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  1. GoldenGatorLHD4

    Azur Lane: Third Wave

    Disappointed that Enterprise's skin is bundled. That's the only skin I want. All the skins should be separated because not everyone has all the ships in the bundle.
  2. GoldenGatorLHD4

    [ALL] Kiryu Coco Voice MOD (hololive Vtuber)

    I love this mod! But I think it needs to be updated for the new update because as of today I couldn't play the game because of this specific mod. Thank you for your hardwork on this on this mod by the way!
  3. GoldenGatorLHD4

    Fubuki Shirakami and Marine Houshou Take Command

    Same. Though I appreciate that they're doing this collab.
  4. GoldenGatorLHD4

    (VIDEO) CVs are broken

    Thanks for helping to explain the armor deck and everything. As a CV player, it gets tiresome in having to explain some of these things and yet sometimes when I do, it feels like im talking to a wall. Some people are very adamant these days. I mean I don't mind people hating on CVs, I get it. I just hate it when people start attacking CV players in general.
  5. Just recently started using her too. Been trying to use the bombers and to little effect I either miss, ricochet, or overpen. I can hardly finish off enemies that my team asks me to do as well, with what fragile the planes are already.
  6. Yup. Nothing but ricochets and over pens. Recently started playing her and am very disappointed that I can barely do anything. When my team asks me to finish off a ship, I can barely even do that with how fragile and lack luster the damage my planes do.
  7. GoldenGatorLHD4

    Azur Lane Premium Camos?

    Will the Azur Lane Premium Camos from the first wave be available again? I missed my opportunity to grab Enterprise's. I don't want to have to buy the bundle of captains from the first wave and then find out that there will be a bundle with Enterprise's camo and her commander.
  8. GoldenGatorLHD4

    PSA: Azur Lane Mission (Have to Opt In)

    Yea, I want to get Enterprise's Camo as well.
  9. GoldenGatorLHD4

    PSA: Azur Lane Mission (Have to Opt In)

    Will the AL premium camos from the first wave be available?
  10. GoldenGatorLHD4

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    Do y'all think the previous commanders and camos be available again? I missed the opportunity to grab Enterprise and her camo from the previous event.
  11. Does anyone know if the previous commanders and camos will make a return? I missed my opportunity to get enterprise T_T