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  1. T8 cruisers seem to work well
  2. An Idea for the Camping Problem

    Some like RV camping
  3. 10 Tips for ranked play beginners

    I play ranked for fun now that I am @12 I didn't plan on getting here but now that I have Fun is my new objective. I play the Salem with premium time perma camo flags of economic value a 19 pt capt. I cannot lose credits nor exp. They pile up even in a loss. Best Place to be in ranked. no fear of losing a star.
  4. sound advice
  5. A [edited] Dasha is bad

    Their Coming for you Op
  6. Daily Missions?

    Each Daily Mission has 3 parts each one is part of the chain , as you finish each part look at the tally mission it should rise by 1
  7. Remove all concealment from all ships. problem solved.
  8. What I don't understand from your comment "Why are you still Playing"?
  9. Coal question? Salem or wait?

    The Salem is a Beast don't wait get it ASAP
  10. Supply lines uses http not https

    It's a Russian Based Game, a back door into the United States. Who do you trust?
  11. I see what you did there ROFLMAO +10
  12. Dubloon bonus