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    WG says :
  2. About Zoup's USS Johnston video

    Why not just make all the sister ships available upon research/purchase of the Class the player selects what ship they want in their port. I do understand the vast number of ships that would encompass so WG places limits as to what ships would have this feature.
  3. Gits

  4. I know a very nice guy who spends piles of cash on this game. His W/R and avg Damage is beyond terrible, But his heart is in the game. Without Players like this, the game would suffer more than your few bad games. I hold all Players in high esteem because they share a common bond with me "World of Warships" It takes a wide variety of people to make this game Enjoyable, Frustrating,Adrenaline Filled, and Action Packed. Place your judgements in a box and sit on it, learn to appreciate your fellow players.
  5. PT 658

    Thank You Mike the pictures are AWESOME. Your work with the restoration is invaluable and fully appreciated.
  6. So you want to be toxic in chat?

    I have noticed that the players who do the loudest complaining are the ones who depend on others to actually win the battle for them. These Players are the Sphincter of the Digestive System, we all know what comes out of them. Flush the bowl is my advice. {black list them}
  7. Its funny the United States revolted against the British rule, Taxation without Representation. We are now Represented and everyone is Happy with the "New Taxes" Makes you wonder how Far the Representatives will reach into your Wallet?
  8. Service cost

    This was the answer to Camping that went on when damage done was the cost you paid for. Damaged ships would runaway and hide till the battle ended to save money. The fix was to make the post battle repair a flat rate regardless of damage received.
  9. In Tier 7 CA/L's there is a fine line between Aggressive and Passive... To Aggressive Die early damage ends to quick. To passive your long range fire has no effect and Damage is minimal. Find your Happy place. For Cruiser Play Positioning is Key to Success. Watch some youtubers you will see what works.
  10. yolo day?

    No YOLO DAY Is 2nd wednesday of every month. You are experiencing Death Race 2018
  11. What do you think is Super

    I am happy this poll has the Bacon and Broccoli . From the votes I see many folks are Humble in getting anything. But I still wonder what else would be in the Player Base Considered as Super. And what would constitute a Poor reward.
  12. CONGRATS perseverance pays sometimes
  13. Possible Solution for Radar

    We need MORE RADAR! Radar should be on ALL Ships. 2 min duration 3 min cool down. DD's need a Citadel. All concealment is lost when first spotted till the ships guns are out of range. Same for ALL Ships. ALL secondary Guns have the actual Range of that caliber. 127 mm Secondary guns have the same range as a 127 Main gun. AA flak should be like in all the historic footage. I Love Stirring the POT