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  1. WGing Could ya Just?

    Kinda like the recent Jap premiums I allude to,just give us a crappy reskin so we can have a premium after over a year, I say reskin so WGing can be as braindead in its "Gimmicks" as possible.
  2. WGing Could ya Just?

    The KM Line has zero premium DD's its the only tech tree in the game with no premium counterpart or multiple counterparts like the Russian line the Jap line the US line heck even the Poles have a premium and they don't even have a Tech tree.
  3. WGing Could ya Just?

    WGing could ya just give us a Brain Dead KMS Premium DD like you have done with all the recent Japanese ships? What I mean is just reskin the Gaede give it some premium Camo leave it as is and just call it a day. Over a year without a premium ship for a line is too much time. WGing just take the lazy mans way out and give us something that doesn't have to rely on any gimmicks the tech tree doesn't get ya know like all of the recent Japanese ships. Here is looking at you aSHITaka. End Rant
  4. How is this remotely fair?

    I save all 11 of my reports a day for CV players. If there are dual CV's I burn through all 4 of them. Sometimes I report them and the match is only 20 seconds in. Yeah I hate CV's. I'd report a clan mate in my Division if WGing allowed it that's how much I hate CV's.
  5. About The French BB & DD

    That's the funniest thing I've read all day, thanks for the laugh that's hilarious. +1 on Troll attempt.
  6. Or basically rearrange the entire map
  7. Convinced the Game is Rigged

    Yeah this. I have turned at least 3 clan mates into unicum seal clubbers at tier 4. Now they are ready to move up. My proudest moment in the game was taking a guy who's stats were red and orange and now they are purple. Great feeling helping someone out divisioning.
  8. Finally got the Nelson!

    I love Dev striking DD's with mine it's hilarious.
  9. It's worse than that I can Citadel it with the 102's on the Izyaslav.
  10. Gremyaschy needs a buff

    If that's what it says the Wiki is wrong I just scrolled over both Fushun and Gremy and it's a 3 sec diff in favor of Fushun I can send screenshots if you need them.
  11. Gremyaschy needs a buff

    The Fushun actually has a better base then all of them.
  12. Gremyaschy needs a buff

    They already are buffed in one way of another. I play all of them regularly.
  13. Survival rate - too high?

    Ships in Port do zero DPM. Keep on keeping on. Driving to survive and deal damage will win you plenty of games.
  14. Best Ships of All Tiers

    Read his user name nuff said.
  15. Best Ships of All Tiers

    Baltimore was not average she was garbage. Did you ever play it before the buff from a 15second reload? OMG it was so painful free XPing was easy. Now it's finally equal to it's tier mates.