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  1. Heineken
  2. This is a classic
  3. This is a pure example when your team is wiped out in Ranked and you are the last hope I know I've used this video before, But it's still fun to watch
  4. I was laughing so hard when i saw this "On the count of three i want everyone in this arena to scream (FOOK THE MAYWEATHERS)"
  5. Well in my opinion, Mayweather by Decision, But i hope MacGregor can win
  6. Farragut, Fletcher, Khabarovsk, KIEV, Gearing, Birmarck, Minotaur, Bayern, G. Kurfurst, Tirpitz, Scharnhorst, Cleveland, Montana, SIMS, Saipan and Leander. They are also my favorite Ships
  7. Everything starts in the minute 12:09
  8. Something like this?