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  1. I myself didn't serve but come from a very long line of military. Great grandfather 10th Illinois volunteer infantry regiment . Grandfather WWI 26th infantry regiment. Father WWII 1st Marine Division 1st tank battalion. Brothers, 1 Army KIA Vietnam. 1, Navy USS Enterprize.1,Marine, 1st Marine Division. Nephew Army, Sgt Major FT Benning GA Active. Son in Law 1st Marine Division Active. Grandson leaving for Basic training USMC Jan. Our family past and present are very proud to serve. To those who have served and are serving now Thank You For my Freedom and Security.
  2. Those who ask if the glass is half empty or half full are social drinkers. Normal people say top me off I am only half tanked.
  3. As much as 50% off of everything is , I won't be making any purchases at this time. Just a small amount of Disappointment of said sale, No 1 year premium available. I would however like to suggest for the entire month of Dec. A guaranteed 1 SC per day.
  4. Low tier and Co-Op play are not good exp for the higher tier play styles. The Meta Changes at such a dramatic rate. Playing the tier is the only way to actually learn the quirks. High tier has different maps different strategies and different caliber players. Grinding through the tier 8 ships will very soon show you the mean streets of upper tiers. Die early Die often.{Survival at tier 8 is the learning curve} {Doing good at tier 9 and surviving is the next step}
  5. Blame it on BIG WORLD Technology they are antiquated and either need to update their shyt or WG needs to find another provider. EDIT: WG Owns this old Company and needs to get it updated.
  6. I say remove the bonus from MMC and put the bonus on the flag pole so any flag will get the bonus.
  7. I dont play her enough I like my Shiney horse better
  8. Got mine is a SC
  9. When near NY stay away from dark alleys
  10. You know you play WoWS a lot when: Your Forums posts Drop below your normal daily quota.
  11. The use of the navigator IMO is a hindrance more than a help. It Takes up valuable space in the fighting screen, I don't want to give up for something I can see in the vanilla with my observation skills.For some players this is worth the loss of one for the benefit of reference.The motion detector {red light } is one that could be a cheat but that is in the eye of the user/nonuser. Mods and the modders are a necessary evil, if the game is to progress. Fresh Idea's from a vast number of players who can prove what they do by making it work with the game. I do not see a vast number of EVIL SINISTER Modders hiding in the wings trying to make it so he can win a PC game. { they do exist } However WG has in place a safeguard to prevent such atrocities. Some of these so called cheats do make their way in but discovered very quickly and removed. I say trust your Game Provider to make the right call as to what is a true Cheat.
  12. As long as people demand others play at least as good as them,{" and they suck " } There is zero chance of good teams in randoms. Join A Clan make friends and division a lot with them. Yes I agree a division of Suck Players only multiplies a bad team in randoms {it does keep them in one game instead of three}
  13. What You don't get is some players have conspired to teach you that Camping is a form of relaxation enjoyed by hundreds of thousands around the world. You may project your self as high strung,the people see this and try to get you to CHILL THE FK OUT.
  15. CTR shows the mouse