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  1. Running list of ship nicknames

    Mutsuki - Mutsucky Duca D'Aosta - The Duke
  2. I deal with poor play from Random team mates by lowering my expectations.
  3. I happen to like Epicenter I like Ocean map too. To each his own
  4. Very helpful review, thanks for posting
  5. Join a good clan and the so-called 'toxicity' magically disappears.
  6. Trolls and Toxic players? IGNORE is my best friend!
  7. Your 'Fun' Ship

    Atlanta Scharnhorst
  8. Kill Stealing

    Sometimes you do 98% of the damage and sometimes you don't get the kill. Sometimes you do 2% and get the kill. The game giveth and the game taketh away. Functions as designed.
  9. Clan wars? How is it going?

    I've enjoyed Clan Battles a lot. It's been great being able to division up with 7 members of our clan to do battle at the same time. Win or lose it's a 'win' +1 WG
  10. That's too bad it's a fun visit. When the kids were little we used to take them for the annual Easter egg hunt on board, and they used to do an event at Halloween too on the USS Salem and have overnight stays. I read somewhere it might reopen for a little while next month before they move. Boston would be a good spot (so would Hingham Shipyard). The Quincy location is not a really nice spot as you've probably seen. The new Fore River bridge turned out nice though.
  11. The Salem was moved to a new pier because of the new bridge construction (and demolition of the old bridge) right next to it - that accounts for all the construction material piled around. I drive by it almost every day. New permanent home is going to be in Boston though as you point out.
  12. This ^^ I am always amused when people say this-or-that/such-and-such a ship or line-up is "overpowered" or has no counter. My question is - if it's so good, why aren't you playing it yourself?
  13. Sweet! Any details? Name? Tier?
  14. I can honestly say I have never looked at another player's stats, so I don't care what they are or how they 'manage' them. I use my personal stats to simply track my own performance. As for clan play - our clan has no performance criteria, we play because we enjoy battling alongside our clan brothers and sisters, win or lose. I look forward to being able to play alongside 7 or my clan-mates, that's a win in my book! I'll care about stats when this game starts paying my mortgage ...
  15. Funnest Tier 7 Premium?

    You're missing the Atlanta - the most fun ship in the game.