the split of the two large islands. This still usually results in a less than satisfactory battle especially in a BB, you know the class that the signs direct not to go down the alley.