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  1. SympathyIVTh3Devil

    ADOPT Clan Recruiting

    Great group of people, have enjoyed working with them.
  2. SympathyIVTh3Devil

    TEACH - A clan for helping players improve and learn

    A little update, TEACH is now part of the ADOPT group of clans!
  3. SympathyIVTh3Devil

    [RushB] and [BIAS] In search of Proletariats

    Good people in these clans...and lord help you if you do not bring a CV in CB against them! Damn the torpedoes! RAMMING SPEED!!!!
  4. SympathyIVTh3Devil


    My favorite OP ship in the game...nice clan logo.
  5. SympathyIVTh3Devil

    TEACH - A clan for helping players improve and learn

    Also, anyone is welcome to submit an application to TEACH to join, will help make communications easier if you are looking for help, advice, etc.
  6. SympathyIVTh3Devil

    TEACH - A clan for helping players improve and learn

    Yasha- All valid points. I guess you could say I have held off a little since talking with ADOPT while we figure how best to work together + I don't want to steal their thunder since they were doing this well before I was. That being said, I would recommend going to their discord. The main thing I can offer right now is feedback on replays, which you can post in the ADOPT channel 'Looking for mentor'. If I am in game or on Discord, feel free to hit me up to div, do a training room, etc. I will keep this thread updated as we hash things out with ADOPT.
  7. SympathyIVTh3Devil

    TEACH - A clan for helping players improve and learn

    Also check out ADOPT. Unbeknownst to me when I formed TEACH, this is something ADOPT was already doing, especially for players that are looking to get into CB. Fortunately, the admins at ADOPT have been quite welcoming and we are working together.
  8. SympathyIVTh3Devil

    TEACH - A clan for helping players improve and learn

  9. SympathyIVTh3Devil

    TEACH - A clan for helping players improve and learn

    Any and all types of players are welcome.
  10. UPDATE: Effective 1/5/2019 TEACH will not be part of the ADOPT group of clans. ADOPT and ADPT2 have a competitive element to them, TEACH will be strictly focused on helping players improve their game play and can move on to the competitive side if and when they choose to. I look forward to working with the ADOPT players as well as the people that have been helping on that end. Been playing this game for a couple of years now and something I have noticed, especially over the last 6 months or so, is the decline in overall quality of game play. I have done my fair share of complaining in game, chat, etc but after being an ahole a few times (OK, more than a few) I thought that maybe, JUST MAYBE there is something I could do to help the new players and players looking to improve their game play. Years ago when I started playing World of Tanks, I was terrible. Didn’t know anything, was not getting much better, etc until a good player ‘took me under his wing’ if you will and helped me improve to become a good player and able to join top competitive clans. With all that being said, I introduce the new clan TEACH. TEACH is a clan for any players - new players or players that have been around a while - to come join in to improve their game play, division up, run scenarios, have training sessions, eventually get into some competitive scrims and help players to find the clan that fits their play-style if and when they decide to move on. Furthermore, the discord is open to ANYONE that is looking to get better, division, scenario, etc. To other clans and good players: if you would like to help out, you are always welcome to jump onto our discord or hit me up in game. This is a chance to have a helping and positive impact on the WoWs community. I will take any and all help offered! If I need to add more TEACH clans, I will gladly do it! For Clans, if you are willing to do some scrims down the road and provide some constructive feedback, hit me up! On top of all that, our Discord will always be open to any and all players, whether you are in a clan or not, that are looking for divs, scenarios or just to hang out and shoot the sh...errrr....breeze. Also, if you would like your own personal Discord "room", hit me up and I will make it happen. Discord: https://discord.gg/7wfQBWm Thank you for reading all of this and I look forward to sinking your ship in game! Requirements: Only requirements are a willingness to learn and improve and be on Discord when in game.
  11. SympathyIVTh3Devil

    Ibuki — Japanese Tier IX cruiser.

    I have found the IJN line to generally be a bit bland over all. Buffs would be nice.
  12. SympathyIVTh3Devil

    Henri IV — French Tier X cruiser.

    Only 3 battles into the Henri, but impressed thus far. Averaging 186k damage and 1.67kpb. Do y'all prefer range or reload mod? Right now I have reload just bc shell velocity, whereas I run range on the Moskva.
  13. SympathyIVTh3Devil

    Henri IV — French Tier X cruiser.

    Looking forward to getting this ship, close now. French cruiser line has been a pleasant surprise.
  14. SympathyIVTh3Devil

    Skip Edinburgh or Neptune?

    What 1204 said + I thought both ships were a lot of fun. Neptune gives you a good lead in to the rate of fire of the Mino.