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  1. About The French BB & DD

    I don't think I will go down the French DD line
  2. I thought the Cruisers choices were a done deal and not open for additions.
  3. WoWS 2 - Dreaming

    An even slower mode of WoWs, I will pass
  4. Pts part 2? What's changed?

    More things need testing before release
  5. Generous WG

    Go get em Chief
  6. A Set Map Rotation Is Beneficial

    Maps are needed. Less Channel Fighting more tactical fighting more encouraged Team Effort types. I find believe it or not Operations has a good mix of all of the above. The actual battle dictates what and when something needs done. The Narrative gives good direction. I don't like fighting bots but this is a relaxing fun time.
  7. Prinz Eugen is Too Fat

    My prinz is sitting in dry dock waiting for the buff
  8. Steven Seagal

    I put him on the Admirals Skiff I don't use him at all
  9. Aigle missions and Tokens

    I am playing the "Marathon" as a side note,I don't play DD's on a reg basis. If I complete it or not doesn't really matter, just another Free Ship.
  10. Straight to port after match?

    I have had the same thing happen. And was told WG knows of this and is working on it. That is good enough for me.
  11. New Ranked Ideas

    The red and green markers in the game are enough distinction for Ranked. In IROC the colors are there for Sponsors and Spectators neither of which is needed in ranked. IROC is an acronym for International Race Of Champions This I know you know but the spirit is the same
  12. New Ranked Ideas

    Identical means Identical
  13. New Ranked Ideas

    IROC During Ranked season One ship is Given to every player for the duration of the season each Identical. Skill Carries the Day.