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  1. The word is "broadside". And this.
  2. Wait a minute. Ships that are heavily armored and designed to take punishment are doing that, and somehow that's a problem?
  3. This. I recently started playing tanks again and it's awful. Of course I'm terrible so I'm part of the problem.
  4. I am also getting stuck on the port screen, it never finishes loading and then locks up completely after a little bit.
  5. I use a Xeon 3350 in my PC, standard 775 board and no issues. This thing's a tank, it's old but keeps on trucking.
  6. This is not the usual Lert.
  7. Cleveland is my happy place, I go back to it if I'm getting crushed in my higher tier stuff. If I get smoked in it then it's time to stop for the day! The shell arcs are tough but when you land a good Salvo it's so satisfying.
  8. I'd pay for that.
  9. In your position alongside happiness I'd be wary of what RNGesus is getting ready to do to me to bring the scales back into balance.....
  10. Just mute people that are like that, and don't engage.
  11. Had it happen once a few weeks ago. It's very random, the only prior time was many patches ago.
  12. I don't mind it, it's a change of pace. It isn't perfect but it's one way of trying to get people to play the objective. Where it runs into trouble is in high tiers the ships are really powerful, so mistakes are punished severely - close quarters makes that happen more often and even quicker. So, good and bad points, I don't mind it. I like variation in game modes so it's all good with me.