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  1. Anyone else have grinder's disease?

    I suffered from it.... then I finished grinding all of the t10s.
  2. Does anyone run RPF on your Z-52?

    I use it on my Z-52 for Clan Wars; rather handy to determine flanking positions against your team, or in one on one cases (have had several matches come down to me vs some other DD). In randoms? Completely useless.
  3. Z-23 tier 10 blues...

    As has been said: torpedo boat. I ran the 150s because I favored the heavier salvos, and kept running into RNCLs. Nothing like 18k cit salvos on them to really shock someone. Push the grind, cuz Z-52 is one hell of a ship.
  4. RN destroyers - time frame?

    Still waiting on them. Bought the Gallant as soon as it came out, and love that little ship. Last i looked, this is record (Christ i wish i had a replay of this gem):
  5. Saint Louis point ?

    My submission for persuasion on buying the St. Louis...
  6. Minotaur and Overpenetrations

    No way possible for a Minotaur to hit 800 damage on a citadel, considering a citadel from a Minotaur would be 3200 damage. Screenshots of these '~800 damage' citadels, or they didn't happen. The base range on Minotaur is the same as DM; hence, both ships are capable of being really stealthy to get in close to do their damage. Same tier CAs can swat you aside like a fly. Then again, a CA should swat aside a CL with relative ease, in a straight up gunfight. This is why you have such nice, amazing, single shot torps. The only buff the Minotaur really needs is a bit more side armor, if anything. No way does the Minotaur need HE; if they give Minotaur HE, it would literally be a Belfast at T10 with a heal and torps, minus radar (honestly, if Minotaur had HE, I would literally smoke camp in 1-2 spots the entire match, and Minotaur would become the worst cancer in the game). Minotaur, as it sits right now, is relatively balanced. it defines what a glass cannon is and should be. It wrecks destroyers, does well against other Minotaurs, and has to pick its battles with anything packing bigger armor/guns.
  7. Prinz Eugen suggested buff

    One issue with all the people clamoring to put radar on an Eugen: Radar has been the sole province of Allied ships in the game (USN, RN, Russian).I cannot think of or recall a single IJN or KM ship in game with radar (I MISS YOU GERMAN HYDRO!). The odds of WG putting radar on the Eugen is virtually nil. Honestly? Eugen needs 1-1.5s shaved off the reload, and maybe 1s shaved off of rudder shift. Everything else the ship has is fairly balanced in tier (conceal, AA, alpha damage, torps).
  8. Monarch

    I def preferred the KGV a bit more than Monarch, but simply because KGV felt god-mode at t7, and Monarch feels kinda 'meh'. Dispersion feels somewhat wonky, and I've had some bad hits on T10s (nothing like hitting 6/9 shells at 15k, and getting only 3k total damage and no fire). But it happens; I like the Monarch, and will be holding on to her for t8 meta as well as that nice perma camo :D
  9. Anniversary Rewards Lagging?

    8 tier 10s ran today: Shimakaze, Gearing, Grozovoi, Minotaur, Hindenburg, Henri IV, Kurfurst, and Midway. Received 7/8 supercontainers (did not receive for GK). Ran some t7/8 games, 1 KGV, 2 New Orleans, no flags of any sort. Am I surprised that the rewards system is not working properly? No. But the fact that some SCs are actually coming out just speaks to a glitch in the matrix.
  10. FINALLY! Got "The Groz"!

    I've had the Groz for a while. Actually preferred her before the latest conceal change for her, but she is beastly. The torps are.... ok?... I would say (Gearing has far better, between damage, speed, and range). But the guns are heavenly. 3/4 Khab armament, killer velocity, extremely accurate, and you can run wild on people. I've YOLO charged a Minotaur and cit'd him to death relatively quickly (solid AP alpha and pen), and you have the agility and health to get in close for wet work on secondary specced German BBs.
  11. As title says, potential issue with Mission 2, Task 2 of the Yamamoto Campaign (80,000 spotting damage within a T9/T10 CV). So got a late start on Mission 2 due to being out of town. Knock out some of the non-CV tasks (figured I'd bring out my Missou and farm some planes and coin). Load up Tasks 5, 2, and Final, then grab my Taiho for a while. Have had a couple of matches where my spotting damage exceeds 80k, but I have not received credit for the mission. Has anyone else noticed this or experienced this?
  12. Talk me out of the Prinz Eugen

    Eugen was one of the first premies I bought. There are times I love playing her (I've had a couple 200k matches), but most of the time, I despise her. I literally only used her to retrain my Yorck captain to hipper, then from hipper to Roon... and soon, will be doing so again to train Roon to Hindy (20k XP to go). She can be murderous in the right hands, in a non-tier10 match. I've had my teeth kicked in by a good Eugen captain while driving my NorCal, Amagi, and lower tier BBs (have yet to have one school me in Tirpitz or Bismarck), and I avoid them in my CVs because one never knows if they have that DF lurking. But there has also been many a time where I have plowed through them in Edinburgh, Martel, NOLA, and Mogami. Eugen seems very hit or miss, but she can be a blast to play... and one of the best captain trainers in the game.
  13. Svietlana is suprsingly good

    Seal clubbin' belongs to Izyaslav!
  14. Challenges Combat Missions through 7.28 thanks!

    I did sleep. I, luckily, have the advantage of being able to play from work... and had lots of lovely 100% XP camos to help with this. But I decided to take full advantage of the situation.
  15. Challenges Combat Missions through 7.28 thanks!

    Made the grind from t6 to t10 in 72 hours. I've enjoyed it :D