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  1. Honestly the Yamato crates have been the best. I spent my budget on them. I now have 27 19Pt Captains, a Missouri and a Nelson. The crates allow you to throw flags on whatever ship you love playing and gain insane amounts of all of the different XP's as well as credits. Now if there is Prem ship that's gonna be fun and engaging and gain a ton of credits the biggest bang is Atago. It has the easiest play style as in you can put up big damage regularly which means more creds while not having to work your tail off every time to do it.
  2. Pretty much sums up the sentiment of my entire clan.
  3. My rarest is a model 1816 .69 rifled and sighted by Remington in 1857 with a Maynard tape primer. Yeah it saw service during the American Civil War.
  4. Mine was manufactured in 1912 according to the serial number.
  5. I have a civilian model but got a second barrel +the shroud for the Lulz of it.
  6. Wow I wonder how much my model 97 is worth I paid $60 for it 25 years ago.
  7. There was another big surplus outfit out of Philly if I recall right that had a ton of this stuff. The most unique was a Moroccan Snapchaunce rifle. Weird but practical with a super long barrel like this one.
  8. If I paid money for a good or service it's not an "entitlement" look up the meaning instead of acting like a ticked off Richard Cranium.
  9. Bannerman's was selling these up until the 1950's the reprint of there catalogs has all kinds of info on these.
  10. Because it is a direct Nerf to a premium or didn't you read that part yet?
  11. Thanks @Lert for making my point more clear.
  12. Whether it is a good ship or not after is irrelevant. They are directly nerfing a ship I paid cash for. It pisses me off, I want my money back.
  13. Does it at the end of the day matter what my reasons are? After all they are doing a direct Nerf to a cash premium that should get your motor running more than any of my reasons.
  14. A reasoned well thought out response as always @Wulfgarn
  15. Then explain it to me.