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  1. Nerf to Sims? why?

    Needs repeating. +1 to you.
  2. I prefer to view the two game modes as simply different, not that one is better than the other. They both have their strong points. I don't look down upon people with thousands of coop games, rather I am amazed at their patience! I'm a thoroughly average player so it takes me a while to progress through a line, in coop it would take even longer! As far as the toxic chat in PVP - I've seen it here and there but this game is nothing like WOT in that respect. WOT is way worse and they are all on your team since the other team can't even talk to you! But then it has to get pretty damned bad for me to even notice it, I'm former air force and my civilian career also has thickened my skin to the point that you really have to get innovative for me to even notice the insult. So I am probably not the best judge of that. Both parts of the player base are in this thing together, so I see nothing wrong with supporting everyone who enjoys this game however they enjoy it.
  3. Look!!! Who we have here?

    Cleveland is already my happy place, really looking forward to playing her at Tier 8. I missed the original version of the ship and I think it will be fun.
  4. USAF Security Forces, did 4 years. Lived in the UK for most of it and loved that.
  5. Wait a minute. Ships that are heavily armored and designed to take punishment are doing that, and somehow that's a problem?
  6. This. I recently started playing tanks again and it's awful. Of course I'm terrible so I'm part of the problem.
  7. I am also getting stuck on the port screen, it never finishes loading and then locks up completely after a little bit.
  8. I use a Xeon 3350 in my PC, standard 775 board and no issues. This thing's a tank, it's old but keeps on trucking.
  9. This is not the usual Lert.
  10. Cleveland is my happy place, I go back to it if I'm getting crushed in my higher tier stuff. If I get smoked in it then it's time to stop for the day! The shell arcs are tough but when you land a good Salvo it's so satisfying.

    I'd pay for that.
  12. Two Supercontainers in One day

    In your position alongside happiness I'd be wary of what RNGesus is getting ready to do to me to bring the scales back into balance.....