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  1. xXUglykidXx

    Selling ships

    Are you referring to the doubloons for demounting upgrades ? if so, you can use the drop down to change the option to sell them instead of demounting them. Like the ships, they sell for half the purchase price.
  2. xXUglykidXx

    Ship sale price in permanent camo

    As far as I know, permanent camos can not be sold. If you sell a ship with it mounted, the camo is de mounted and returned to inventory where sits awaiting the next time you purchase the ship.
  3. xXUglykidXx

    Wanted to share my best game in the Ochakov

    Well played ! much like my Atlanta, the Ochakov usually gets vaporized early in the game.
  4. xXUglykidXx

    KOTS Twitch mission bug

    Thanks for the confirmation.
  5. I don’t see this reported anywhere. i started off my day watching the final hour via chromecast of EU KOTS ( no mission progress). I figured it must detect me in NA and will only complete while in the NA KOTS. After a couple hours on NA, I checked progress, nothing. i switched to watching the stream directly in my app on my tablet. Progress then started tracking. Are KOTS missions not completed when utilizing chromecast ?
  6. xXUglykidXx

    Can't carry harder than this :(

    A hard carry is when you are top base xp in the game and your team lost.
  7. I dont care how well I was doing in the game, my ship can burn out.
  8. xXUglykidXx

    How many 21 point captains do you have?

    I have one, after reviewing what the 1-2 points wound get me and I realized at my skill level, not much. I am continuing to grind capt pts through line resets. i have about 30 That are in the 19-20 Range.
  9. xXUglykidXx

    RB advice needed....

    If you have never reset a line, I would recommend this walk through video from Statsbloke. He does a great explaining what you need to do, what to expect and the results.
  10. xXUglykidXx

    Leroy Jenkins in the armory

    I get it, have random female avatars just like they have random male avatars now. Have you put this in the suggestion box at WG ? i would vote for it.
  11. xXUglykidXx

    Leroy Jenkins in the armory

    Who would you like to have for a female captain ? Sadly, I can not think of a single female that is famous in the naval theatre.
  12. xXUglykidXx

    Depressing Ships

    Slava ... just can’t figure out how to get it to win games, do damage or get kills.
  13. There is no actual ranked play in WoWS. Battle rank systems I video games group people based upon skill. There is no skill filter in WoWS. You can not scrap something that does not exist. What they should do is rename the current system to Marathon Battles or something mor accurate and actually create a ranked battle mode.
  14. xXUglykidXx

    Error with Bogatyr?

    Play Smolensk !
  15. I have never joined before the following: -talking with leadership -Diving up with potential clan mates -reviewing stats of the members and leadership -talking to players I know to see if they have any experience with the clan -looking at their clan base -review recent additions and departures All the information you seek is already there. All you have to do is gather it. With the ever changing roster and politics of clan interactions, such a static resource that you are asking for would be a wasted effort. All it would do is tell you historical information. You would still have no idea as to the current status of clan performance. Good luck with your next clan !