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  1. Mouse's Throne of Skulls

    Yes you got me but who was farming who?
  2. Operation The Ultimate F* U timer

    This is what the People asked for WG just hid the fact.
  3. I played the UF and got a glitch loading screen....... I wish I took a screen shot of it....... found one... This is what is Happening. All you guys wanted the Hard mode well you got it.
  4. Forum jargon

    What about the Campers? The Solo Yolo? The Border Humpers? The Battle Rush to Die? The can't hit the broadside of a Barn "From the inside"
  5. I think This is how I "Feel" as well.
  6. No HMCS Haida for Canada Day

    A British Tribal Class Is easily made in Pixel form. The Name however belongs to Canada. Easy Fix........ HmCs Hiadaa Close enough to the actual but totally different.
  7. I am training him to 19 points on my Prinz Eugen. He will then be transferred to the Z-52 {I should have the DD about the same time I get him to 19}
  8. The most humiliating way to die...

    As I was teaching a friend how to get Citadel hits I was concentrating on his firing. Riding close to his ship and firing above the same target he was shooting so I could follow my shells behind his to see where he was hitting. I took a full hit from a Fuso 4 cits and I was gone. He swung his guns around and Sunk the Fuso with 2 cits then swung around again and hit two more cits on the ship he was trying to hit with my training.{sunk them both within a 1.30 mins.} He thanked me for the tips and has been outperforming me in Citadels ever since. {Won't let me forget that day}
  9. This "New" Battle Mode will drive me to scenarios faster than Superman to a villain's hideout.
  10. when your client is shut down go to your replays and set it up tp open with your WoWs exe. when you double click a recent game replay it will look like it is starting a game touch nothing that is the replay opening up.
  11. which ship for Herr von Jutland?

    I am grinding him on the Prinz Eugen he will eventually be placed on the Z52
  12. Earn the 10 pointers or buy them it is not my dime nor my time.
  13. 7 is my best in randoms 12 in scenarios
  14. Accused of camping....

    As long as your not on public grounds {parks, playgrounds,ect ect ect} Camping is a legal activity.