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  1. IronMike11B4O

    RU DD High Damage

    Hey man, I'm not some scrub. I have over 3,000 battles just in Russian Destroyers and am one of the top RU DD players on the NA server. I think I know what I would and should recommend for this player. But thanks Cool Story.
  2. IronMike11B4O

    RU DD High Damage

    It is recommended. I have been able to keep a 64k average without it and run RDF and use it to hunt other DD's when solo playing. I use a metric buttload of AP.
  3. IronMike11B4O

    RU DD High Damage

    Hey Doc I'll be on Discord tonight I'll let you know my build. I have a 64k avg in Kiev without running IFHE.
  4. IronMike11B4O

    Fiji British tier 7 cruiser what gives on its damage?

    So here is the deal man. The Fiji will do it's best damage to broadside targets. I Div with a buddy in a Fiji with me in a Belfast/ Helena/ Boise. When BB's push they get pelted by me tossing IFHE infused HE rounds. 90% of BB players don't like that and will eventually turn away thus leaving an opening for Fiji to rip off 5-7,500 salvo's while they are broadside trying to get away from being melted.
  5. IronMike11B4O

    Player record reset

    Find the ship in your port that is your best performer/ win rate and play it to the exclusion of all other ships. I have 1,250 battles with a 79% win rate in the Izyaslav. You need that one ship to help out when times/ teams are tough.
  6. IronMike11B4O

    1m Credit club

    Congrats, I just had a run in the Cossack where I earned 30Million credits in 46 battles. It always rewarding to hit that 1 mil mark.
  7. IronMike11B4O

    Moskva vs Kronstadt vs Alaska

    It doesn't reward good aim that's why I mothballed mine. That dispersion is just too wonky for a cruiser for my taste.
  8. IronMike11B4O

    Loving the Cossack buff

    Cool you were able to win on such low damage games. I uninstalled the game after I had back to back 168K and 162K damage losses one with 3 solo caps. It's stupid having to try and carry all the tier 10's that failed there way or paid there way up the tech tree.
  9. IronMike11B4O

    Now i know why people hate CVs

    I wish it we're real life and not the internet so I could pimp slap the fools who always say that.
  10. IronMike11B4O

    Dear WG!

    My bank statements show Russia. I had to call them to override the hold they had.
  11. A big fat NO on Vanguard. Why would you even contemplate giving them money when tier 8 Match Making is as broken as ever? Just say no to tier 8 premiums!
  12. Don't worry I sent in a support ticket and they said everything is working as intended. My advice find a different game.
  13. I would fix it by having 90% of the BB players uninstall.
  14. IronMike11B4O

    Losing intrest

    21 of my last 26 battles in the Cossack have been tier 10. I'm right there with you dude. I uninstalled and am now playing other games that have a coherent thought process to the MM and life is good. 18K battles and over $4,000 spent and WGing finally ran me off I'm done with this game.
  15. Cool story dude. How about we nerf BB main battery accuracy to it's historical 3% hit rate.