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  1. Verijero

    Port graphics need split from Game graphics

    thanks fren
  2. Verijero

    Port graphics need split from Game graphics

    i cant even load the armory after the patch
  3. Verijero

    Shinonome needs a buff

    i love the shinonome like you wouldnt believe, the short ranges on both torps and guns can be annoying at times, but it has nukes against dds with the HE
  4. Verijero

    WG broke ranked with their obtuse cvs

    How incompentent can WG be ? its always the same, i dont care if they are nerfing now, its just a result of the state of the CV. Why cant we have ranked from tier 7 or below with arms race? or just normal ranked within those tiers.
  5. Verijero


    lol the delusion in one post and ends up calling him a "nazi", truly the forum community is the reason why WG keeps sh*tting up the playerbase
  6. Sadly there is nothing that the germans do better than other dds other than the 6 km hydro, which got harder and harder to use with every new ship added to the game. It used to be the jack of all trades dd line, but if you want that you should go with the brits that for whatever reason they have a more reliable AP AND heal
  7. Verijero

    Thunderer and Yoshino

    yoshino is decent, not as good as the other TX premium cruisers (not counting PR) so i would go for thunderer as it is in the top 3 best BB along with ohio and kremlin
  8. It was, but WG somehow managed to powercreep an OP ship and people started focusing more on smolensk, russian bbs and cvs. Its still a pain in the [edited]to fight against and in my opinion still op but i think the ships mentioned before should be nerfed first
  9. After reading all these devblogs imagine playing anything remotely german in 2005+15
  10. Verijero

    Worst T9 - Ibuki or Izumo?

    izumo > ibuki > azuma roon is still the worst t9, that poor ship didnt get the unnerf that hindenburg got
  11. if we follow that reasoning, will they make yorck a premium too in the future then?
  12. yamato and zao for sure, dont know after the changes
  13. Verijero

    Seriously how hard would it have been?

    cant believe people are still defending WG dirt marketing tactics, it seems the slippery slope worked pretty well for them
  14. Verijero

    Lol, $230 for all the ARP ships

    surprised? wg stopped caring about f2p players 3 years ago
  15. I cant believe they are giving back the ROF of hindenburg and even buffing it to -0.2 sec, took too long but atleast its finally here. Can roon get it back too please?