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  1. KaptainKamper

    Worst ship in the game

    I agree too
  2. KaptainKamper

    Akizuki — Japanese Tier VIII destroyer.

    i love pounding other DDs in this. i aint scared of No Kidd, Atlanta, Black, Sim, and even some tier 10 DDs. Can't wait to get the tier 10 of this ship. etc - i rule. I'm in Op Heaven especially when im pounding some poor BB.
  3. KaptainKamper

    Ibuki — Japanese Tier IX cruiser.

    Yep. Needs a buff bad. This is ship cannot hang with the ships he mentioned. I say put in the long lance torpedoes the Japanese were famous for. Or swap that ship out for a better one.
  4. Why Not. No one wins everytime. Hey man keep doing your OWn thing. I like it very much. Remember: why do u thing we have different types of Movies, Music, Etc ROCK ON and make More destruction video if you want to. I also enjoyed your music selection. Ignore the haters and ROCK ON.
  5. Just add the subs already. 1 to 2 per side. Start them closer up front since they move slower in a sandbox game. we have Hydro and radar. Should be easy to fine. And in the NA servers - we have 3-5 DDs per side. Give them 6 to 10 km trop range. Ah wait - i have Better solution. Create SIM and Realistic mode. Only Subs can play there.
  6. KaptainKamper

    ADD Realism and SIM modes - we have aracde mode

    Nope. But it did not try them from testing the waters. You can say this for any product. Example 1: The Pinto. Nice idea until the cars exploded from rear end collisions. They don't make those anymore either. I can think of tons of example that were disconnect for tons of reasons. That wasn't a coding nightmare for WG. Any software coder can crank that out in days or less.
  7. KaptainKamper

    ADD Realism and SIM modes - we have aracde mode

    Copying you say ? Where do u think WG got the idea of their version of 30 vs 30 Global Operation. maybe from From Armored Warfare. I can't prove it. Who knows. It is not copying. it is making WG a better product. So you saying if you make a cowboy movie i can't make one with a Spin off Example 1: Star Trek the Spin The Orville Example 2: How about cars. Americas made it first.Invented them. Model for example. Then explain Honda, VWs, BMWs, Etc. Are you saying these are copies ? Plus when these other manufactures got in the market espaeiclly after WW2 in the 1960s They put a major dent in the US market and had to be bailed out by the Feds. Look out the windows how many American cars do you see ? Example3: Who build the first japanese battlecrusier - the Brits. Then japan built the rest. We All feed off others idea. Majority of player playing Arcade ? There is no other mode to test you theory. There is only Arcade. Remember Historical mode - they tried it and no one played it. Wasn't fun 8 shermans going up against 2 Tigers and 3 stugs. Most Que to play the Germans. Also - you never if your going to like/dislike something unless u try it. And this isn't a money issue. They code in modules like i do. WG are already Billionaires since 2016. This is not secret. https://www.gamespot.com/articles/gaming-has-a-new-billionaire/1100-6435097/. Taking away displaying HP and selecting another mode is not a major undertaking. I still say this will help the Game grow. ANd what if WG decides to break the tier 10 limit and go to 1960s to the 1980 tanks Hey in beta everyone said there wouldn't be an M60 in the game. Where here it is. It will only HELP the game grow. I Torpedoed nothing.
  8. KaptainKamper

    ADD Realism and SIM modes - we have aracde mode

    this can work as i stated. The realistic mode does not have to 1 hour. 20 would be fine since this is sandbox game ( the white line border ) If warthunder can make it so can this game. Just remove the Health bars. let that be a bit closer to realistic. That wont effect the MM in anyway. Plus most of u would play Arcade mode like they do in warthunder. This would be a GREAT addition to the game. Besides - anyone queing up for real mode would wait a bit longer - no big deal. note: I did not say anything about Historical mode.
  9. KaptainKamper

    ADD Realism and SIM modes - we have aracde mode

    I get it. Read number 3.
  10. HP = hit Point We already have One mode of play. Arcade mode with plenty of assist to hit the enemy ships. We know how many HP are left, and the bar over the ship. etc. This is okay for this mode. Below are 10 reasons why adding 2 more modes of play will make this game more dynamic. 1. Realistic and Sim mode will prevent charging some with low health. If you cant see how much health the ship has left - u have to figure it out by zooming in. 2. Example 1: Current state of Arcade mode: Ship A vs Ship B and C. All 3 have a HP of 1000. As you fight u see the HP go down. 5 minutes in. Ship B has 300 HP left. Ship A has 900. Ship C has been destroyed. Ship A is thinking and seeing Ship B has 300 HP. So now Ship A Known he can trade Shot for Shot with Ship B ( or even charge at it ) with no worries about being destroyed. Now imagine if u will Ship A doesn't know how much HP Ship B has. He may still fire on ship B but isn't sure how much HP he has left. Same for Ship B. Ship B may think he is winning but in is in bad shape. Ship A may think he is losing and turn away from Ship B even thou he is in good shape. This make for a more Dynamic game. This would be Realistic and/or Sim mode. 3, I know this is a Video game and the HP is used to speed up the game. But hear me out below 4. Add 2 modes of play for the player base. 4a. Arcade Mode - leave the game as it is.( the base game we play now ) 4b.Add Realistic mode and in example 1 above and examples 2,3 and 4 below. 4c. Add Sim mode - even harder. Just some thoughts: My point being NO nation will broadcast to the enemy how many HP or How badly they are damaged or even the name of the ship you are fighting ( the display over the ship: name, HP and class of ship ). Example 2: You all seen War movies. Tank vs Tank, Man vs Man, Ship vs Ship. Star Destroyer vs the Rebel Mon Calamari Cruiser. As you are watching the movie - do you see any health pool hanging over their head, ship, etc Nope. They just zoomed in and a looked. Some of you may have seen actual combat. Those that did will tell you -there is NO display showing how much health is left on the target. Example 3: My Abrams has 400 out of 2300 HP left and that BMP-3 over there is still full health( 800/800) and his name is XYZ. Dave your Abrams still has 2300 HP. Just roll up on him. That never happened. Look out your window. How much HP does you car have ? Go to the tank day with the mighty Jingles. I see no HP mentioned on the display or on top of the tank. Example 4: Bismarck and Prinz Eugen vs Hood and Prince of Wales . Ships were identify by their profiles. No name and HP hanging over the ships body. Each Captain had to watch the shells land and the damage. We all know that ended. re-watch any documentary and see if the Host of that show mentions anything about HP. That other tank/plane game has 3 modes of play. Arcade, realistic and Simulation( sim). Sim mode is even more to true to battle conditions. Why ? No displaying of the HP and No displaying the ship name and class. You all know that game. In order for SIM mode to work here it would have to be Axis vs Allies. ( American, British and Russians ships VS Japan. Germany and Italy). 5. I see no reason why this cannot be done here. WG has a very large player pool so the wait Ques won't be any longer. 6. Those looking for a greater challenge can select Realistic or SIM mode. That also mean no Torp lead help ) You have to know your stuff and im sure most of u do. ( ship Profiles ) 7. Those looking for a quicker and easier mode can choose Arcade Mode ( the base game we are playing now ) 8. Those looking not to play against other people ( i know a few ) can play against the Bot. ( we already have that - known as Co-op) 9. this would not hurt the game in any way including the Ques, why ? Because only the hardcore players will play SIM or Realistic. 10. Arcade mode i believe would be more popular because of the speed and ease of the game. Finally in closing i believe this could increase the player base. Bring back those that for that other game for more realism. Thank you for reading this. .