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  1. xXUglykidXx

    Most beautiful ships in game.

    The beauty of the underside of a sub I just sunk, rolling over before it plummets to the bottom of the ocean !
  2. xXUglykidXx

    Premium Subs In Naval Battles?

    Wow .... Just Wow ... I find it so sad that WG emplyees are stooping this low. Finding it necessary to insult the player bases intelligence by claiming it was a "mistake". Fact: Subs is the only class to have been programed into the naval battles during early release. Fact : Subs are the only class to have been programmed into naval battles without a released tech tree Fact: premium subs were programmed in the tech tree with only a premium representative Fact: Only the premium subs were programmed to have the 2x bonus Too much time, effort and planning went in to making this "mistake" happen. This is exactly why I stopped spending money on this game 3 years ago. The only appropriate resolution is to immediately release the IJN and Russian subs to the playerbase. We deserve immediate answers based on WG's pseudo apology and commitment released after the CC debacle. @Boggzy @Ahskance Where are the improved communications and quality ? Where is the transparency ? Communications quality. There have been a lot of communication mistakes and incidents on our side recently. While mistakes always happen and we're all human, we acknowledge that we need to improve in this area. We've already launched a full internal review of all related processes. We want fewer mistakes and translation errors, more answers, and productive conversations. We want to improve the way you interact with us in any place, be it Forums, Customer support, Discord servers or official streams. General transparency. We need to work hard on it: on the one hand, we need to pay more attention to the community sentiment, on the other hand, we have to be more transparent and explain our positions. We will create a series of publications to make our development process more transparent and to show the logic behind what we do. For example, players did not understand why the latest torpedo bug took 2 updates to fix, while a CV bug (plane losses in 0.9.9) was fixed almost instantly. They are in fact very different: the CV bug was fixed by quickly adjusting some parameters, while the torpedo bug involved game logic, and even though it was technically fixed within a week, it had to go through all regular quality assurance processes. Deploying such change through a hotfix is extremely risky for the game. This should have been communicated transparently and we will do our best to do so in the future.
  3. xXUglykidXx

    Commander Reset Button

    600 commanders ? Do you have them on your premiums too ?
  4. xXUglykidXx

    How does the Treasure map work?

    This is exactly it. Seems to be another of Weegee’s Famous lost in translation issues.
  5. 29 Containers opened so far, here are the highlights: Maya Yukon Hyuga 5000 dub 1000dub 15k coal
  6. WG is researching how to monetize MM. once they figure out how to monetize it then they will implement a balanced MM. until then they will keep focusing on ships and loot boxes.
  7. xXUglykidXx

    Thats it! I AM DONE!

    Now, don’t do something stupid like I did and reset all of the lines at once….
  8. Remember the anniversary event is right around the corner. You may want wait until you clear your flake, unless you can grind it out in a few weeks.
  9. A clan mate was pondering possibilities in the line he just reset. It was noted that he could free xp all the way through the line even though he did not have the free XP available to complete it. With doubloons converting to free xp, he would have enough. The dialogue boxes do not say anything about converting doubloons. Is there any warning built in later in the progression that doubloons will be consumed ?
  10. xXUglykidXx

    World of Warships Slander

    Nice Video, could you slow down the slideshow by 2 sec ?
  11. xXUglykidXx

    Tier 9 ranked P2W?

    I have been grinding my tier 8 and 9 ships. Carrying a 62% win rate mainly using NC, Kiev and Kita. So tech trees can win, now that I am in silver I may actually choose my ships a bit wiser.
  12. xXUglykidXx

    Water Graphics glitch? ~UPDATED~

    I have been seeing this since last patch, just figured something was off in my system.
  13. xXUglykidXx

    RM DD captain retrain

    It is standard for pre releases. Shops in pre-release status are shown as “special ships” any captain can be put in the ship without retraining. Once the line is released and the ship is moved to the tech tree, the commander trained for the ship is placed in her and any other captain would require retraining. That is the way it has worked in the past. I agree that the captain in the ship when it goes live should be trained to the ship. Perhaps this could make it into a future update as a QOL improvement.
  14. xXUglykidXx

    Riga! Who knew?? ( prob everyone but me)

    Because Petro overshadows everything in that branch. Most generally only know the Riga as the last ship you have to grind to get Petro.
  15. The only reason people care about The Leone is so that they don’t have a container drop it in the future.