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  1. It's not true to say that the karma system does nothing. It may not be much but it does something: 1) Earn enough 'Misbehavior in Chat' reports and you will be chat banned. I have no idea how many it takes but it does happen. 2) If you have a high karma they give you the opportunity to give out more compliments or reports. I have a high karma and can currently give out 11 of each per day. 3) They did give out rewards once (maybe twice?) for people with high karma scores. I can't remember what the reward was but it was something small, like an extra crate or camo. I remember receiving it. It may do more, they may look at it to make other determinations, who knows?
  2. I like the proposed changes so far - looking forward to see them in game.
  3. Fedge_123

    GK is actually not bad

    I love the GK. I have a secondary build and I used it in the past season of Ranked Battles. The ship will stack up well against any other battleship. I made it to Rank 1 with the GK.
  4. Fedge_123

    Replay Breakdown: Ranked Mind Games (Hindenburg)

    Good video. I liked the commentary, very instructive.
  5. Fedge_123

    Space Capt vs Dasha Capt

    Dasha of course! She only speaks Russian but who cares? I briefly dated a Russian girl, and I didn't understand what she said either, but it didn't matter
  6. Fedge_123

    XVM Prevalence

    I never look at anyone else's stats. I only care about my own.
  7. Love the video. This is what I always wanted from carrier-play - to fly through a blizzard of AA to hit the target. Great job WG! It looks awesome so far! Two thumbs up!
  8. Fedge_123

    No experience/credits/etc after battle?

    Right. And with some of the play I see in Ranked, there are quite a few players who could benefit from some Training Room :)
  9. Fedge_123

    No experience/credits/etc after battle?

    There's going to be some major nerd-rage when the 'compensation' is announced lol
  10. Those gun barrels are shotguns right? And a new ammo type.
  11. Fedge_123

    Certain Clans Favored by Match Making

    Without 'bad' players there are no 'good' players, and vice versa. Functioning as designed. This is how real life works.
  12. Fedge_123

    The Single Worst Ship for the Game?

    I don't think there's any ship 'bad for the game', they all have their strengths and weaknesses. But carriers ... yes, they need a rework. Soon.
  13. Let's just ban keeping score and be done with it ... ;)