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  1. Fedge_123

    Are you having fun?

    I like the CV re-work - I find them challenging and interesting now. I am having fun with the game still. Don't care or feel there's any "Puerto Rico Fiasco" - I'm enjoying playing the event.
  2. Fedge_123

    Why is everyone so negative?

    Human nature. Being negative is easier. The game changes but these things don't.
  3. Fedge_123

    Why I Quit The Game

    A hundred years from now historians will look back at this time and declare it was The Golden Age for crazy people.
  4. Fedge_123

    Is T10 worth playing to you?

    Every tier is fun for me from Tier I to Tier X. Different ships and different strategies don't make it less fun or 'worth it' in my opinion - it just makes it different.
  5. Fedge_123

    Picture your Pets - 23rd - 29th

    This is my pet African Pigmy Hedgehog named Zara. She just turned 3 years old the other day. With the razor sharp quills I'd call her a "secondary build"
  6. Fedge_123

    Flamu first test on Subs

    For a start, I think this looks really cool. I'm looking forward to seeing where this ends up.
  7. Fedge_123

    Please make Dasha captains available

    I would love to see her available again, I only have one and would like more.
  8. Maybe the Secondary build is not your cup of tea - different strokes for different folks. For me, I love the full secondary builds on the American Massachusetts, Georgia, and on the German Bismarck, FDG and GK. I use them all in competitive modes like Clan Battles and Ranked Battles. I am not the greatest player, but I have gotten to Rank 1 in them in multiple seasons. It's a mind-set - worry about winning first, and doing damage and surviving second. These may not be the 'best' ships, but they are great ships as part of a team that's focused on winning.
  9. Fedge_123

    Funny Ranked Story

    In my last Ranked game our team got completely wiped out. Our team only managed to sink only one ship - one of our own, a team kill. The player who team killed was number one on our team and saved a star. That was my last Ranked game.
  10. I run a secondary spec Graf Zeppelin - it's a lot of fun to take into Co-op. I probably sink more ships with the secondaries than the planes.
  11. I remember - I saw "Midway" in the original theatrical release with my Father.
  12. The original "Midway" is an excellent movie. From the looks of this trailer, this new version of "Midway" is headed towards box-office disaster.
  13. Fedge_123

    CVs in coop matches...

    I bring my Graf Zeppelin into co-op all the time. Full speed ahead! The ship is very durable and the secondaries do quite a bit of damage. I probably sink more ships with the secondaries than the planes.
  14. The GK is a very fun ship, and is a great addition to a team, and it's as a team player that the ships excels - with it's ability to tank damage, bully caps/destroyers/bow tankers with it's hydro and secondaries, that's where it shines. When your team needs to push - the GK is the best ship to lead that charge. I routinely play the GK in Clan Battles and I've Ranked out twice using it. The ship is still relevant.
  15. Fedge_123

    Rentals in Ranked – Just WOW

    There are more than enough terrible players who own their Tier X ships to balance out the rental players