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  1. Cluch cargo - you gave a great idea that just replay the tasks in the new year raid and get the stars needed to complete mission and move on.  Yes you can repeat the task and then move to the final mission.   But sad news you can not move up to the next mission.  The system will not allow me.  I repeated task 3 to get 2  stars but would not give it to me.  I tried the final mission but would not allow it.  So nope.  No joy.  I have to sink those destroyers and 6 torps and win a random.  No way around it..  WOWs have fixed it so you can not get around it.  I have retired from the shipyard that built the USS Alabama.  My buds from the shipyard have convinced me to buy an Xbox one X ($500 not going to wargaming.net wows take note) and bought star wars battlefront II.  so sad for those stupid Russians and American NA folks who think that their campaigns for a snow and ice covered German heavy cruiser is the rage.  Thanks for the idea and I  did try it out.  It was worth a try.  Now to Xbox.



      Sorry for your pain in WoWs. Good Luck in SW Battlefront that is a fun game as well.