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  1. Depressed

    The last 3 times there has been a win 10 battles event my win rate has been 34%, 38%, 41%. After the stage was completed my win rate went back up to 65% where it normally is. In my mind there are most heinous things afoot at the Circle K.
  2. Should War Gaming do a name purge ?

    Its a total coincidence but I was just talking about the game being in perpetual Beta for over 3 years on Discord with clanmates the other day.
  3. Are The Missions Bugged?

    For me it mainly happens with the daily first win. That has been a bug for the almost 3 years I have been playing. Log out, log in, fixed...... usually :)
  4. Are The Missions Bugged?

    This has been my go to when this has happened to me.
  5. I have played mine less than 10 matches and already have 2 200K games. My last match was a 261K 4 kill monster carry. Very scary boat
  6. Do you keep Normandie?

    It doesn't reward good aim so the answer is NO!
  7. Lookin' sharp there, handsome!

    I used it in an OP of the week and sold it immediately after a match in which I shot at forts 3 salvos and all 3 missed. Eff that the thing is a piece of crap. I was completely stationary full broad and all the rounds landed everywhere but where I aimed.
  8. Lookin' sharp there, handsome!

    BB's that don't reward good aim are Port Queens or sold. Oh look I sold this not accurate turd a year ago.
  9. Need community help

    The computer program show 24knots was doable with changes. I made all of my comments on all the pertinent information over on the US BB page
  10. 24knots USS Texas

    I work IRL as a propeller technician. Today at work we ran all the relevant numbers for the USS Texas through our computer program for finding out Diameter and Pitch for a propellers told us some interesting information. By changing the reduction gear from a 30-1 ratio to a 27-1 ratio as well as a change on propeller to a 4 Blade High Skewed design 22knots would have been doable. Now the good and the not so good. With a 4 blade Hi-Skew blade design the Texas should have a speed increase of 1knot from 21.05 Trials speed to 22.05. However to gain this 1 knot of speed the Fuel efficiency goes from an 81% rating of the original down to a 66% rating. This is on the same Shaft Horsepower from the origional Engine at the original 125 shaft RPM's. So negatives are reduced fuel efficiency by a significant margin as well as an increase in the likelihood of cavitation which is air pockets trapped on the propeller blade surface causing literal burn marks on the blade. The next parameter we ran was to see if we could get 24knots out of the Texas. The computer program gave us the following. An increase from a 4 to a 5 Blade High Skew propeller with either a 0 or 1 DAR the Props would need a Dia of 246inchesX250 pitch the reduction gear would need to be reduced to a 25-1 ratio. Now for the really bad reduction in Fuel efficiency to 52% or basically cant drive across the state of Texas distance wise in a Battleship before needing to refuel bad. The possibility of blade cavitation is probably in the 80% range with this set up as the change in prop diameter would make certain there would be hull interference. There would also need to be a change to the shaft RPM to 164 to accomplish this. The RPM of the Turbine powered BB's was in the 330 range so I don't think the increase in shaft RPM's would effect water lubed Cutlass bearings so the shafts etc. should in theory hold up. So in summary 24knots was Doable easily with changes to propulsion however the Navy issues of Speed versus Fuel economy. Realistically in order to get just to 24knots on the same horsepower the hell would need to be redesigned like a super tanker with turrets. When we ran everything through the computer it was hilarious as I realized that the most efficient set up was what was what the Texas was running when launched. I also learned that Propeller design has come a long way in 100 years. The only boats today that run Props of a style that the Texas had originally are Tugboats, Trawlers or in short workboats, Boats that push heavy weight but don't have to go fast.
  11. It's unofficial and they probably won't mention it but it's what I did before the RU split and the Jap DD split. Then just plop them back in after the patch. Captain has moved to whatever tier the ship went to and no retraining.
  12. Need community help

    This may look familiar then. These are the CPP's I'm just finishing up for British Columbia Ferries.
  13. Need community help

    To be honest the only boat I have ever worked on with a 1-1 are boats like the Miss Budweiser.
  14. Need community help

    The shafts can handle the torque easily. I'm looking at a redesign for the boats as Tru Pitch design is very inefficient when it comes to speed. The design is only still used on workboats ie harbor tugs and river barge tugs and certain fishing boats.