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  1. Cousteau had a questionable record in WWII and a lot of his activity during that time was enabled by the Vichy government. This is not revisionist theory, read the article below written a few years after his death. https://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/20-000-lies-under-the-sea-the-fishy-world-of-jacques-cousteau-1102346.html
  2. Efros

    Why do you enjoy or prefer Co-op games?

    Random on PTS tends to be like COOP with humans, if you know what I mean.
  3. Efros

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    Atlanta, taking names and kicking bot butt.
  4. Efros

    Why do you enjoy or prefer Co-op games?

    Although the rewards are less impressive than those available in Randoms, COOP is way more enjoyable to me. It gives me the short sharp dose of violence that I find enjoyable. I've never been a fan of the stealthy tactical games of any genre, I much prefer the 5 minutes in your face bullets/missiles/swords sort of game. COOP gives me that. The WR to me is irrelevant as losses are extremely rare, what is more important to me is beating all your team mates. Kills, while pleasant, are not really as important as most players think, airplane kills and percentage damage on ships have a much larger effect on XP than lots of kills.
  5. Efros

    Asymmetric Battles (Advanced Coop)

    A good analogy, my concerns at the start of a COOP battle are my spawn and just how good are my team mates.
  6. OIL is being credited in the clan members list but the notification we used to get isn't showing up anywhere.
  7. Efros

    Fire button bug

    Apparently click on the mini map and try again, it's been in game for a long time and seemingly totally random.
  8. Center of gravity would cause stability problems, probably.
  9. Efros

    Dutch Airstrikes

    I'd go with them being nerfed, there was a while where the buggers were almost impossible to dodge.
  10. Efros

    Ships and SCs

    Ise, Mainz, Weimar, GZ, Agir. There are more, I forget... I'm old you know!
  11. Not all the data is available in mxstat, and mxstat is not the friendliest or indeed reliable of programs. Not a criticism, just an observation, I realize that the author has a life and mxstat is only a small part of that. It still should be something within the program and not only accessible through enthusiast software.
  12. Efros

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    I haven't got Illinois to sing yet but she does occasionally hit some nice notes, this is my best damage total with her so far. The Roon was AFK and I think he got the enemy extremely low health Bismarck with secondaries
  13. When the WoWS client saves the replay data how's about adding a few bytes to the replay? Those bytes could contain the detailed results given in the post battle screens. Not being able to see that information due to server switching or some other reason, when you've had a decent/awful/brilliant game is incredibly frustrating. If the player's game has finished in an orderly way, then that data should have been saved. It is something that should have been addressed and put right years ago, and yet here we are.
  14. Efros

    Turning Off Naval Battles For This Week

    In weeks such as these, I enable NB and then play as I normally would. No deviations will be forced upon me for a significant risk of no gain.
  15. Efros

    Seriously tired of the garbage co op spawns

    That spawn on Northern Lights is particularly heinous. No matter which direction you choose there is a significant risk of nothing or little to shoot at.