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  1. Umm, what? Did you thought this before replying? Oh no! Anyways... So now, just saying "i play 12k battles in Shima" is the way to reply an argument and call it a day.
  2. "You just attacked me" Oh boy, if you consider that an "attack", you clearly don't know what the Internet is... Lol
  3. Have you ever play dds? The most fragile class in the game, the lowest hp with the easiest modules to break. A dd have risk his own ship to be able to pull out this kind of "point blank" torping. He has to sail undetected for a couple of minutes to get into a good position to do that (it's not like he can fly there and can teleport back to the nearby safety vecinity of teammates). Back in 2015/2016 that wasn't too difficult. But now, with the amount of radar + planes + hydros + rpf + priority target and the fact that Situational Awareness is baked in for everyone, it's very risky and not to mention that the dd will put himself into a position in which he won't be scouting torps neither other dds in front of his teammates and won't be contesting caps. These days, if a dd managed to sneak up on someone, given all the tool there are (mentioned above), he should be rewarded. It's just baffling that you said "take no damage in return", while he's literally risking his life there, meanwhile cvs risks some regenerable planes...
  4. CVs don't have a place in the game given how spotting mechanics, turning radius and angling works. No matter if you reduce air det. on dds to 0.1km, cvs will still be able to locate you, like an improved rpf. CVs will still be able to strike any other target anywhere on the map, consistently, they just need to fly there (doing easy spotting in the process). They disrupt any well thought positioning you might have against surface ships. They don't care about angling, they will fly around you to find the better approach and even if you turn accordingly he will still get some hits on you, forcing you to an uncomfortable position and probably make you eat quite some dmg from surface ships during that. All at the cost of some planes that he will regenerate meanwhile uses other type of squads. At least dds have to risk their own ship to pull out this kind of stuff against another surface ship, but cvs, nope. No sneaky moves, no crossfires allowed, no sending a ship alone and no staying outside of each other AA's range. Being here since 2015 and after a year and a half from the cv rework, i don't think this class should be in the game outside of co-op and Operations.
  5. SirVasili

    ST, soviet cruisers branch split

    clap clap! and i add: not only you won't get the perma camo for Nevsky, you won't get Nevsky at all! You have to grind +200k xp AGAIN on the Donskoi to get back to tier 10 in a line you already have finished. And the following would have been better:
  6. I't's not only you. Also, Armory does the same thing, eventually, after hours/days, it finally decide to open \o/