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  1. OilyBusiness

    Impossible to Finish Transformers chains

    Yeah these were fairly easy to complete and a little co-op goes a long way to racking up kills.
  2. OilyBusiness

    akatsuki vs shiratsuyu

    That akatsuki is a purposeful torpedo boat, shira does not know which one its suppose to be, akat is better imo.
  3. OilyBusiness

    Weekend Spree, 18-20 September 2020.

    Got to use those nice new flags and camos! Then I will chill out for a couple days.
  4. OilyBusiness

    Weekend Spree, 18-20 September 2020.

    Yeah, tearing up four different lines T9 to T10 and a regrind with these 200% first win bonuses. Polishing off french cruisers, IJN cruisers, and IJN bbs, Russian lights, British dd's. Fun seeing these giant values of like 41K exp and 35K free exp in so big wins. Why not grab a few more super containers.
  5. Some credits and flags and a free 6 point commander. Free is free. Thanks WeeGee.
  6. OilyBusiness

    Ranked Battles: the Eighteenth Season

    You can buy some premium camos for T10 ships with the Ranked Tokens. Otherwise the other this is the Jolly Roger flag.
  7. OilyBusiness

    Ranked Battles: the Eighteenth Season

    Gearing for DD play. It's all around good using your long smokes wisely.
  8. OilyBusiness

    KOTS containers

    Watch the finals for a twitch drop type mission, as said before for 90 minutes. Complete the mission in game and you can earn the last 2 containers to finish the collection. Bingo, T7 ship.
  9. OilyBusiness

    King of the Sea XI: Finals

    Stay on top of it. Get one from the daily shipments in the armory. Don't even need to log into the game as you can access the armory from the web directly now. Click the participate button do the mission. Watch a stream and get the code when it's available probably tomorrow. Do the mission and get a ship for completing the collection. Not hard. Just go do it.
  10. OilyBusiness

    Changes in Asymmetric Battle

    Please change the light on the map " ultimate frontier" it's way too dark and messes with my eyes.
  11. OilyBusiness

    Chonky New USN BBs DOA?

    They are all getting buffed up slowly. WG does not want a dud. It is still a Monty broadside at Tier 8. Something is going to hit and when it does it is going to hurt. Every 40 sec....
  12. OilyBusiness

    Developer Bulletin 0.9.9

    Did the same on my Colorado. She was ready to hit the buy button on the Kansas. Oh well. Got to dunk on some T6 carriers with spotter plane.
  13. OilyBusiness

    Marathon with Gifts: Submarines

    Read the above post reply. It's very simple on the gaming website.
  14. OilyBusiness

    Prem 9 vs Special 10

    T9 will earn you more
  15. OilyBusiness

    ST, changes to the commander skills system.

    General feeling is everything this is bigger faster and stronger. Especially with the aircraft carrier branch. Needs more give and take. Carrier talents need to loose something for damage gains. Like the bb AP damage buff. You get more damage per she'll but must endure longer fires and floods. Fair. Needs more talents like this. For the damage talents mostly. Does the game need to kill ships even faster?