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  1. One Name comes to mind when I think of Karma .... Stewart Smalley....... I'm Good Enough I'm Smart Enough and Gosh Darnit people Like Me!
  2. Some Do Some Don't Some Will Some Won't I Might
  3. The weekends, what can be done?

    Everyone deserves a Chance to Play! Stop Being an Elitist Snob! If your Weekend is not going as Planned It will still be the weekend regardless. Your Weekend may not be some others Weekend {there are those who work the traditional weekends} So your ASSUMPTION is Biased. Any day of the week can be as bad as you state. I have had Bad Wednesdays hell I have had Bad days ending with the letter Y. Play Your Best all Days and hope RNGESUS Looks Down Upon You and Smiles. My Quote to you is: To ERR is Human To Point the Finger at others is MORE HUMAN
  4. SuperContainer Change?

    I am winding down my TYL endeavor. Since the beginning of this year I have selected TYL only, I have received 8 SC's in my effort. This roughly translates to about one SC every 30 -35 Containers. Of this 8 SC's 2 of them were Super 1000 doubloon and 1 Radar Mod. I will stay with TYL till April. Thinking of the drops and the "Value" all in all I say "Not Bad" {Keep in mind 29 to 34 of those TYL containers were 4 signals of various worth}
  5. My account is moving along 70 Ships Mostly KM I have up to tier 10 in the BB CA I didn't sell any I am working on the DD line {tier 7 so far afraid to go higher because I Suck in DD's} I also have up to tier 10 in the UK BB and CA with French Line moving along both BB and CA to tier 8. So many ships so much time invested Still Loving the game.
  6. @Gneisenau013 Welcome to the Forums. I am the offspring of a Marine WWII pacific theatre, raised as a recruit. I never served {Sullivan Act} My Grandson is in Basic Training at San Diego as i type this. Marine Pride beams from my heart. Sempre Fidelis Means everything to me even if I am not a Marine. Thank You Marine. Good Luck in your newest Duty Station. Semper Fi.
  7. collection prizes not working

    I think you are getting Patches Emblems
  8. Underwater citadels

    It is an Unintended Consequence of something non-related . Wg says they are looking into this and will address it when they figure it out. So to those who are giddy about it your happiness will wither. To those who know it is something bad for the game I give props. Knowing is half the battle, Accepting it is the other half.
  9. What's going to happen Indi?

  10. I have Seven 19 point Captains with more in the oven. The way to do this is to focus on one Captain on one ship with Premium Ships to make the game more playable. Example your top captain is assigned to the Bayern, you own the Scharnhorst. Play the first win bonus with the captain in the Bayern then place him in the Scharnhorst for that first win bonus. Add as many captain exp flags on both ships as well as any Camo captain exp boosters. Play only those ships if you are grinding the captain.Play as normal to grind any other ship and capt. Focusing on one captain at a time will net you more Captains.
  11. Horn bug follows me to port

    I guess the program that has BUGGED the Lag Spikes and Citadels the Horns and everything else was written by the "NEW" Guys. It couldn't Possibly be the Old Guard. "To ERR is Human To point the finger at others is MORE HUMAN"