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    Wait for the REWORK
  2. Free xp premium DD

    As much as WG Nerfs DD's I would bet dollars to donuts they would offer up a a tier 4 Seal Clubber
  3. To Much

  4. It all comes down to WG's valuation of their Game {Highly Over rated } Too put it in perspective your working at McDonalds for $1.50 an hour 10 hours a day raising a family of four. Wg's attitude is You Will LIke It Comrade
  5. No just taking a few days off to get my sanity back from the grind. Maybe after the next update
  6. Maybe a Compliment tab in the clan profile when a Player Visits another Clan's Profile if they choose to they can Leave a compliment along with their Name. This would Promote Civility and Honor among the Players. Just compliments no Bad reviews.
  7. I know hence Sheldon's suggestion
  8. Is it just me or...

    You actually mean his Great Grand Kids Might
  9. I opted in and then finished the Indy missions, and Stopped Playing the game. One more Grind I didn't want nor will miss.
  10. Stat Shaming is overrated but still

    i have my stats set on Private. I do this because I suck according to the general consensus of those who live by the numbers. The stat sites are important for self improvement, thats a given. What I don't agree with is the "Holier than Thou I'm better than you so your Thoughts Don't Count" Everyone including the Lowest of the Low Count towards the whole Idea of Stats. In life as in any game there are those who can those who try and those who want everything handed to them. If at any time if ever a Stat Driven MM is Placed, there will be a "NEW CURVE" . The Lowest of the Low will still be there along with the Best of the Best. Just with Higher Stats to begin with. Segregation is an Elitist tool. With Segregation comes unrest, Hate, and all the Bad in the world. Why Place it in a Game? Stats are just the first door to the end of anything meaningful. { as in recreation and enjoyment} The People that are the best are the Best, We know who you are and wish to be you as a Role model to attain the same. The Stat Shamers are just those who "WISH"
  11. Is this game full of haters?

    Is this game full of haters? Not Full but the numbers are enough to seem so. All it takes is ONE
  12. Yes Choose wisely what you bring to the Battle.