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  1. I would love to see a replay of this. What you've described should be banned in ranked. As it stands now, it's an effective way to "earn" ranked rewards without taking the time to play the game.
  2. Chelsea2003

    Reset equipment link?

    There is a reset commander link https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/general-news/commander-skills-update/ Can there also be a reset equipment link? I think it would be useful as often equipment selections are made in conjunction with commander skills.
  3. Chelsea2003

    On Skills and Roles

    This is very helpful. Thank you. When will the wiki be updated with this information?
  4. Chelsea2003

    The real frustration

    The real frustration? Good title for your thread OP. The real frustration is asking your question while hiding stats.
  5. Chelsea2003

    Unfair advantage?

    Sorry to say but I think any good tier 5 or 6 BB would have done the same to your team.
  6. Chelsea2003

    Stealth Nerfing of ships.

    Hello Misfit87?....Anything?
  7. Chelsea2003

    "Jaggies" graphics settings

    Ah shucks...I feel like such a dummy. You guys are absolutely right. I had not enabled anti-aliasing. It was off. I set FXAA to high and multi sampling anti-aliasing to 8X and it looks great. Problem solved. One odd thing and perhaps a reason why I missed this obvious setting. FXAA and multi sampling AA are not under the "Graphics" sub heading in settings. They are instead under the "General" settings. Regardless, I should have caught this. Thank you for your help. The game looks gorgeous.
  8. Chelsea2003

    Trading Ships

    Agree that the renting of ships to new players makes better business sense to WG.
  9. Chelsea2003

    Stealth Nerfing of ships.

    The GC does suffer from MM when tier IV and V matches have 2-3 carriers per side. But then all BB's tend to suffer when there are 6 carriers in the game. At those tiers, AA is pretty weak. I cringe when I get into one of those matches. Short story...I don't think the GC was nerfed. As others have said, the mechanics of the game have changed. And players have adapted.
  10. I have a fairly decent computer which allows me to run the game with all graphics settings set to high/max. But the ships still seem to have jagged lines, that sort of shimmer as the view moves. Especially wires and rigging lines on the ships. Is there any setting I should be tweaking to smooth out these graphics? I have anistropic's setting to maximum.
  11. Chelsea2003

    Best way to earn a 19 point commander?

    Thank you all for the good suggestions. Much appreciated.
  12. What is the best way to increase commander skills? If not all the way to 19, then to 10+
  13. Chelsea2003

    Too many selfish Community members

    Exactly what I was thinking.
  14. I agree with this. That's why the GC should not be changed. It's already "nerfed" in that it faces 6 and 7 BB's. I'm assuming the "overmatch ability" is why 5's don't see +/-2 tiered boats. Can you imagine a GC versus an SC ? Murderous. Likewise, my money is the Nagato or Gneisnau versus a current GC. Now Wargaming is proposing a nerfed aka tier 6 GC versus a Bismark or North Carolina (or worse)? That is just plain wrong.
  15. Isn't the GC pulled already? I agree with you. If Gremmy's, Belfasts, GC's are perceived to be OP'd, then never sell them again. Good idea.