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  1. xXUglykidXx

    Got pink, what did i do wrong?

    I agree with this sentiment. Would be helpful if you had posted the previous battle result too.
  2. Seems that something is in the air lately .... I’ll call your zero damage kill.
  3. xXUglykidXx

    Orland is good bote!

    A bit disappointed when I realized it was the Öland and not the Orlan. Was hoping to see some seal clubbing mastery.... Well Played !
  4. xXUglykidXx


    Still active ... Thank you !
  5. xXUglykidXx

    Zero Damage Kill

    That stiff breeze created by my rocket whizzing by was enough for him to bow out.
  6. xXUglykidXx

    Zero Damage Kill

    I always try to be the best at what I do !
  7. xXUglykidXx

    Zero Damage Kill

    Every time I have detonated someone, I have gotten credit for the remaining health.
  8. xXUglykidXx

    Zero Damage Kill

    Guess I just scared him to death..... Others had battered and beaten him to submission. I guess I was just the final straw.
  9. xXUglykidXx

    WHAT is this? :)

    I think Pensacola has bionic at tier VII. Since there is an Atlanta alive, it is a tier VII battle. The bots don’t have Camo, it was a friendly that was sunk.
  10. xXUglykidXx

    Does anyone *not* run priority target?

    I find the priority target skill ambiguous at best. Just because someone is targeting you, doesn’t mean they are firing on you. works better for me to assume that if I am spotted, I am being fired on. Situational awareness helps more than this skill. Constantly scanning to see who is pointing guns at you is much better info.
  11. xXUglykidXx

    My Best CV game

    I am more impressed with your 7.5k average damage per Fire and 10k average per flooding. Must have hit some perfectly timed dc cool downs. Plus the fact that their only DD was the Kleber meant you didn’t have to waste a bunch of time hunting DDs. I love games like this where I can damage farm.
  12. xXUglykidXx

    The Kron was never OP

  13. xXUglykidXx

    Solo Warrior

    Congrats ! i have not been fortunate enough to get one yet.
  14. xXUglykidXx

    Chat ban rules

    None of their rules make sense. They are a Russian company so, of course they play favorites and have no methods to their madness. If you want to stay within the rules, all you have to do is spell stuff backwards. After all, if Yotkcuf is allowed to be a player name, then telling people to ffokcuf should be well within the rules.
  15. Bought 20 crates. Had all previously released ships. Received all 3 new ships, Irian and Siliwangi perma camos. Plus misc prizes.