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  1. Reading and Comprehension are OP.
  2. Why are my guns firing?

    I think there is a bug? I noticed it awhile ago where my hand isn't on the mouse and I press W or a consumable button and my main battery guns fire. It wouldn't be a big deal except last night in the Kamikaze a ship not known for good guns I got lit up. This has happened to others in my clan as well as other random players as I have witnessed this when looking around during battle. Can this be fixed? Or is this like radar that sees through everything and we just have to deal with it? This is not my first post about this. Still not fixed.
  3. Ever have an unexpected favorite ship?

    Izyaslav the ship 80% of the time I win in. It's the ship I seal club seal Clubbers in.
  4. Yeah they should have left it on the TS then.
  5. Patch?

    I noticed the same yesterday for the first time.
  6. Garbage boats you like...

    15 guns of freedom on an 8.5 sec reload? That isn't enough reason?
  7. Arms race is stupid. Until you can complete legendary Module missions in Arms race it's an absolute waste of time. I have played the game mode and it is designed to get BBotatoes off the H and C line which I do enjoy seeing BB's actually have to get off their you know what and get in the fight.
  8. Armed Forces players Acknowledgement

    Yes back in 1994 waaay waay before I got my CIB. I was blade running after my first 3 stations! No Fear!
  9. Armed Forces players Acknowledgement

    My Bronze Star for Valor, Army Commendation with "V"device, 2 Purple Hearts and Combat Infantry Badge are all the recognition I need. So I'm gonna say NO!
  10. RN tier 5 and 6 DDs

    Defensive hydro with crappy smoke is literally the dumbest gimmick in the game. Just saying.
  11. To Sims or not to Sims

    No doubt for randoms she needs a conceal buff. 6.2 or 6.1 would put it in a very competitive spot. Until then Dynamo it is.
  12. To Sims or not to Sims

    Nice game BTW Ducky.
  13. Really a NEW T-10 French Battleship?

    A ship literally no one is asking for.
  14. I need a break

    Yeah I got over 1500 XP the top winner got 1034XP.