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  1. MalteseKnight

    Hindenburg - How I Play

    Hello, I wanted to share my Hindenburg video, it shows how I play Hindenburg. I also talk about what I think about the ship itself, whilst giving live commentary.
  2. MalteseKnight

    Marceau - How I Play

    Hello, I wanted to share my Marceau video, it shows how I play Marceau, and discusses the differences between it and Kleber. I also talk about what I think about the ship itself, whilst giving live commentary.
  3. MalteseKnight

    Colbert - How I Play

    Hello, I wanted to share my Colbert video, it basically shows how I play the Colbert, and what I think of the ship!
  4. This video explains what each Unique Commanders' improved skills and talents are, and explains how to obtain each Unique Commander.
  5. Another requested video from YouTube, here's the video in where I talk about each ship that has been removed from sale in World of Warships.The list was compiled by community members and myself. I hope you enjoy the video. Big Fan!
  6. As requested, here's the 7 Premium Ship version of my previous Armory Ships video, where I had featured T8 Premium Ships in the Armory. This time I feature T7 Premium Ships and give a brief summary of each one that is available in the armory. Big Fan!
  7. As request, here's the T8 Premium Ship version of my previous Armory Ships video, where I had featured T9 and T10 armory ships. This time I feature T8 Premium Ships and give a brief summary of each one that is available in the armory. Big Fan!
  8. I have had this question pop-up on stream quite a lot, which steel/coal/research bureau ship should I get, X or Y? Personally, I don't think I can tell a person to get any ship in particular, as it always depends on the play-style of the individual player. Therefore, through a great idea from Twitch chat, I have compiled and uploaded a video, of me shortly talking about each T10 and T9 ship in the armory, and what I personal think about each one. This could serve as a guide for players who are confused as to what ships they are wanting to get. Let me know what to think, and if I should do the same for T8, T7 and T6 and below Premium Ships. Big Fan!
  9. MalteseKnight

    MalteseKnight's Base XP Contest

    Here are the Winners, we'll be having another contest soon! 1st Highest Base XP - John_The_Ruthless (NA) - 4,149 Base XP - 2,500 Doubloons 2nd Highest Base XP - Vileix (EU) - 3,921 Base XP - 2,000 Doubloons Random Raffle Winner - Yamete_Kudasai_Senpai (NA) - 2,793 Base XP - 500 Doubloons
  10. MalteseKnight

    MalteseKnight's Base XP Contest

    I will be posting the winner names on discord at the end of the contest.
  11. MalteseKnight

    MalteseKnight's Base XP Contest

    Its alright, we'll allow carriers due to this complaint. But do know, that CVs are less efficient at getting Base XP, that was the original reason to not allow them, as it would take significantly more work in a game to achieve the same Base XP. It's fine though. :)
  12. Malta's House of Grobers Proudly Presents the Highest Base XP Contest 1st Place - 2500 Doubloons 2nd Place - 2000 Doubloons By posting a screenshot you can be eligible to win 500 Doubloons, at a raffle taken place at the end. (even if you're not close to winning) Limitations: Randoms Only. No Divisions. Tier 6 - 10 only. NA and EU server. Only games from 16th March 2021, to 16th April 2021 are eligible. Screenshots of the end screen result and team score should be posted in #base_xp_contest_screenshots a chat on the discord. More information is available on my discord: https://discord.gg/WVkperB Big Fan BTW
  13. MalteseKnight

    Sentiments from an average long time solo player

    Alright, 1) To play the game competitively, realistically it doesn't require any money, as its for the most part tier 10, and most meta ships are tech-tree (Petropavlovsk, Richtofen, Hakuryu, Kremlin, Venezia, Goliath), or even steel (Stalingrad, Shikishima), so they are acquired without spending money. Also clan battles gives a bunch of resources to the participants of the mode, and therefore there is less incentive to spend money. 2) From my personal experience, our community (O7, OO7 and QQ7) has helped a bunch of players better understand the game and how it should be played. We're not going to actively go looking for people to help. Normally if a player looks to learn he should approach a player he thinks he could learn something from. Naming and shaming an entire community probably won't help you in that regard. 3) Tier 8 Dockyard ships are pretty worth it, from my experience at least. WG has made it relatively easy to get a tier 8 premium, from passive play whilst spending about 3k-4k Doubloons. Which comparing it to the 10k-12k doubloons you would normally spend on a tier 8 premium its pretty worth it. Not to mention the other rewards given throughout the dockyard grind. I personally see the loot boxes as an option for people who want something early. Do I agree with the loot box system instead of a full line release after a patch? No. But its a free game and somehow they need to find a way of making a profit so its understandable. 4) There are mods that are fine and add value to the game, such as Score Timer. Also pretty sure Aslain's is safe too. 5) Honestly not sure what the problem with getting free stuff is, like the guaranteed 400 Coal every crate one can get. Not to mention free flags and premium time. Maybe for players who have a lot of things it may seem worthless, but it adds up over time. 6) MM in randoms is actually random, sometimes certain teams can get 4 unicums and sometimes the it may be split 2 and 2. 4 unicums on one team doesn't mean you can't win the game. There's always opportunities to overwhelm the weaker end of that team, and just win anyway. I personally don't like how games can end in under 6 minutes, be it wins or losses, they're both unfun to take part in. These are my opinions that I formed after about 20k+ games and about 5 years of playing the game. There may be people who disagree and thats ok. :)