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  1. No kidding. At first I thought it was my system so I did a complete reinstall. So ya, fix the problem.
  2. When will REAL chat be added?

    I hope never. It's already bad enough with all the kiddie trash talk and name calling in typed chat. Can you imagine what it would be like with real voice chat. It'd be like Counter Strike all over again.
  3. Thx. I missed that part.
  4. Just noticed that myself. Hadn't heard anything so I came here looking for an explanation. Oh well.
  5. Karma - Whats your number?

    Are you Lil' Donny Trump???
  6. Same thing here. Got the torp hits (Task 1) but NOT the XP for Task 3. What's up with that?
  7. 5% XP bonus, 5% Commander XP bonus, and 5% Credit bonus It's not a lot, but every little bit helps. And now with the Yamamoto collection, I can add one that actually IS useless.
  8. Regardless of negative comments, this is very nice work. I wrote several plug-ins for Counter Strike and Day of Defeat, and no matter what, trolls come out of the woodwork with all kinds of [edited]. Anyway, when I click on a player on the monitor screen, it goes to wows-numbers.com for their stats, which is fine. But another player I know, says that when he clicks on a player, it takes him to warships.today for the stats. So my question is, how does a person configure and/or change the default website that the monitor jumps to when clicking on a player?
  9. Hover your mouse over the desired task and press 'Enter'
  10. After today's update, ALL of my captains boxes display "RETRAINING REQUIRED".
  11. Retraining Required

    Today's (Thursday) patch didn't fix mine. It's still screwed up.
  12. We all know what EM does. What many don't know is HOW MUCH it does. To calculate the NEW rotation time, use this formula: 180/((180/T)+X) Where T equals the normal rotation time for 180 degrees, and X equals 2.5 for guns under 140mm, or .7 for guns over 139mm. Examples of applying the Expert Marksman skill: Small Caliber Guns (less than 140mm) Org Time New Time Time Saved Pct. Saved 30.0 21.2 8.8 29.3 25.0 18.6 6.4 25.6 20.0 15.7 4.3 21.5 15.0 12.4 2.6 17.3 10.0 8.8 1.2 12.0 5.0 4.7 0.3 6.0 So for me, applying EM to a small gun that already rotates 180 deg. in 15 seconds or less, isn't worth the skill points. Large Caliber Guns (over 139mm) Org Time New Time Time Saved Pct. Saved 55.0 45.0 10.0 18.2 50.0 41.9 8.1 16.2 45.0 38.3 6.7 14.9 40.0 34.6 5.4 13.5 35.0 31.0 4.0 11.4 30.0 26.9 3.1 10.3 25.0 22.8 2.2 8.8 20.0 18.6 1.4 7.0 So for me, applying EM to a large gun that already rotates 180 deg. in 35 seconds or less, isn't worth the skill points. Notes: The upgrade Main Battery Modification 2 (15% speed increase), if installed, is applied 1st. My results may differ slightly from WG's values because of rounding.
  13. Exp. Marksman only saves you 2.2 seconds on a full 180 degree turn. Hardly worth it. Adrenaline Rush would br more to my liking.