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  1. TheSNAFUSloth

    CV Rework Refunds and Snowflakes

    Thanks for the thorough reply. So I have Ranger and Lexington now, both of which have all modules researched plus another 36k on the Lexington. After 0.8.0 drops, I'll be able to sell both ships for their respective credits and all XP spent researching the ship/modules can be converted to FXP? - Ranger (74k XP for the ship + 19k XP for the modules) - Lexington (118k XP for the ship + 73k XP for the modules)
  2. I'm trying to think of ways to collect as many steel snowflakes and take advantage of the upcoming refunds with the CV rework. If, as I understand it, current CV XP will be converted to FXP with the rework, would it make sense to spend some FXP now to get T9-10 ships, knock off the snowflakes to get steel, then recuperate that when my CV XP is converted with 0.8.0?
  3. TheSNAFUSloth

    Casual Player Looking For A Clan

    Looking for a new clan! Wife and I just had a kid so can't play more than a couple of hours or do many clan battles for the near future but I try to get on every day and snag the daily containers for oil. Mainly DDs but play high-tier cruisers and BBs 7,000+ battles 55% WR 1,536 PR 6 T10s mainly in gearing, mino, dm