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  1. i was hoping we were getting the P class for tier 9 and O class for tier 10
  2. it would be nice on a light cruiser split tree
  3. Verijero

    I won a ship from a supercontainer!

    i won the indianapolis and one yeaer later they gave it free and if you had it you got credits, was so mad :(
  4. that bow is soviet like, may be the neutrashimi or whatever is called, like black is sold with steel it might be the same case for the soviet dd
  5. i just wish we get the O class for tier X and the P class for the tier IX
  6. Verijero

    Easiest way to farm Coal resources

    i got one from the you get lucky and it gave me something like 17k of coal or something like that
  7. Verijero

    Nueve De Julio and Boise

    as always burguer education
  8. I always played as a free to play player, gaining premium time from campaigns, missions and rewards in the page. I have many ships with 4-5k battles with two tier X. Hindenburg is my most played ship and even tho you lose credits pretty often you can recover it if you grind the musashi and recover credits with it. So yes you can grind as a free to play player, is not like WoT that is a hell if you dont pay money as i heard.
  9. Verijero

    Atago vs Prinz Eugen

    Prinz eugen : Ap version of atago, very bad HE because of the RoF but you can still use it. More tanky and more forgivable at short ranges encounters. Atago: HE version of prinz eugen, ap only usable against fully broadside targets (unless its a CL but still), and very strong HE. More squishy but more manouvreable and more hard to hit when you shoot at it from 15+km, but always you will encounter some random shell that hits your citadel entering from your stern. I didnt play the eugen but i played the hipper, i like both atago and hipper, they are cruiser that can turn the battle in the late game if you know how to survive to that point. Atago for the speed and hipper/eugen for the torpedo tubes position, also at the end of the game is more hard to stay out of crossfire so hipper is good at punishing broadsides.
  10. Verijero

    Indianapolis compensation?

    just completed it, gave me 11kk+
  11. Verijero

    BFT or SI on Mass

    I dont go for neither of them on german dds, i go for topr reload, concealment, survability expert and radio location for captain points. Im an idiot, i thought it was the leberecht mass and not the massachussets
  12. Verijero

    Have a code for July 4th!

  13. For the germans the Admiral Hipper all the way, since we already got two special camos for bismarck. But i doubt WG would do a patriotic camo for germans due to the controversy, i dont think merkel wants the black red and yellow on a ww2 ship built by national socialist and i dont think WG would risk to make a patriotic camo with the swastika flag. I dont know if they could make one with the second reich flag or the holy roman empire (this would be aesthetically beatiful).
  14. Verijero

    CCP Cammo for October Revolution

    can we have the historical swastikas if we have the sickle and hammer please?