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  1. IronMike11B4O

    US BB buff suggestions/theorys

    So they nerf Alsace then Buff all the others. Nothing WGing does surprises me anymore.
  2. IronMike11B4O

    Gutless heavies

    BBotatoes gonna BBotate. It's an epidemic. I lost 3 matches last night because BB's didn't get of the I-line or hid behind rocks. #feelsyourpain
  3. Give it a try. It's a gun boat that happens to have torps. I buffed everything it does well and keep a 19pt in it for it and the Anshan.
  4. I'm one of the high damage dealers on the server in both Fushun and Gnevny. Fushun I run CE and Aft Gnevny I run AFT and IFHE my damage is about 5k higher in Gnevny 63K ish avg.
  5. I use it on RU DD's pretty exclusively and a few of the PA RU DD clones. Most of the other DD's I don't bother too hard to hit at Max range and then the penalty on top of it makes it easy not to take it.
  6. IronMike11B4O

    IFHE on Massachusetts

    It for the secondaries, and it does help.
  7. IronMike11B4O

    what did you buy with your 30% coupon?

    Plus running the risk of it being pulled from the shop before then. Good call.
  8. IronMike11B4O

    Cossack or Le Terrible worth buying?

    Cossack all the way. With its new buffs it should be more competitive.
  9. IronMike11B4O

    Forum culture

    1. Check it everyday 2. Try and in game Div with a forumite 3. Search engine sucks, but it is your friend. 4. Don't get defensive when players give suggestions on game play 5. Have a thick skin this is the internet after all. 6. Welcome aboard!
  10. IronMike11B4O

    Who have you seen in game

    Just had a game with @Crux1s we drove into B cap in our Jap DD's and absolutely slayed.
  11. I also find it a little interesting that as a retired US Infantryman I had a relative in the 3rd SS Totenkopf Division.
  12. I got lucky in that I found a shoe box after my Grandmother passed away. In it where letters and photographs so I was able to contact the Bundesarchiv for $20 a name they will give you everything.
  13. I did the same thing to find out about my Grandmothers Brothers. She emigrated in '37 to the US while her brothers stayed behind. One was an Untersturmfuhrer in the Totenkopf Division, the middle brother was an Oberfeldwebel in Pioniere Abt. 352 and the other was a Stuka then a Sturmbock 190 pilot. The archives have so much info it's crazy.
  14. IronMike11B4O

    Are discontinued ships given away often?

    The Christmas containers are usually when you see the give away of discontinued ships. WGing usually does a list of all the ships available prior to the Xmas crates going on sale. Last year I don't think the MO was on the list but Miky-K and Payfast where if I'm not mistaken. I know some guys took advantage of the doubloon buy back and then got all 3 Perth, Miky and Payfast back in crates for a crazy # like 1/5th the regular price.
  15. IronMike11B4O

    I Just Noticed that one of the Oldest Lines IJN

    I'm sitting on around 10/10pt Arp Captains alone. I wouldn't mind one with a buff to EM might be nice for the Myoko-Zao Cruisers. Even with the upcoming Buff they are Pensacola slow on turret rotation.