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  1. RinzlerCobra

    The music thread

  2. This match was a few minutes ago and we were losing, i managed to kill all their DDs at the last minute, we had a good come back. Some players are saying that the Khabarovsk is useless, i have to disagree.
  3. RinzlerCobra

    The music thread

  4. Nice! Tashkent is ok, but the Khabarovsk is great, even after the nerf. I always have fun with the Khaba even if i lose the match. Send me a chat if you need any tips, i think i have a good spec with my Khaba that maybe you can use.
  5. I got reported 2 times the other day with my Khaba because i wasn't trying to cap LOL and some players were calling me useless and another player said that the Khaba can't cap or even supp other players, i was like "Ok ", do you believe that?
  6. Yeah! their BBs made a huge mistake by pushing the cap, they never capped. I was against a Montana, kurfurst, Hindy and a Cleveland, the poor Cleveland died fast. And at the end against the Zao the one in the pic, and he was about to die but i missed that oportunity to get the kill at the end of the match. And i had help btw, i had a Conqueror with me.
  7. And i know the Khaba is more like a Light Cruiser
  8. RinzlerCobra

    Christmas Music

    Live Christmas music here
  9. RinzlerCobra

    Which destroyer line to play with?

    American Destroyers and Russian Destroyers are the best IMO. Pan Asians are also good.
  10. RinzlerCobra

    The music thread

  11. RinzlerCobra

    rank batle

    The Farragut is the best, period.
  12. RinzlerCobra

    ranked battles

    Yes, you will find bad players in Ranked that's why you have to play better AND use the best ship for Ranked Spirit 3 (The Great Farragut). If you really want to help your team, then you should use the Farragut all the time, Farragut is the best DD in T6 my friend. And i finished Ranked without a DIV.
  13. RinzlerCobra

    The music thread

    I love to listen to this song when i'm playing with my khaba