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  1. xXUglykidXx

    1m Credit club

    The Missouri prints credits at an amazing rate 1M is almost an average game with all the buffs. Nice game in the Mino, I can never get that ship survive long enough in a battle to get 100k credits.
  2. xXUglykidXx

    1m Credit club

    You must not have Missouri ....
  3. 12 Crates 1 x 35k 4 x Shadow Lurker 4 x type 59 1 x Atago B (Already owned Atago) 1 x 14 days premium 1 x 1250 doubloons Was really hoping to get Mass or Asashio.... there is always the Christmas crates.
  4. xXUglykidXx

    When the Red Team has no radar

    How the hell did you get 217k damage and no kills ?
  5. xXUglykidXx

    Not Happy with "Go Navy" Containers Removal

    Thank you Wargaming ... I now have $60 more that I can spend on other games. I have really limited the amount of money that I spend on this game now as they are very disorganized and very weak on communicating with the player base. I used to spend $100 plus dollars per month, but their poor decision making and lack of respect for their players have caused me to shutter my wallet so far this year. These containers seemed like a good buy for a couple nice camos, so I was willing to open my wallet for them. Nope, not happening.
  6. xXUglykidXx

    Update 0.7.4 Bug Reports

    Got turned pink by a random internet crash. Cant find the source, but I thought that I read that game crashes and internet crashes were not supposed to turn you pink.