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  1. When the Red Team has no radar

    How the hell did you get 217k damage and no kills ?
  2. Thank you Wargaming ... I now have $60 more that I can spend on other games. I have really limited the amount of money that I spend on this game now as they are very disorganized and very weak on communicating with the player base. I used to spend $100 plus dollars per month, but their poor decision making and lack of respect for their players have caused me to shutter my wallet so far this year. These containers seemed like a good buy for a couple nice camos, so I was willing to open my wallet for them. Nope, not happening.
  3. Thank you Ye olde traveller .... after all evening spent trying to figure this out, I finally got it opened up. Wish WG could have explained how to open it instead of inferring that it would just be available. Could have saved me and several player that I know many hours of searching and asking and trying to figure it out. But, that is why I have stopped spending money on this game as the communication, game content and player base seem to be in a rapid decline.
  4. I have read and reread the patch notes, I can not find where you turn on the american cruisers collection. I hear people say you need to collect a container ... I have collected 4 and no collection yet.
  5. American cruiser collection

    This isnt true ... I have gotten a couple containers and no collection yet.
  6. Thank you Davinci761st. Now that you have stated the obvious, please answer my original question. I have read through the notes when the update was originally released, it states the punishment is for AFK or damage to allies. I was at my keyboard, the game failed to properly load. WG just needs to be honest and let players know that they are going to [edited] them over for their programming failures.
  7. I must have missed the notes that made game crashes a violation of game rules. Both times since the patch that the pink program was revamped that my game has crashed, I have turned pink. Once I have served my pink penalty it even notes that "For your observance of the rules of the game, your penalty has been lifted". Please make it known that Game crashes are now in violation of the rules of the game.
  8. Update 0.7.4 Bug Reports

    Got turned pink by a random internet crash. Cant find the source, but I thought that I read that game crashes and internet crashes were not supposed to turn you pink.
  9. Punished

    WG ... Can you please fix this ASAP. Internet just crashed ... logged back in and I am pink.
  10. Yes, it is absolutely fair ! I too am a whale, I am fortunate and have a good solid income and I am happy to be able to help keep the game free and a form of escape for those trying to get to the top. Thriughout the year I always pick up the cheaper ships. $40-$60 bundles. That way, all that is left is fir me to get the spendy ones from the crates. This year I had the Hood, Kii and De Grasse to fill out my collection. 40 x $3 crates and I had them all again. This is how you can do both, be a whale and take advantage of the Christmas crates.
  11. New Years Crate Contents

    Lucky once again this year. Just needed the De Grasse, Hood and Kii of the ships that were available. 40 x $3 crate De Grasse Hood Kii 5k Doubloons 2xOkhotnik = 2700 Doubloons plus 2 x 10pt Russian Capt. Plus Flags and Camo
  12. Don't penalize the innocent

    You get penalized for team damage / team kills ? I always thought they just turned you pink for a few games and extra damage on team hits, which have a negligible impact in the game. We have weapons that make ships go boom. Occasionally we will cause a teammate to go boom. There is no way to sort this out automatically, if you create a program to try to determine who is at fault it will still fail and people will still complain. A board could be created to oversee and rule on team kills. This is the only sure fire (still wont make everyone happy) way to get the best results. I doubt anyone will want to spend time reviewing team kills and in a video game where the results are inconsequential. There are far better things WG can spend their time on than a system that is used very rarely( i see on average 1 pink about every 5 games) I get pink once a month on average. If you have an idea on how to fix it, please present it.
  13. In order to target a ship 1)I have to zoom in on that ship, 2) Hit "X" 2-4 times Then I I have a 50% chance that the ship that I want is targetted. It seems to target the ship farthest away then work in towards the field of vision. The ability to click on a target would be so much more efficient. I usually end up just hitting whatever ship is targetted, then the ship closest to me ends up killing me.
  14. This x1000 Somehow younger people live this delusion that video games are somehow connected to reality. I have served in the Navy as well. This is a Warship GAME not the Navy, of which 99% that didn't serve of you would never survive in. I am also very successful in my chosen career path. I manage an international distribution center. As such, I tend to get emails and calls at random times of the day and night.I end up AFK with my ship heading straight into the enemy. I have no control over it, its not that I am bad or trying to troll you or intentionally fail. There are many things that are more important that this game. Also, I am a father too. My daughter wants to show me something every once in a while, needs my help with something, or falls and needs to be patched up. I end up AFK when our team needed that cap. So, when I do get to play. I like to just play. I don't care what you think or say because you are nobody to me. Fair winds and following seas !
  15. Ok .. So, I ended up spending $90 and kept up an incredible hot streak .... 4x Admiral, 20x Captain, 10x Commander (I think that was the break down) 2x Tirpitz (12,500 gold for the 2nd) 1x Atago 1x Imperator Nikolai I 1x Gremyaschy 1x Warspite 1x Prinz Eugen Plus tons of camo, flags and gold Combining the gold I won with the 15k I already had, I collected enough additional to Free XP my Mo and get the Saipan.