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  1. OilyBusiness

    High Seas

    Have you seen a DD bopping thru the water. They almost submerge as it is.
  2. OilyBusiness

    Battle Pass

    The real story I thought here was 2500 dubs getting a T7 ship. Then 5 Santa mega container. (Good chance of a ship). Now a T8 tech tree battleship for "early access". That is a dud. The point on the cost being the same for different durations is also fairly standard industry practice. I think Weegee is testing the waters to see how far they can push it and people will pay the dubs. This month was pretty easy to skip.
  3. OilyBusiness

    6 vs. 6 Brawl With Tier VIII Ships

    Yep, brawl and ranked basically the same. Meh. Win one for the credits and walk away.
  4. Go with Mega's. Got fairly lucky on these 5 boxes with two ships. The ships themselves are a bit questionable. Boise and Z-44
  5. OilyBusiness

    Rb and line resets

    It is a good strat, double up twice if you got the free exp reserves to burn then restock your reserve over the regrind. Pick a line you really, really like to play. Or want to play again. Not just the lowest cost for free exp. It makes the regrind more enjoyable and less... Somewhat less of a chore. You might actually realize that T5 thru T8 is still fun.
  6. OilyBusiness

    Forum Contest - Auld Lang Syne

    Bath tube battles Blimp battles Illinois battleship with cruiser guns AA rework and removal of the ping mechanic
  7. OilyBusiness

    Forum Contest - Black Friday (But Longer)

    The moment the air strike falls.
  8. OilyBusiness


    They want you to add camos on ships for the drawing and then forget that the auto supply was on. Watch out, bare ships win the day folks.