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  1. OilyBusiness

    Code for Free Stuff

    Down to 240 ish left
  2. OilyBusiness

    GK and Khaba

    Never got the Kaba and stopped at Kiev but had GK for awhile. Now at 300K on my way to 450K for the double grind in Tashkent. FDG is at 175K on the regrind so a few more games there. 75% complete. Couple weekends thru the rest of the year will polish it off. Tashkent is not a bad as I thought it was going be. Playing French dds (Mogodor) helps with being hyper agro and keeping those guns rolling all the time. Heal only baby and crushing those kids. FDG, you still suck and a few special flags re being donated to make that hot go away again.
  3. OilyBusiness

    How many stages for Personal Challenges

    34 rounds us alot for one week. I'm struggling with time to play and force through about 20 using CO-OP. Feel that 20-25 would be more comfortable or give more points to randoms and Ranked.
  4. To nerf Petro. Raise the boat out of the water. The looks like USS monitor. Not a weak broadside if there isn't one above water.
  5. OilyBusiness

    Combat Missions in Update 0.10.9 and New Rewards

    34 battles a week, ugh... That is quite a bit since I can't play certain days. Guess I will miss the T7 for sure.
  6. OilyBusiness

    Community Tokens - what to get?

    Marblehead, well at least it's out of the pool for a super container later.
  7. I read that the 30,000 community Token Tier 7 ship box will be removed soon. Next patch or something. Only have 13K points so far. The recruiter veterans boxes look decent at 3K tokens each. The discount on super containers is bait. Nothing but flags and camos there. So what will you buy?
  8. OilyBusiness

    Rediculous Mission Requirements...

    Doing the Crusiers mission Drake plus other fire starters and already cranked out a 2400 base exp game so that will save some time.
  9. OilyBusiness

    How much do you have in your rig?

    Rebuilt and upgraded about a year ago. 3700X, 3060 TI, couple NVME, new 4K ASUS monitor, motherboard, ram. Reused power supply, case All in all, spent about 1200. Worth, even standing line at Microcenter to get a launch GPU.
  10. OilyBusiness

    Pacific War Tokens

    credits thank you
  11. Having ASW capability for each ship would make it simpler game mechanic. Subs know what ship has what. Like the radar range issue of the past. It needs to be standardized for players of the sub and playing against them. Right now it's a bit chaos.
  12. OilyBusiness

    Research Bureau - Can we get a rework?

    RB is the system they have chosen to control the game economy. Without it the free exp and credit numbers would be out of control. What use to be a 1 million free exp T9 or 2 million T10 is priced higher. Now the Ohio or others being 50K or more RB points is at least 3 regrinds or 6 for the speedy people not waiting for the double up. They know folks get frustrated and start using flags and free exp to boost back to T10. Part of the FOMO system they use on most things. Don't have your T10 available. Plus it's a drain on credits. Selling for half value and buying over again at full price.
  13. OilyBusiness

    What happened to the North Carolina

    North Carolina still a beast with great guns.
  14. A rut, they happen. Been playing Italian bb's trying to get to T10 and it's been very difficult. I find myself pushing the ship too hard trying to get an advantage. This more often than not fails. I find the ability to sit back and be a bit more patient. Let these broadsides happen as the enemy gets restless. Better yet, get my favorite ship out and seal club or something. Missing a dd with 12 guns from 3.5 km does make you feel sad. Italian cruisers = fun. BB not so much.
  15. Matchmaker was probably patty itself on the back for getting all those divisions into games. It's called random battles for a reason. Once in a while you get a stacked set of cards.