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  1. Ridgevale

    ARP Takao

    Just wonder what you guys think about the Takao as a collectors ship. Also I'm just wondering that if I were to buy the current pack that is for sale, would I get the blue camo as well as the red camo? Finally do you guys think the deal is worth the price tag. Thanks
  2. When you go to choose your reward, the ships are listed 3-4 times, and when you click on them it says 1/1 available. So yes, they are limited
  3. So, as you guys may have seen, Wargaming will be holding a 24-hour Charity Stream for Save the Children beginning on Thursday 19th at 12 PM EST. Now, if you donate a certain amount of money you get to choose a reward package. These include posters, torpedo plushies , commemorative flags, mousepads and of course most of the "Banned/OP" ships. Bare in mind, there are only 3 "packages" available and they unlock at a specific time. This means that only 3 people will be walking away with each ship For $100 USD you can choose Fujin, Giulio Cesare, Imperator Nikolai, and Kamikaze For $200 USD you can choose Musashi, Kutuzov, Kronshtadt, Missouri and Belfast. Aside from ships you can also pay for Camouflages, Clan Doubloons and Divisions with Jingles and AtotheK101. So, What I'm getting down to is what do you guys think about this package system? Is it crappy of WG to yet again put these ships through a large pay wall with only a few people being able to get them, or do you think that this is a good idea for getting as much money donated to the charity . Please put your opinions down in the comments below! Here's the link to donating, you can view the rewards and prices after entering an email: https://donate.tiltify.com/+world-of-warships-community/charity-ship/rewards
  4. So, now that we know that there is some sort of a hidden code or puzzle/easter egg on the new port, are there any people or groups of people trying to decode or solve the puzzle? If so, I would love to try to organize a discord or help other groups in order to solve this thing ASAP!
  5. Just a random question but If I were to sell Nelson or Alaska once I've researched it would I be able to re-buy it for the 1 credit again? Thanks in advance!
  6. Ridgevale

    30% Off Coupon Suggestions

    Im looking for something tier 7+ and I play mostly BBs and Cruisers
  7. Hey, so I just got a 30% off coupon on anything in the store that isn't already discounted as a gift for my 3rd year anniversary. I want you guy's input on what I should buy Currently I own: Scharnhorst Molotov Exeter Atago T-61 Thanks in advance!
  8. Now that Prinz is on sale for 15% off, I wanted to know what you guys think about the ship, and if you guys recommend her thanks -coolguy603
  9. Now that Prinz is on sale for 15% off, I wanted to know what you guys think about the ship, and if you guys recommend her thanks -coolguy603
  10. Ridgevale

    Getting Citadels as the British

    Thanks alot, this helps a ton!
  11. Hi, so I was just wondering, for the upcoming Exeter challenge coming up, would it be easier to get the 20 citadel ribbons in a BB or in a CL like Edinburgh? Thanks
  12. Ridgevale

    Quick question about Steam

    No you cant, it just signs in through Steam
  13. Ridgevale


    Hi guys, I'm having some trouble with the Izumo, do you guys have any tips that I can use that can hopefully help me do better in these games? Thanks -coolguy603
  14. Ridgevale

    Crown and Florins

    You also get them for doing Daily Challanges