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  1. engineerboy

    PTS 0.11.7 pt 1

    I'm running into the same issue, just not enough subs to depth charge. And it only makes sense to use a ship that has airstrike DCs since its suicide to try and rush a sub in a DD
  2. engineerboy

    Ships that need options or buffs.

    All Dutch cruisers need ASW (airstrike) to deal with subs
  3. engineerboy

    WG gouging us on perma camos

    Before the econ change, the Kobayashi camo gave us -50% on cost and +20% credits. This should equate to a +70% bonus to credits on the new system but alas it is not so. Instead we get +45% bonus to credits.
  4. engineerboy

    PTS 0.11.6 pt 3

    Is there a reason some premium ships in my port are not in the PT server? Namely, my Prinz Eugen.
  5. engineerboy

    PTS 0.11.6 pt 1 - Bug Reports

    Description: I experienced a graphical anomaly in both Random and Operations modes. How to reproduce: Just entered a battle Result: The mini map had "streaks" cutting thru the map. It was localized to just the mini map window. Zooming in/out had no effect on making worse or better. In one match, the streaks went away after a time.
  6. I really enjoyed the Italian cruiser line. The grind is rewarded with the Venezia and it's worth it. I play them as long distance snipers. Kiting skill is a must. LOL The KM grind was rewarding as well. I can't say that has been my experience with the USN cruisers. The play style is so different. They are just so fragile. Still learning.
  7. engineerboy


    You're kidding, right? Its the whole submerged thing that is the problem. Can't shoot them when they are submerged. Can't ram them when they are submerged.
  8. engineerboy


    I think all ships need airstrike ASW. Dutch ship have no ASW at all. The worst MM is when there's 2 subs and 2 CVs on a team.
  9. engineerboy

    1000 Karma

    Congrats. I made it to 19 karma and thought I was doing well. Then I started the Khaba grind and got to the Tashkent. In four days, my karma went to zero. LOL
  10. engineerboy

    Improving Karma

    I'm now down to 1 karma and after the bitter exchange in chat I just had, I'm sure I'll be reported. The Tashkent is a nightmare to play when up against long range secondaries of the new KM BBs and it just can't knife fight with other traditional DDs without exchanging half your HP for the trouble.
  11. engineerboy

    Improving Karma

    I went from a karma of 19 to 3 in less than a week because I started playing the Tashkent. No joke.
  12. engineerboy

    PTS 0.11.0

    Filter ship tier to 7 and you'll get to play Asymmetric and earn tokens for the Tier X Asymmetrical
  13. engineerboy

    Can you get New Years Certificates in Co-Op?

    Thanks for the response. I thought the snowflake reward was different from the New years certificate. I just thought the T10s got steel with the snowflake win. I've only have the three T10s and I've got the 3 certificates. Sorry for wasting you time with a stupid noob question.
  14. So, In my experience this morning, you can't earn New Years Certs in CoOp. I just won a CoOp battle and made 447 base XP and no additional New Years certs Nevermind. It's only for T10 ships that have a snowflake. It's one and done.
  15. engineerboy

    Tactics for submarines

    Thanks for the post. So much salt about subs and little help in actual use. Cheers.