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  1. Cool, but how many 200K games do you have that were losses? I have 19 200K losses in Hindenburg alone. It's the HC Conf and Kraken that were the big deal. If Red is Dead they lose. My 200K losses boiled down to two things. 1. My team really sucked and dealt minimal damage before dying a potatoes death. 2. I was able to farm the reds but there collective HP was just too much.
  2. Duke of York vs Lyon

    I sold the Lyon but kept the Lion. 16 guns doesn't mean Sh if I only have a 21% hit rate. That's just not good enough. It's by far my lowest hit rate of not just BB's but all ships. If it doesn't reward good aim which Lyon doesn't it's not worth keeping.
  3. Which is funny because on average my damage is around 25K higher than my nearest BB with KGV plus a 70%+ win rate.
  4. Cursed Ships

    I'm high damage low impact in Zao as well she is one of my cursed ships.
  5. Cursed Ships

    Haha I'm the opposite a God in Haruna a scrub in the Long.
  6. Pensacola

    I agree Brush although I'm doing pretty good in her I feel the turret rotation is keeping me from an additional 3-10K damage by not being able to get my guns on target in a timely manner.
  7. Stat Shaming is overrated but still

    Good stuff! LOL
  8. Pensacola

    Are buffs needed? I'm doing good in it but the server average is going down faster than a scuba diver. Did all the tier 7 buffs that made the ship playable getting taken away make the ship just not good? The turret rotation nerf and reload nerf are probably the two biggest dowgrades and in some need of looking at reversing some or all of those nerfs. A brand new ship sitting one slot above the Nurnberg in terms of dealing the LEAST amount of damage tells me they didn't put in the right amount of effort to balance the ship correctly.
  9. Stat Shaming is overrated but still

    I have it happen all the time in RU DD's people try to tell me how to play them. It's honestly makes me laugh when someone tries to tell me how to play a ship that I'm the #1 player on the server in while they have a 38% win rate. Part of a true story happened yesterday afternoon. I usually don't have time to chat them up as I'm too busy trying to carry the black spot on the mini map they call their ship. Cheers!
  10. I'm finding a Helena/ Fiji Division to be the optimal set up. With 15rounds flying through the air most bow tanking battleships will eventually turn leaving way more juicy broadsides for Fiji AP. The fighter of the Helena really works well for when your peaking your ship in and out of Fiji smoke. I won't lie I Div'd to get my 80% win rate in Helena she is a beast in a Division. 9 Krakens in 41 battles I don't ever remember having a streak like this with a brand new ship, not even Belfast. :) Cheers
  11. What's the deal with Hindy?

    A year ago it didn't have the HE pen rule in effect. It got a big buff and went from a 68K server average damage a year ago to the almost 80K it is today. It's in a much better place than when it was first released. Its way way easier to deal reliable and consistent damage with the new HE pen. So take him out and play the heck out of Him. Your damage numbers are gonna shoot way up from a year ago.
  12. Agreed WarGaming has done a really good job of screwing up the US and UK cruiser premiums. To squeeze the maximum out of both Atlanta and the Belfast you need dedicated commanders just for them. Its why I put 19pointers in both. But I have 17k games so I can do that but a newer player has to make some drastic and offtentimes not very good choices as there lack of a 19 has already limited there options.
  13. Alaska HP question?

    LO Effing L